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  1. lpc says:

    but if i downloaded the game and after sony remove the game of the psn im continue with them in my account?
    or no?

  2. SuBzErOy2k says:

    Excelente…comprado y descargado a mi ps vita fw 3.36… vamos a ver q pasa luego luego…

  3. James says:

    I have psTV 2.x japan should i update to 3.50?

    • Oreo says:

      No stay on 3.36, it is better for the hack.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      Stay at or below 3.18 if at all possible. There might be ways to get native Vita code running on higher firmwares, the only confirmed requires 3.18 or below.

  4. Prosy says:

    I hope another game exploit get’s released, I’ve done everything I could to buy the game but it doesn’t let me.

  5. Broody says:

    I cannot download the game on the PSP with 6.60 I tried media go and network downloader. It’s asking for an update .Does anyone know what should I do?

    • johnsonpapa says:

      Cant we just download a iso file from anywhere else and just hv it on ur psp memory stick?

    • brentt says:

      first you need to be sure you have cfw installed on your psp, if that’s done: justo download an ISO from internet and put it on your psp in ISO folder .

  6. RageGuy says:

    Hi, will I need to install the game onto my PSP(hacked) as well?

    • Broody says:

      yes. In my case I had to upgrade to 6.61 in order to download it and then I downgraded to 6.61.

      • RageGuy says:

        Okay, but will an ISO work instead of the PSN version. I don’t want to lose the CFW I’m running on my PSP?

  7. Thuya says:

    It would have been funny to have this posted on April 1. Also im more curious about PS Vita game backups, from what I understood on another post there is a way to make them. What I would like to know about this is what format these game uses? If game fan-translation seem possible sometime in the future? As of now I got rid of my Vita cause too many good games tend to stay in Japan and when they reach the west they usually have bad voice actors. I just hope this device gets craked up soon so translations and undubing starts getting done sometime in the future.

    • brentt says:

      there’s no way yet to make ps vita game backups, they’re still just in the ecfw.
      and IF you make a psvita game backup of the psvita game cards, it would be unreadable and not playable, since the coding is still not known….

  8. qaz says:

    How can I dl the new exploit by using the blocking the update. I read that I need to sign in online. Im still using the account on my used vita the previous owner had so I can keep using the games I payed for. Is there a way for me to dl the game. Now I do have a psp on 6.60pro if it helps. I want 2 try and dl this tonight before it gets taken down. Any help is welcomed.

  9. johnsonpapa says:

    So far what i see os that the exploit must br installed onto the psvita itself,

    Is there a necessity to downloadit from psn and hv hv it installed onto the psp too? Since there isnt any specification for that

  10. James says:

    ok i will not update my PSTV 2.x japan version to 3.50, the only way i could update/activate this is through PS3 and openCMA right no other way? Even vita update proxy is not working anymore.

  11. an says:

    give us file system guys 😀

  12. Skylar says:

    I have ps vita v3.50
    and psp v6.61
    do i need to download and install that game with psp too?
    and i have only one psn account.

  13. checker says:

    I have psvita 3.36. Bought in store and downloaded. Without problems
    Sorry my englisch

  14. Verlain says:

    1) On your pc go to the playstation store and buy the game
    2) go to chose your game and donwnload the xpd file
    3) edit it with notepad and copy the link:……..
    4) download the pkg file
    5) install the pkg on your ps3
    5) copy the pkg from your ps3 to the psvita
    6) enjoy 🙂

  15. newguy says:

    im currently in 3.36 and i forgot to copy some psp games in my vita but suddenly, there is an update and the CMA require me to update my ps vita. i just wanna know if there is some way to bypass this so that i can transfer my save data to ps vita? or the only solution is to update it and get a new exploit?

  16. Blue says:

    I keep seeing the comments of: why do people keep upgrading their FW, and I’m surprised at their confusion, so I’m hoping someone can explain it to me.

    Don’t newer games require newer FW? Even on the digital-only games? So isn’t it always a balancing act between playing older games and playing newer Vita games? (Putting aside the issue of newer games coming out worth playing? I am looking very forward to Persona 4 Dancing All Night.)

  17. thedank says:

    i have 2 vitas, one os running tn-v @fw2.30 ( i think) is there any advantage to staying at such a low fw or should i upgrade . i will still keep my other vita running ofw, i also have a modded psp2000 to trigger the exploit. thanks!

  18. DinoX says:

    Ok, if I have ARK2 and VHBL…do I really need this? Is this for people who missed the Patapon and Numblast chances…I would really appreciate if some one can reply. Thank you

  19. PooPantis The Third says:

    I’m guessing that the exploit has something to do with multiplayer functionality (Hence why you can’t use E1000), and I’m assuming that you have to enter addresses into NitePR or something else in order to get this to work… Why else would you need CFW on the PSP?

    I will be sure to try and see if you can do this without a second Vita/PSP and just use a PSP emulator to get the trick done… Hopefully you can, I really want my homebrew back.

  20. Really? says:

    Why was my comment deleted? *** Wololo, I only said that I might try to do this with a PC and Vita. -.-

    • wololo says:

      Your email address and the name you used contained some word that is considered as “offensive” by the antispam mechanism.

  21. Lex Sex says:

    Is it possible to use ppsspp on the other device? ppsspp is also capable of adhoc wifi.

  22. Calsolum says:

    so ive been jumping through hoops following tutorials and guides installing programs but im sadly not getting the result i want so im gonna try asking now.

    Im trying to download pool hall pro onto my 3.18 fw ps vita
    A lot of people have said that you need a ps3 but what exactly is the process and do you need to bee on an OFW or CFW because i keep running into ‘update your ps vita’ messages
    Ive already purchased the game and tried the ‘download queue’ method but nothing seems to happen on my vita. It is or was registered to my psn(i say was because its been on a low FW for a while and i cant view my PSN settings to verify its correct without updating) that i bought the game with. I tried resetting and playing around with the wifi and airplane mode but that didnt change anything so i looked for another solution.
    I tried this guide but i hit a snag when i couldnt access the psn store at all due to my FW being to low. tried to update to Rebug 4.70.1 but i keep getting corrupted messages, tried redownloading the update file but that didnt work either. I dont want to update my 3.18 vita because it seems that the exploit requires an extra step and i want to keep the other vita for online capabilities. Id appreciate any help or ideas because i cant seem to get anywhere despite having all the right tools and since ive already bought the game i dont want this exploit to fly past because i couldnt figure out what to do in time.
    The tools at my disposal are: A PS VITA 2001 running FW 3.50, A PS VITA 1001 running FW 3.18, A PS3 CECHA01 running CFW REBUG 4.46 , Another PS3 CECH3001A running OFW 4.70

    • Gaze says:

      Try a different ps3 tutorial. I believe most people do it with an updated OFW ps3 which you have access to. I think it goes… Download game to ps3-> connect vita to PC with QCMA->Put vita into standby mode (press power button)->plug it into ps3 and turn vita back on try to transfer. Sorry I am not 100% sure how it works as I don’t have a ps3. Also… you better hurry!

    • James says:

      Dont use CFW on PS3 and try again.

  23. ch3wt0ys says:

    Got a PS4 for my birthday, not to mention a PSV bubble exploit. How did Qwikrazor know the 4th was my birthday? ;^)

  24. Xavier Cuevas says:

    I dont have a vita yet, but my vita will be delivered from amazon soon (2-3 days)

    I have bought and downloaded Pool Hall Pro on my PS3 and PSP .

    Is their a way to transfer the game from my PS3 to my vita once i get it ?? Help please

  25. Scorinitron says:

    *UPDATE Pool Hall is still up and can be downloaded.
    I transferred pool hall from my Ps3 to my vita bypassing the update requirements, Vita was in Flight mode and the PS3 was offline

  26. Jax34543 says:

    ^this worked. After the system restarts press the notifications and double tap on the game and it installs bypassing the update screen

  27. CHIP says:


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