Coldbird’s back – God Eater 2 Localization Team Recruitment


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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  1. Dante69 says:

    Awesome news!

  2. I’m glad somebody is doing this. I was pretty much either waiting for this or keep hoping this game would see state side. I’ll for sure be following it. I wanted to play it after having played the first one ages ago.

  3. Gaze says:

    Ehhhh. I already played that game to death on pro-online (Which was awesome btw.) All we would get out of this is the story, and not even the full story at that seeing as God Eater 2 Rage Burst already exists.

  4. mangosteam says:

    luckily i dint finish the psp version or bought the vita release waiting for an english translation and now its coming nice

  5. RodPin says:

    Well, let’s see if Namco will not release an God Eater 2 HD Remaster for PS4 and XBO after this like Square did to Type-0! hehehe!!!

    Anyway! Excellent job!

  6. nf48 says:

    Will this be for the PSP or the PS Vita?

  7. arthanis says:

    Man, that is the second best news I could expect to hear. The first being namco releasing the vita version on the west. I will be watching that very close for the next years :p

  8. Kokumotsu says:

    is this on the vita side or psp.

  9. TotalNoob_vs_theZ says:

    This is sweet, graphics looking really good

  10. lemski07 says:

    huraaay i got ge2 on vita and psp.

  11. Mizu says:

    Great news! With luck we could port this translation over to the Vita version too, if we end up getting access to all the systems on said device. Or maybe not, I don’t know that much about the PSP/Vita hacking field.

  12. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    I’m so freaking excited! Yeeeee!

  13. Nintendo says:

    hack the vita firmware already 3ds and wii u wa ahead of the game

  14. Nintendo says:


  15. lmao says:

    PSP, also no need translation cus i got Japanese language skill :p
    Moreover i already finished the GE2RB.. lol

    • lmao says:

      OK, i just remembered..
      Too bad this is not GE2RB because it got no PSP release..

    • lmao says:

      GE2RB will come to stateside, PS4 version is the proof.
      They would never port it to PS4 if it’s going to be Japan only, PSVita & PSP (or PSVita-only) should be enough for Japan.

  16. dag says:

    so i guess .hack fragment is dead now

  17. FreeMyVita says:

    Awesome! Good Luck! We can’t wait! Thx M8!

  18. lolreally says:

    I’m not entirely sure this is a good idea, as it may affect the possible on-going localization efforts of GE2RB by Namco Asia.

    • meikyoushisui says:

      Given the level of quality in most of those Chinese subbed games (look at SAO (the Chinese sub version, not the mess that was the English version), which was also published by Bamco) we’re going to want a real translation instead. Not to mention, the fan project is for the PSP version of the original GE2 — if anything, it may bring enough attention to the game to get a real localized version of RB on the Vita.

  19. Naig says:

    Does anyone know what’s lowest firmware needed to play God Eater 2: Rage Burst on the PS Vita?