Incoming kernel mode exploit & ARK-2 eCFW for PS Vita firmware 3.50!

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  1. J.R says:

    Awesome! Thank you guys

  2. choceps says:

    So….we should stay in 3.36 or not?

    • chronologyte says:

      Ideally you should stay on 3.36 for now because the exploit will stick and you’ll only have to use the PSP for initial setup. However, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to pick up the 3.5 exploit game just in case if it’s not too expensive, especially if you want to eventually use the features added with 3.5 at some point. (I could be wrong about that.)

  3. RaZiel says:

    Wow that’s different needing both devices to boot into the eCFW. Guess my Go may see a little more use!!

  4. MrSparkles says:

    be nice if i had an extra device my wife updated my vita to 3.36 on me from 3.18 =\

  5. deathblade200 says:

    a question for anybody that used ARK or heck even acid snake himself what exactly is ARK like? have never used it before but am totally interested in it

    • The Z says:

      Basically PRO CFW for the PS Vita’s PSPemulator.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      As The Z said, ARK is like PRO CFW but for the Vita, but instead of the PSP XMB (which is highly buggy and useless on the Vita) it allows you to choose from a wide variety of custom menus that offer different functionalities for all your needs, namely arkMenu (made by me and the only one with PMF/AT3 and built-in FTP), 138Menu (really nice menu made by GBOT), yMenu (also really nice and interesting, made by wth/josh), vMenu (an XMB-like clone made by neur0n), ONEMenu (really nice an interesting menu by gdl-whatever-his-name-is) amongst others.
      ARK is also the most dynamic CFWs out there, not only does the same binary work on all firmwares, it also works on all games so you don’t need to port it to your own usermode exploit. Also, ARK-3 is being worked on to allow the same binaries to work on both PSP exploits and PSX exploits.

  6. NakedFaerie says:

    great news but its too much messing around to get it working. Just get a PSP and install CFW in that and use it to run homebrew and backups.

    • The Z says:

      This is what we are telling you guys since 3 years. If you want a “permanent” CFW on your devices for playing PS1, PSP & Homebrew content, just get a PSP (Go) and use a 6.xx CFW.

      • Champ says:

        Z, all anyone seems to want is the ability to play “backups,” because everyone here is a child who doesn’t have an income. Real gamers buy their games!

        • V says:

          Don’t speak for us. Ever. You are not us and you never will be.

        • KotomineKirei says:

          “Real gamers buy their games!”

          …I would rent and buy games back in the day when the rental places were still open.
          Now I just buy my games.
          Are you saying that, until now, I wasn’t a real gamer?

        • >_> says:

          Shut it, chump. >.>

        • dmaskell92 says:

          What are you talking about airhead? I have legit copies of all my backups, you can’t play a UMD in the Vita. Backups ≠ piracy…

        • adam says:

          There are no games for the vita, so I don’t think piracy is a concern here. Really what I want is to play emulated games, some systems can’t be done well on the old psp, but if we could use psvita’s full power, then ps2, n64, dreamcast, and others would be more possible. Also the chipset should be compatible with android, imagine that! It could be epic, but right now the vita is epic fail. Seriously the only time I use mine is to remote play my ps4.

          • ppcold says:

            does the nvidia shield do emulator tricks? maybe n64 on the pc then streamed? anyway, you can’t win them all… i’d like handheld dreamcast too but i’d also like a castle with secret passages… can’t have everything..

      • Acid_Snake says:

        Don’t even dare comparing the really nice Vita OLED screen and controls (specially the extra joystick that makes Metal Gear games play really well) to the crappy PSP screen and joystick.

        • ppcold says:

          i can play vita games on my vita 2 but lose psn access for my vita 2 games… why not just get a vita 1? because it doesn’t compare to the oled2 screen of the vita2……

          • Acid_Snake says:

            I don’t have a second vita, but trust me when I say I don’t need PSN or online: I’m not a big fan of online gaming and as long as I have all the Metal Gear games my Vita allows me to play I’m happy, no need to update.

      • ppcold says:

        psp go is too small…. try and get the first model 2000.. the fully hackable one.. otherwise a 1000 is nice and chunky

    • deathblade200 says:

      the vita compared to psp has

      Better speakers
      A second analog stick that is useful in MANY psp/ps1 games
      Better Performance
      Better Looking Screen

      so thats why I use my vita instead of my psp

  7. Recken says:

    Will the PSP used to get into the exploit need to be able to access the PSN store?

    • The Z says:

      No. It only needs to run a 6.xx CFW and requires a working wifi card (its wifi must not be broken).

      So pretty much any PSP (except for the E1000) that runs a 6.xx CFW is nearly all you need.

  8. gunblade says:

    Cool. Be cool if I could get the game.

  9. Yifan Lu says:

    Hahaha, remember all those people who said the PSP emulator scene was dead.

    • The Z says:

      I remember Acid_Snake, yea.

    • Black Eagle says:

      *cough* Acid Snake *cough*

    • fatman01923 says:

      Lol, Im still on 3.01 for my vita #waitinghappily for webkitexploit :O

    • fei says:

      PSP emulator scene Never ever die. hahahaha, PSV scene is actually dead. How ironic ! Acid_Snake.

      • Acid_Snake says:

        On my defense, I was only the one who said that PUBLICLY, basically I repeated what every other behind-the-scene hackers were telling me.
        From what I know, the PSP scene is still alive and the Vita scene is dead because all the PSV hackers have either moved on to the PS4 (which is apparently easier to hack) or have hit too many brick walls to continue development, while the PSP scene is still alive cause it’s the same thing over and over again, there’s no brick wall to stop it. From the looks of it this will be true until the Vita itself dies (which appears to be soon as Sony barely gives a cr*P about the device).

  10. noaec says:

    oh great, what about TN-X? i hope it working good on 3.50

    • The Z says:

      TNs eCFWs are closed source and therefore he is the only person being able to update it to higher firmwares.

      Go bug TN for 3.3x/3.50 support.

  11. Charles Fasano says:

    Guess I will staying on 3.18 for my one Vita and 3.50 for the other. I hope things change and you will eventually won’t need a 2nd device to hack the main Vita.

  12. Deiser says:

    So if we stay in 3.36 and use the exploit in that version, can we upgrade to 3.5 later with the exploit still in place? I’d like to play Toukiden Kiwami online if I can.

    • moes says:

      Sorry to say, but you can’t, but you can install the exploit on 3.50, but it is a bjt more of a hassle to activate.
      Also did you try to use vita update blocker to play online? That may work, it does for the psn store.

  13. Anon says:

    I’m thinking I might stay on 3.18 because most native Vita exploit efforts seem to be focusing on that and the TN-X loader is currently only compatible up to 3.20.

    Is it recommended to stay on 3.18 if we can?

  14. Champ says:

    ” for those poor souls that updated to firmware 3.50.”

    lol wut? 3.50 added the ability to remap most buttons on the vita. That’s pretty badass if you ask me. I prefer that to playing unlimited old games…

    I used to like CFW for its customizations, but it seems nowadays all anyone cares about is the ability to play free games. Macrofire for psp and things like that are why I like homebrew. The newest vita update just added similar functionality to the vita! (albeit not as much, but still…)

    • ppcold says:

      ps plus… trophies.. online multiplayer.. highscores….. either have two vitas, one of which you can keep at low firmware or keep on rocking the psn!

  15. Lucif3r says:

    Okay so, you need a PSP on CFW everytime you want to launch the eCFW stuff on the Vita…? Then, *** is the point of it? You could just as well just use the PSP for the PSP stuff then, since you still need both machines to use eCFW on the Vita…
    Its nice there are still vulnerabilities on the Vita/ePSP but… Sorry, I fail to see the point of a public release of this method :/

    • stingrayZ says:

      yup kinda stupid for me.. well if we gonna use psp just once to make custom firmware for the vita then its accepted… whats the point of playing PSP Iso if you have alreary a psp in your hand.. transferring an iso alone to the vita is already a task,

    • d4rk51d3 says:

      Pretty much why I updated. I’m enjoying my vita again. Something I really didnt do, back on TN-V.
      Dont get me wrong, it was nifty, if not kinda hamstrung.

  16. CaR says:

    Staying on 3.36 and awaiting orders.
    Also to the ones who are saying ‘Why not use the PSP go ecfw. Well obviously because they want to play to play it on a bigger screen with better colors and lighting.
    Also their psp screen could be scratched and stuff.
    So this is why we want PS Vita cfw.

  17. BrainHurting says:

    @Minimur12 if you are bored can you please edit the article, thank you.

  18. toto13015 says:

    Too bad it takes a PSP with VITA, to enjoy the feat has come to 3.50, for my part I stay in the moment and 3.36 every purchase I make on the PS Store and backup system are stored on my PC.

    One day or another well come a day full hack for VITA and not only for the PSB.

    I’m not pressing.

  19. Jai Ho says:

    I missed Dark_Alex. that’s it.

  20. gunblade says:

    Thks guys.

  21. gunblade says:

    Getthing a psp go on the first.

  22. matthew says:

    can i use this to exploit my 3.30 vita?

  23. Ryan says:

    It baffles me why Sony continues to patch these exploits. Vita is a dead system, let the hackers do whatever they want, it doesn’t matter anymore.

  24. hsbrar97 says:

    i’m on ps vita ver 3.36, should i update to 3.50 or i should stay on 3.36.I dont know how i could download exploit game on 3.36 without updating.l also dont have ps3 but only psp 3000 with cfw 6.60 pro B10.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      Don’t update. To purchase the exploit game, use the VitaUpdateBlocker:

      That let’s you get on the PS Store without needing to update.

      If you’re not familiar/comfortable with running python scripts on Windows, go to the “portable version” section listed on the github page, and download the “vita_update_blocker_v1.2.exe” file from the mediafire link.

      Note, when running the update blocker, it will probably say at some point that you can disable the proxy settings. I’d recommend leaving the proxy settings on as long as you’re browsing the PS Store (or using any of the PSN features), just to be on the safe side.

  25. Si_Si says:

    would this work on ps tv

  26. dark_dex says:

    What an interesting way this exploit works, but im simply wondering why the psp has to be used, why not a wifi adapter with the option of ad hoc

  27. Rikku says:

    Exploit use game sharing feature

  28. dmaskell92 says:

    “but also yet another kernel mode exploit for the PSPemulator, which enables you to use the ARK-2 eCFW on system software 3.50.”

    Bravo! I was expecting VHBL.

  29. kornboy82 says:

    Thank you with trusting me on the ninja release. I really appreciate it.

  30. Smoker1 says:

    What happened to the 3.18 and below Native Exploit? Also, is there a way to Install the new PSM Runtime and Activation? Was able to Install a PSM RNTM PKG, but now it is demanding I connect to Internet for Activation.
    Also, I was able to use the PKG Installer without Internet Access. Would this be a possible way to Install Native Vita Homebrew?

  31. Mistake says:

    Did anyone else notice the Z didn’t cover his list of games in the video. A full list of psp games for everyone to see! Bit careless if you ask me

    • Riddler says:

      OLD exploit games don’t matter. Sony already knows about them. Those exploits don’t work anymore on firmwares past the one they were released for.

  32. I've been shut down says:

    I got shut down for pointing out a mistake the Z made! Don’t be so careless next time you put videos of exploit games for the view of the public. What’s the point of ninja!

    • Riddler says:

      Don’t see any mistake made by The Z.
      The mistake was yours.

      There’s no need for concern.

      • Check again and look carefully says:

        So I’m guessing you didn’t get ninja then?? The 3.50 game is there for everyone to see trust me. If you got ninja you should no

        • Check again and look carefully says:

          Fair enough just looked again isn’t the game I though. Sorry the z apologies.

  33. Jojohnon says:

    Very nice. incoming wall of text! i have an idea. i do not have a hacked vita or a compatible psp nor do i have the money to get one it is also unlikely i will be able to buy any exploitable game when more of those show up. this does not stop me tough. i have an idea that might work. in some earlier experiments i have been able to route traffic from various devices over a VPN. if i can do this with my vita by using my linux installation on my pc and by cooperating with someone who has a hacked vita or psp i might be able to use the exploit when it has been released if it uses wifi. note that all this is highly teoretical.

    • nyx says:

      Do those devices use ad-hoc? Because otherwise it won’t work.
      Though maybe it’s possible to simulate a hacked device with a phone or something.

      • Jojohnon says:

        Well… ad-hoc should not matter. i can connect the vita to my wifi router and from there i just route the connection to my pc wich routes it onto a vpn in theory….

        • nyx says:

          But the exploit appears to involve a bug in the local communication features of a game, hence requiring another hacked device. And local communications means ad-hoc. Unless you can get the system to accept your device for ad-hoc comm. then relay the packets it won’t work.

          Ofc if it involves internet (infrastructure) then it’s completely different.

          • Jojohnon says:

            Damn…. the idea was good atleast. urgh… well guess i will have to wait. perhaps an easier hack will come along eventually.

  34. nemesistars says:

    Lo estoy esperando, gracias por su arduo trabajo!!! (I am waiting, thanks for your hard work!!!!)

  35. da_2015 says:

    I think the exploit will be released tommorow !

  36. ppcold says:

    i can play vita games on my vita 2 but lose psn access for my vita 2 games… why not just get a vita 1? because it doesn’t compare to the oled2 screen of the vita2……

    • Riddler says:

      The new Vita screen is LCD.
      It’s not OLED and that’s the biggest reason why many Vita owners still prefer the 1st Vita model over the 2nd.

  37. gbg says:

    I was wondering about something for when the game name is released. I will be using a psp 6.60_CFW for my second device and was wondering if we will be needing to get the game for both the vita and the psp?

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      You’ll only need to buy the game on the Vita.

      Likely the exploit will use a custom app that you run on the PSP in order to trigger the hack.

  38. nyx says:

    I hope the games get announced before the proxy/update blocker stop working.

  39. giggione&donatello says:

    So, what happened to the famous so “called” “”GOLDEN FIRMWARE”?

  40. Deiser says:

    Since they’re forcing 3.5 if you want to play multiplayer (REALLY annoying given that one of the games I want to play online is Toukiden Kiwami), is there a way to bypass that 3.5-for-online requirement when teh exploit is released?