The Vita Homebrew Bounty



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  1. jensma says:

    As noted in the thread, count me (my money) in.

  2. Ponxpunks says:

    Sounds very interesting wololo let the game begin…good luck bounty hunter.

  3. Gooder says:

    “Nearly every PSP stuff looks great on Vita, thanks to the OLED screen”
    I wholeheartidly disagree, I don’t like how the Vita stretches the resolution of the PSP games

    Regardless, good luck with the bounty, hope this helps the hacking community as a whole.

    • warfaren says:

      Did you try disabling/enabling bilinear filtering? You can do so in the menu you get from holding the PS button (touch screen on older firmwares) and clicking on Settings while playing a PSP game.
      This might help you get the quality you want. After all the Vita uses a screen with a resolution of 960×544 pixels, which is exactly twice as high and twice as wide as the PSP’s screen. So basically every PSP pixel gets placed into 4 pixels on the Vita screen, which makes for a perfect scaling match, when bilinear filtering is disabled. With filtering enabled however it will smooth those pixels out and that might not look as nice and sharp as it did on the PSP.

      • ZeroSbr says:

        I haven’t used my Vita for a while, but from what I remember, it kinda just blurs out the lines. It makes it look as good as possible, don’t get me wrong, but the fact is that PSP games are plagued with aliasing, and the higher res screen brings that out. PS1 games look about the same from what I remember though.

  4. Well, as I have already participated in two bounties, my $10 will be donated as well. I think it has it’s good and bad sides. It will, inevitably, get some attention and motivation to hack the vita. Also, it will compensate the dev for the hours upon hours of coding and work put into it. As we all know the devs and creators of hacks and exploits barely get any donations for this. However, it almost makes it tacky as well to have to resort to paying people to hack a console. I have heard both sides and agree with both sides. In the end, I suppose if it’s your cup of tea, donate. If it isn’t, then skip it. Always up to you!

    • It can also cause people to wait until a bounty is put up for them to release a hack or an exploit that they have. It can do good and it can harm.

      • Gaze says:

        There is no problem with waiting to release a hack. People put the money in the pot expecting to lose it. The longer the hacker waits to release it, the more FWs it will work on.

  5. Stanislav says:

    Good luck 2x Good luck you!!

  6. fadi5555 says:

    I really want to make a port of dolphin emu on vita. Or ps2 emu.
    Vita is powerful enough to handle these emulators.

    Just imagine to play resident evil 4, silent hill 4, crash bandicoot ps2 series.

    It’ll be really fantastic idea. Also it bring the life on it again.

    • ZeroSbr says:

      No, it’s not. Just because the PSP handled the PS1, does not mean the PSV can handle PS2. Even modern day PCs with the latest emulators have trouble with compatibility and performance. I really doubt even Sony could pull it off. If we did it, it would end up like how the N64 emulation is on the PSP: barely functioning. And the Vita would never be able to handle GC emulation.

  7. senas8 says:

    I pledged .. a little as well.

  8. Elgron says:

    A neat idea but is this really the only way to encourage dev’s by money? I know you’re pain I was hoping we would get some great games on the Vita, don’t get me wrong “some” of the indies are great. We really need Sony to start giving a f**k about there hardware and really understand how the handheld market works. If not might as well give user the ability to do what they feel like with a $200 device we paid for. If the pool does seem to work and brings out legit devs, I will then donate to the cause.

  9. z2 says:

    But if it will be like Ninjhax(which I hope not), we will have to scour gamestops for a specific game cartridge. Then scalpers will be hoarding game copies and we’ll see price inflation of the game to like $400+ because vita is hard to hack like f*ck..

    All I want for my vita and is to dump my games onto the internal storage like I do on my PS3 and get DLCs and updates for free(especially with multiple region cartridges) and.. UNDUBS!!

  10. hAI says:

    This has to be the first good article on this site.

  11. Xyrem says:

    Only hoping this won’t change the fun of understanding a new (mysterious) device into runs for money in the future.
    All I want is customize my vita’s interface, so badly D:

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      I remember the days of CTF themes for PSP. I frickin’ loved those. (And IRShell too!)
      Sadly my PSP 1000 got the wandering analogue stick plague, and died when I tried to solder it to the board.
      R.I.P. PSP 1K, you were a wonderful device.

      • Xyrem says:

        RiP to your 1000 one, my 1000 is also in a sad state (not portable anymore 🙁 )
        A good beginning for the vita would be a small app like those letting you make your own ptf themes (don’t remember if it was an official sony tool or not) back in the days.
        But yeah ctfs was probably what I liked the most in custom firmwares
        Still nostalgic about those early days where modding the “sony waves” was enough to make you happy. xD

  12. wilfredo says:

    i want a firmware hack like it was on psp so i can play nes, snes, gba, without so much hassle… like the psp

    • ZeroSbr says:

      You can already do this with eCFW. It’s just that since there’s no native exploit yet, the emulators don’t benefit from the superior hardware, and so things like N64 emulation are no more possible than on the PSP. If we did actually have a native exploit, SNES/GBA and even N64/DS emulation could be perfected. Heck, any system up to 5th gen probably could.

  13. Smoker1 says:

    It would be amazing to finally see a Native Vita Exploit and Native Homebrews. But if I am not mistaken, unless Sony releases the SDK for the current Software and the proper Signing and making it so it would be DRM Free so it can be Installed and accessed, it might take a while to get something up and running.

  14. gobulle says:

    I want to emulate psone games on my vita like pc emulator, with full power, best resolution ! I want to do the best the vita can before I forget it for ever ! I can give a good bounty to save the poor vita 😉

  15. DarkDante says:

    all i want is a native c64 emulator on the vita, im all for this idea, it might help attract dev’s from outside the vita circles too

  16. Nameless says:

    I too would like to donate to the pool, but also still remain anonymous because ->

    Any chance this comes into fruition and then Sony going after the backers of this project? like treat us as accessories?

    • Reprep says:

      I don’t think so. If there was a pool account, sony could go after that, but that is not the case in this bounty. Of course this is my opinion.

  17. lord beAn says:

    what i would like to see is a port of PPSSPP. It would make it easier to play backed up umds ad play hombrews. It also sports upscaled textures, so we could have hd psp games.

    • ZeroSbr says:

      This would be incredibly redundant. eCFW already allows backups afaik, and you can already do homebrews but not on the Vita itself. Upscaling wouldn’t help much on the Vita’s tiny screen.

  18. bckrupps says:

    welp guess im 22nd. Late to the party

  19. ilovepsvita says:

    good idea @reprep very good idea thanks ps vita should not be dead… Vita means life you know ,)

  20. hrosales says:

    Wololo and Reprep, I think release any kind of hacks and expect to people to honor their duty, usually does not have the result we could think. But what about a donation before the release, I mean no one is buying the development, just contributing, I and think most of the people that folow both of you, we do know, this is a trusted site as you are, and all of us that sometime in the past has enjoyed any ninja release, we do know you are not liars, so we can trust on you and donate before the release by stating an amount that when reaching, release should be done, as always this could be a controversy for those that are always expecting everything in a free way.

  21. PSTVLover says:

    I only want a hack thats disables the ps tv whitelist. This would be great.

  22. fithry says:

    did you guys just use my Youtube thumbnail on your site? at least credit my channel or something…

  23. meysam25 says:

    Plz someone answer why sony will not relase another graphical game like uncharted for vita ?

    • grandgroove says:

      Easy answer. Supply and demand. That and Sony’s inability to stand behind a powerful system that still holds competitive promise. Many folks here are just still endeared fans of the PSV. As for me, I couldn’t afford a system and games until very recently, so it was sad to see the scene dying off in the official areas. However, if it can be opened up like the PSP, a lot can be done.

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