Unpatchable Bubbles?


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  1. Wolf says:

    nice.. mayb it’ll release sometime.

  2. KronosXLI says:

    Bringing back the PKG installer would be a huge step if it works with custom bubbles.

  3. ch3wt0ys says:

    Awesome to hear. I’m still jetlagged on 3.18.

    Can’t even use my Vita until I upgrade to newer firmware to do wireless file transfer. Sucks having the special USB port break on you rofl.

    • Reprep says:

      Using a proxy like Vita Update Blocker lets you connect your vita wirelessly even if you are on a lower firmware.

      • ch3wt0ys says:

        I have used Vita Update Blocker and it would work, but it still came up with the need to update dialog or an error. Even had a router set up for a dedicated network just to be sure and it still gave same results.
        I should probably post on the forum more often I guess. :c
        Only things I can transfer is music/photos/movies, sometimes it still tosses error at me.

        • Reprep says:

          yeah, talk forums are more suited than this. I can confirm i can transfer ePSP stuff wirelessly to my Vita with the combination of OpenCMA/QCMA and Vita Update blocker.

      • ch3wt0ys says:

        After fiddling with it a bit more, I finally got it to work. Thanks, I referred to some of your recent posts for the help also.

  4. David says:

    Unpoppable bubbles 😀

  5. Blue says:

    I’m still torn about updating past 3.18, because there was some web-based native exploit or something? (I have no idea how any of this works.)

  6. Abdulec says:

    what about the 3.18 ??

    • Reprep says:

      3.18 rocks. You can of course continue to use custom bubbles. Sony will not magically patch them unless you update.

  7. gunblade says:

    Cool. Thks. Sounds good.

  8. roflmao says:

    If it’s unpatchable why not release ? :p

    • ch3wt0ys says:

      Unpatchable doesn’t always mean what it sounds like.

      Usually it means someone is going to have to change a lot in the system to fix it, and lot of people think no one is up to the task.

      There’s been plenty of “unpatchables” in the scene, couple get patched.

      Also, it’s only been one day since 3.50 dropped, sure 173210 wants to see if there’s any bug, or anything else he could toss into a package. Don’t want to push sloppy work and let users suffer with possible bricks on hand.

  9. rclr says:

    173210 is a girl! :0 cute nails !!!lol

  10. Nicolas says:

    Why always talking about “Unpatchable” exploit ? Nothing is unpatchable. Some things are more difficult to patch than others but there is always a way to correct an exploit.
    We know all about Qwikrazor “unpatchable” exploit which is finally patched by Sony before it was released.

  11. Sky Yuki says:

    Meanwhile in Sony
    Hmm unpatchable exploit?
    Let’s remove the feature then!
    Firmware 3.60 released
    Livearea has been completely removed from vita
    And Livelier area has been released
    The bubble have turn into flat square like windows 8

  12. derek says:

    So does this mean ark2 wont work if I update im on the 3.35 firmware via numblast exploit

  13. GameGuard says:

    That’s fine ..but people how about PSvita games …is it impossible to enjoy playing hacked vita games someday ? since all the talk is about the old psp insted of psvita games !!

  14. Franklyn says:

    The Spongebob Picture is so HDalistic.

  15. progamer1515 says:

    We should set the bubble image to cherries and send pics to Sony. It could become a meme, “Kazuo Hirai can’t pop cherries.”.

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