Big FAQ: Lower Firmwares & activating PSN accounts, transferring Content, 3.50 Pool Exploits, which eCFWs, …

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  1. antony says:

    im impatient for the pool exploit !!!coming tomorow later?

  2. DLJ says:

    Thank you for posting this.

  3. Kyou says:

    You say the exploit save files for 3.50 are coming soon, but are the files out for 3.36? I apologize if I’ve missed something, but I may have misunderstood something due to the wording. 🙂

  4. Tail870 says:

    Great. Hope this will help most of the regulars.

  5. bluefox says:

    So what you say I can update my PS vita to a lower firmware for example 3.36 to 3.18

  6. AliceTheGorgon says:

    Slightly different type of question, but does the Ika Musume theme come with ARK? And how do her tentacles work, do they move along with the icons, does it stay in place pointing to the selected icon? Inquiring minds want to know!

  7. z2 says:

    I can’t use vita update blocker v1.2 , or rather it doesn’t work anymore. It detect my vita’s firmware (3.18) but then it says latest firmware is the same as the one on my handheld, and wont connect to PSN and/or download updates.. Dunno if this is a bug, hope an update for the vita update blocker gets released so that I could download DLCs and updates for my gaems..


    • mlc says:

      The proxy method that Vita Update Blocker uses is only available on the firmware immediately prior to the current firmware. The only way to transfer files to 3.18 at this point is to use OpenCMA and a PS3.

  8. Raymond says:

    Here is a ULTIMATE question: How to put the psvita in trial mode like the ones you see in the Sony stores?

    I found a way to remove it so it can be use regularly.

  9. Wilfredo says:

    hey wololo this is a bit irrelevant but i have a ps3 on the latest 4.70 ofw slim is there a cfw out yet for that and if so how can i install and use homebrew on there? my twitter name is @wilfredo628 if you can dm me on there would be fantastic

  10. carlos says:

    Can I use bubbles (isos, homebrews…) created on lower firmwares if I update my vita?

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      Nope. On some you’ll be able to create new bubbles, but the bubbles generally break after every update.

      This applies, of course, to bubbles designed for the lower firmware. If you made a 3.36 style bubble on 3.18, those would probably work if you updated to 3.36.

      As of yet, there are no publicly known methods to create bubbles for 3.50.

  11. bagobeano says:

    vielen dank fur das sauber tutorial! I managed to download pool hall pro onto my vita tv running 3.35 with vitaupdateblocker. will i need my ps3 now to get the save exploit on my vita tv or can i just use my pc? (for various reason i would rather not use the ps3 again for this purpose if it can be helped).

    • Wanderer says:

      You could use your pc if you want, but remember that you will need either QCMA or OpenCMA installed on your computer.

      • bagobeano says:

        thanks for the reply. i have them installed although i cant get them to work yet. when i open the bat file in the sony cma folder i get an error. eventually ill get it

  12. notwololo says:

    So how do you put psp ISO’s onto your hacked Vita? Can you put say FF VII CC, or KH BBS, and other PSP games not on the Store on the vita.

  13. Fluff says:

    Just a quick question about Ark-2 and VHBL: does this upcoming Ark-2 exploit require VHBL to already be installed? I’ve read some guides that state the Patapon 2 VHBL exploit is required in order for Ark-2 to be installed (or the custom bubble to be set up).

    Thanks for the great guides!

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      The pool exploit does not require a pre-existing exploit in order to run.

      You do need a PSP or an already hacked Vita (with ARK or TN on it) to hack the target Vita, of course, but the Vita that’s the target of the hack doesn’t need an exploit of it’s own already on it.

  14. James says:

    @Z i have psTV and im following the instruction link below to update my fw 2.x to 3.x said that i need to disable wifi and enable airplane mode, but there is no airplane mode on PSTV? Can anyone clarify, thanks.

    Setting everything up:

    At first we need our PS Vita device. We should be able to boot into the main menu and its recommended to disable every Wifi option at the device. Use the airplane mode AND disable Wifi, recommended.
    Next we need the correct version of the official Sony CMA which has to be patched with the correct version of OpenCMA for using our little firmware update trick.
    Grab the xml file for the wished Firmware from above.

  15. CaR says:

    Ok so about this custom bubbles is it going to be a long process to do? Cause ity’s all like hacking and like you have to use tools and dycrypt and enter such gargon( I don’t think many people will do this)

  16. CaR says:

    To to the ones who are on 3.36 and not creating bubbles, then its just like 3.50?
    and we have to use the psp to keep using the exploit.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      Assuming that the hack doesn’t automatically create a bubble for itself, yes.

      It’s pretty easy to set up bubbles for 3.36 though. The Z’s got a tutorial here:

      It’d take maybe an hour to get the first one done, but it could easily be done in about five to ten minutes once you get used to the process.

  17. fvig2001 says:

    Can custom firmware PS3s access PSN right now?

  18. CaR says:

    Look i just saw that earlier, about that i watched that vid and that is a long process and also that is a lot of hacking to do, I know i cant be the only one to even be confused how that can be created on the Vita.

  19. X-death says:

    Hi the Zett, thanks for this huge FAQ
    juste one thing about the PSTV part
    That’s not true , you can transfer files by ethernet just need classic RJ45 directly connected to PC.

    • X-death says:

      i speak about that part , sry for double post : “On the PS TV (VitaTV) you will have to use OpenCMA or QCMA in addition to the PS Vita Update Blocker, since the PS TV (VitaTV) can only transfer files via Wifi, and this would perform a firmware check (which then blocks the data transfer)”

      • james says:

        Do i need to use a vita USB cable? Vita TV doesnt have one right? so how can i transfer the games from PS3 to vita via wifi?

  20. Adam Fox says:

    It mentions Vita Update Blocker…i didn’t think that worked anymore? I couldn’t get it to work last time I tried it at elast

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      Did you use the 1.2 version? I used it yesterday to buy Uno so I could use it to make a custom bubble to launch ARK.

  21. nub says:

    Could you add a section about the difference between TN and ARK? Im sure lots of people (and me) still don’t know the difference.

  22. Gaspar says:

    i have pS3 4.7 ofw and downloaded UNO games. installed open CMA and vita update blocker is runninng. Do i need TWO TV for this? One for PS3 and 1 for PSTV so i can transfer my games, im connected to wireless my internet connection. PLEASE assist.

  23. James says:

    @Z can you make it clear on psTV if we have to use, cables like usb to usb to connect PS3 so we can transfer files from PS3 to psTV, or we do it wireless or via cable ethernet, and do we have to register psTV to PS3? Can you clarify this so we can activate our device please.

  24. James says:

    Can anyone please paste the link for Tekken 2 in JPN PSN store? I cant find it there please.

  25. Zaiv says:

    Hi the Zett, I came a cross this point in your guide above: “Can I use ‘older exploit game’ on ‘new firmware’ as well?” My situation is the opposite, is it possible the use a new exploit game (say, numblast TN-V11 for 3.36) on a old firmware (OFW 3.15)?

  26. Zaphod says:

    Seems you can’t download sp/vita games using yoru psp anymore at ALL. this means you can no longer activate older firmwares at all.

    i’m trying. the download refuses to start. 🙁 jsut wasted my money on an exploit game

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