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Developers and users – uOFW needs you!


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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  1. Charles Fasano says:

    First. This looks cool.

  2. nakedfaerie says:

    I didn’t read the article but have you heard of project utopia?
    And why bother with the PSP? It’s time to move on and try hacking the vita.

    • xoombie503 says:

      What makes you think they are interested in hacking the vita?they are doing this to get a better knowledge of the psp and as a result they will share this with the community.they are doing this for themselves,not you.

    • Joel16 says:

      Yes I’ve heard of Mathieulh’s project, but that’s been long gone to talk about now. Its sad that he left the scene, because he was a great developer. But anyways we’re focusing on the reversing a newer firmware, i.e 6.60.
      And why bother? because we are dedicated towards this project, and we will do what we want to do. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, whether or not we’ll take another 5 or 6 years to finish this. Reverse engineering is a long term process anyway.
      Besides like I said in the article “This is pretty much ‘the last thing’ left to do on the PSP”. I’ve already begun reversing a module, and no ‘move on its time to hack the vita’ comment is gonna change my decision. I’m sure the others in the team share the same passion as I do. The reason for our quietness is because of our limited time and lack of support. Not because we aren’t interested anymore.

  3. Dann says:

    If you want testers, I am in with a PSP 1000

  4. PS Vita says:

    Why won’t anybody focus on me instead 🙁

  5. Oreo says:

    I also wouldn’t mind being a tester i own a PSP 2000

  6. Dingo says:

    instead of wasting time with that fossil actually try vita dont start crying about “this is for them” shut up and try vita

    • Joel16 says:

      The only time that’s been wasted is your time that you used to make such a ridiculous comment.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      Agreed. There is already homebrew and a CFW for PSP so why bother making another buggy as heck firmware for it? Utopia went nowhere and is dead so this will go the same way. The only people interested is the few wasting their time making it. When they finally do it (IF ever as I doubt it will finish) it’ll be useless as nobody will be using anything for the PSP anymore.
      Thats like reversing Windows 3.11. Absolutely useless and nobody cares anymore.

      These days if you want to run anything on a PSP then go buy a PSP, install CFW and there you go.
      You dont get a Vita to run PSP games in it, you get a Vita to run Vita games on it.

      As we all have Vitas now you should spend your time hacking the Vita not wasting time on the PSP emulator side. The more you do that the more chance $ony will remove it the same way OtherOS went.

      This is just like the cure for cancer. Everyone is doing research for getting your *** bigger and to last longer but cancer is still going strong. How about everyone work on a cure for cancer instead of a cure for a floppy?

    • Rob says:


      Why don’t you shut up and instead of commenting *** hack it yourself?

    • PeAcE says:

      Well, if the Vita can run PSP CFW, then wouldn’t this be useful if used or more potential?

    • PeAcE says:

      It’s not wasting time if people enjoy doing and others find useful, it doesn’t all evolve around you just wanting Vita CFW and run off when do or like claim credit somewhere.

    • EarthwormJim says:

      Yeah you’re right … just show us ho to do … come on … we’re waiting for you , come on …

  7. 173210 says:

    uOFW is a great reference of PSP.
    I have released some tools for reverse-engineering. I hope they will help.
    PSP Link Mod
    PSP Link fix for 6.60 (It works also on 6.61, with WLAN)

  8. gunblade says:


  9. arcangelnew says:

    This is cool, but kids remember this post was intended for devs not for kids who want free vita games, so stop talking sh*t, anyway I hope they can complete it so maybe we will see the full code explained and some devs can recreate a clone of the whole console, like the retron 5 and retron duo.

  10. desp!rate says:

    Do you guys demanding for vita hacks ever do any real contribution? Do you all not realize that by completely creating a full “ofw” from scratch might be very beinificial for vita exploits? Seriously think a little more before posting such selfish thoughts the vita will have its day. Keep up the good work guys

  11. Reprep says:

    If you have the knowledge, please help this project. My little plugin “POPSAnalog” which implements analog controls into POPS wouldn’t exist with out uOFW’s ctrl.prx reverse. If POPS is reversed, i can do much more. Unfortunately my knowledge of C (basic) and MIPS ASM (zero) isn’t enough to contribute.

  12. ModaVita says:

    Come on guys!!!… Look, there is a lot us that is looking to explore the Vita’s hardware and software. I mean its a great console just as the psp and go. Is there any way we all can come together and make progress? sny f***king up point blank and dont care about their consumers. Shiii by the look of it can’t come up with a solid idea and fully support it. For example, ps vita, ps vita tv,…. ps vita 1 and 2000. Seriously??? Incomplete features for ps4 long and over due. We have a port for tv on og vita….why ps vita tv??? Anyway im willing to donate money to serious developers all bullsh*t aside. ellis.jbaby@gmail.com

  13. Michele says:

    Good Luck boys,but…
    Why not 6.61 firmware?

  14. wscp says:

    Can this make pspemu higer resolution than 480X272 in vita?

  15. Thrawn says:

    I think that this is a very ambitious project and most of its fruits will be visible in various emulators for the psp.

  16. Pixel Shader says:

    I think the PS Vita console now is considered as a large and copy of PSP console. is this mean that PS Vita is going to die?

  17. Juancarlo577 says:

    you guys do know that the vita has a emulated psp fw shell not a complete one to get it to fully work on a uofw base fw so u need an actual psp to debug and run the uofw without the emulated shell of what vita has and even though it might run better on the vita but there could still be limitations like making it a permanent fw on the vita is impossible compared to the original psp and i think that some of the vita’s psp emu has some libs wrapped to use some of its vita libs unless im wrong but meh.

  18. NakedFaerie says:

    I guess you deleted my post again…. This is becoming more and more like that website we all know about and hate.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      Ok, the post wasn’t deleted but I couldn’t see it until I posted. Even that I didn’t write the post on this computer and never been to this thread until now and half the posts were there. After I posted I think most of the posts showed up.

      This site is just all kinds of sc*** up now. No wonder I only reply to twitter posts and dont like coming here anymore.

      • EarthwormJim says:

        Yeah man , don’t come here anymore … you’re just a hater that can’t do anything by yourself… so yeah move on baby !!!!!!!

  19. Cheesethief says:

    Just like all of the other projects that aimed to replace the PSP firmware completely, this one will no doubt fall through into vaporware. People start these projects, maybe learn something, but the end result has always been the same, nothing tangible.

  20. EarthwormJim says:

    Why people cry like this ???
    You want a full vita hack ? DIY idiots !!!!
    Devs are making big progress every day, look we can do now … If they weren’t there you can’t get nothing but a big *** in your hand, look what Sony do whit their device … so I say shut up if you can’t do better than what have been done ………and thanks the people who spend their time and are kind enough to share it with us … little kids.

    • EarthwormJim says:

      Btw THANKS tho all devs who are making all this great things and share it with us.