Upcoming Ninja release for Vita 3.36 and 3.50. Read the fine print!


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166 Responses

  1. styde says:

    Temporary bubble for 3.50 seems perfect. Only want 2 players mode but have 1 PSP and not all my games are in Vita catalog (virtua tennis 1 & naruto unh3). Very fun for short session. Good news. 3.50 is very impressive for 60fps stream gaming, just updated.

  2. brent says:

    YAY, i have a hacked psv on 3.36 and a hacked psp, i can already guess how the hack is going to work tho,
    But i cant say more…

  3. gui says:

    if I buy a new ps vita in 3.18 FW , I can install the game king of pool ? I have this game and kept which him, and i used in my ps vita current.

  4. checker says:

    I have a 3.36 without any exploitable game.But a PSP 3001 with 6.60 Temporary LME is that ok? Sorry my English

  5. rclr says:

    for some of you on 3.36 having trouble transfering the said game to your vita.. tryn this >>> http://wololo.net/2013/12/14/new-way-to-download-games-to-your-older-fw-ps-vita-no-proxy-required/

  6. ch3wt0ys says:

    It’s a good thing I found my OFW 3000 and downgraded to 6.20 permanent patch, knew it would be useful someday. 😀

  7. moes says:

    Just ordered a used vita for this on 3.35. Need to buy a psp go, as i have the street version. Can’t wait until i can see the ninja release. Is the said game that is being used expensive??

  8. Erik says:

    This is awesome, I’ve been waiting so long for this, always missing it. PS Vita 3.36, vitaupdateblocker, and PSP all ready 🙂

  9. Luna says:

    So, you need a second device that is able to run unsigned or modified code? Only a guess, but im pretty sure its exploiting adhoc game link feature to send exploit data, like code to run vhbl. Why else would you need a second one :D?
    See 3ds exploit, using qr link to receive unsigned code, so this shouldnt be far fetched, is it?
    And below 3.50 means that on <=3.36 there is a bubble created to access vhbl so it does not need to be accessed through the exploit.

  10. bass4040 says:

    Can one hacked PSP be used to install this custom bubble on two separate Vitas? A friend and I have one PSP to use for both of us.

  11. CRAZYMAN says:


  12. King.P says:

    I managed to grab the game and transfer it to my PSV. It hasn’t been patched yet, right? I’m kinda late.

  13. Spewfr says:

    I have a hacked PSP and a Vita, and I’d like to be included in this release…
    Props to Qwik and all other dev involved 🙂

  14. meysam25 says:

    its look painfull

  15. Draven says:

    This is why I have two Vitas, especially now that I have a PS4. I hated having to choose between PSN access and homebrew. The main reason I have a lower firmware Vita at all is just to have a beefed-up PSP.

    3.18 and Talkman/XS Moto is a perfect combination.

  16. Blueskira says:

    I have a ps vita 3.36 and psp 6.60
    what game should I buy?

  17. moes says:

    Can you play your psp backups with this exploit?

  18. danny says:

    Which psp do i need to buy for the exploit?
    My vita is on 3.36

    • windmark says:

      Any version except the E1000 street model should work as stated by qwikrazor87

    • _____ says:

      buy a psp that support’s hacks, i have a psp-2000 that has cfw on it…. don’t buy the last released psp tho, that psp doesn’t have wifi any more and we are going to need it for this hack with two hacked devices…

  19. MaxiExtreme says:

    This is great!

  20. CaR says:

    Charging my PSP 2000 right now and awaiting for orders.
    Ready for a new hack.

  21. supadupa says:

    Are the exploitgames for 3.36 back in psn since they released 3.5 or do they just keep them offline

    • brentt says:

      check it yourself, use psvita_update_blocker_v1.2 and u don’t have to update any more, u can use the psn store on 3.36 then…

  22. Peter says:

    I have a 3.18 vita with valid exploit and TN-V.
    Do you think is useful to download this new game and uupdate my vita?
    Or can I stay on my setup?

    • R0ME0 says:

      3.18 is the recommended firmware as per The_Zett / ZLoad.net

    • brentt says:

      if it is possible: update to 3.36 with some fancy things via ‘update via pc’ and u can download the 3.36 package on zload.net…. then u need NUMBLAST, u can use psvita_update_blocker_v1.2 to block the force update and go on psn, hopefully numblast is back….

  23. moes says:

    I do not have a second compatible device yet, but when I get the game on my (let’s hope I get selected soon for the ninja) I can always initiate the trick later on the road, or is that not possible?

    • chronologyte says:

      From what I understand as long as you get the game onto your 3.36 Vita you should be able to run the actual hack at any point afterward. As long as you don’t update!

      • moes says:

        Thanks for your comment. Haven’t been selected for the ninja yet. Let’s hope it doesn’t get pulled any time soon :D.

      • brentt says:

        don’t forget you also need a second device! a psp on 6.XX or another (hacked) vita on 3.36

  24. thebutcher316 says:

    Just checked the AU PS Store, NUMBLAST still not back 🙁

  25. Roah says:

    can’t wait to hack my vita, I got psp go with CFW and a PS Vita slim

  26. Limen says:

    Still on 3.18, but I really want to use Remote Play, haha. Ah well, I’ll wait until something more concrete than using a 2nd device every time is released before updating.

  27. randy says:

    Sounds good. I should have my New vita and psp go by the first.

  28. jay says:

    i really hope they release the exploit game soon i borrowed my friends PSP and installed a CFW already and hope he doesnt ask for it back in the next couple days!

    • moes says:

      As more people have asked and replied, if you get the exploit game, you can initiate the exploit always later on, so no worries if he asks it back.

  29. DinoX says:

    Would a PSPGo do as a secondary device…currently I am running 3.36 with VHBL v1 and ARK2?

    • moes says:

      Yes, it should work if you are on 6.6x cfw on the go, from what i’ve read in the previous comments.

  30. Jacko says:

    Use an hacked psp to hack the psp emulator of your vita to play psp games ? Why not just use your hacked psp xD

    • brentt says:

      there are people that have 2 hacked vita’s and not a psp. + this ‘unpatchable’ exploit could be handy to try to find another exploit in the emulator to get outside the emulator and to get a step closer to a native ps vita hack.

  31. PSVITAorPSDEAD?CFWorOFW? says:

    @jacko PS Vita has OLED Screen its the same but look better

    you can config /swap your buttons and you have a second analog stick!
    try too play Final Fantasy Type-0 with one analog on a PSP and after this play it on PS Vita

    PS Vita PSP eCFW is like a deluxe PSP not more not less…

  32. Rikku says:

    All you need is wifi enabled cfw psp to do the exploit
    it transfering exploitable game file from psp to vita

  33. Johnny says:

    I was very into the psp hacking scene for a long time. But I took a break for a while. Does this exploit. Or any exploit/hack work for the vita slim??

  34. 1fff says:

    Whuh finaly a new ninja release. I LOVE them XD

  35. kay says:

    the suspense is killing me!

  36. Zektra says:

    So all you need is a hacked psp?

  37. checker says:

    can not wait 🙂
    Accidentally update 3.18 to 3.36

  38. restes says:

    Is is obligatory to have a PSN game and a hacked PSP? The PSP isn’t the problem, but the game is.

    • moes says:

      Yes it is, sorry to hear you cannot get the game, it is a specific game that hasn’t been released to the masses yet, so there may still be time to acquire the funds for it.

    • R0ME0 says:

      If you have a hacked PSP you can just run the ISO version of the game. You’ll need to run the title on both devices though, so you’ll need to buy it out of PSN.

  39. Oreo says:

    So do i need the game on my hacked device or non hacked? or both?

  40. game adic says:

    with the realest of 3.50 ver. of ps vita i hate it any more. ill go back to mobile game all games are free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate you sony