PS Vita hack: what to expect from Qwikrazor’s upcoming release on 3.36 and 3.50


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  1. Kana says:

    Is it possible to load this eCFW then change regions on your Vita and retain the hack? (e.g. buy game then load it on EU, then change region to JAPAN). Or changing regions will cause you to lose access to the exploit?

  2. Kana says:

    One more noob question. Since I am on 3.36, how do I ‘put’ the game onto my PS Vita and bypass the mandatory firmware update check? Will I need my PS3 to do it?

    • bagobeano says:

      I bought the game with my ps3. I then downloaded vitaupdateblocker and followed the simple instructions on how to set up a proxy connection with my vita tv (on firmware 3.35). Then on the vita tv I was able to go into the playstation store and download my game onto the vita tv.

    • brentt says:

      just use vitaupdateblocker, put the proxy given in the proxy settings of your psvita and connect to the PSN then click the home button and disable proxy in settings , go back to psn u are still connected and u can download the game now

      game: pool hall pro / eu: World of pool

  3. Dantz says:

    Hey, looking forward towards the release but I need help with something.

    How would I download the exploit game if my vita is on 3.36?

  4. animekai says:

    can i play with the exploid game? make new game save a file? or i had to leave it as clean as posibble?

  5. kenshen says:

    I haven`t PS3,If you give me a download address, download the PKG file, it can put the game for free replacement for the hackgame from the WIFI,(sorry,my english is pool,>_<),I hope you tell

  6. Tacosnak82 says:

    Does the psp have to be activated, or can it just have the 6.xx firmware inactivated? Also, do we need the games on all(psp’s included) devices or just the ones you need to exploit?

    First timer vita here and last time I did anything was 6.60 pro-c.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      The PSP will need to be active enough that you can navigate the menus and play games and such. It does not have to be registered with PSN or anything though.

  7. JoeRaptor says:

    Uh… Hi I just registered to this website and wanna know about the game before the release. How could I like do so?

  8. CaR says:

    I am ready for this, but I dunno if i can partake in this, since my psp won’t connect to my wi fi, it keeps saying timed out, I dunno how to fix this.
    I meann it says we need a psp hacked and with wii fi.
    my psp 2000 wont connect.

  9. CaR says:

    Nevermind I found out i had to change my router settling to 11b

  10. Jirrk says:

    I don’t have another hacked device, but I assume that it’d be better safe than sorry to get the exploited game while I’m sitting on 3.36 anyway and wait?

    • brentt says:

      you can use a psvita with a running exploit on it for this hack to work, it’s just a little more work to get the iso and files on the exploit vita

  11. James says:

    Can i activate my PSTV japan version im currently on 2.X OFW using my psvita 3.18 TN-V or my PSP 3000 6.60? i really need to update to 3.36 anyone can you please direct me to right forum link?

  12. EddieDean says:


    I just have a ps vita on official 3.36 firmware.
    Is there a way to hack it without a psp or a ps3 ?

  13. Thomas says:

    Quick question. I’m currently running a Vita with the Patapon 2 VHBL exploit and I’m trying to run this Pool Hall Pro exploit and the Vita keeps crashing to the menu. Do I have to do something special to get it to work? I’ve ensured that I copied the files to the correct places and I’ve tried multiple times. Any help please?

  14. rclr says:

    so i got it working on 3.36 and 3.50 🙂 any tutorialo how to make a custm buble on 3.36?

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