Playstation Vita Firmware 3.50 is now live! – Patches the Custom Bubble trick & more!

The Zett

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  1. Roflmao says:

    First 😀

  2. W wololo says:

    Maps was removed but youtube?

    • The Z says:

      Youtube has never been a “default app”.

      Sony stopped offering YT as of february, and YT ceases to work as of mid april.

  3. Dekiru says:

    Just tested the High quality(60 fps) remote play it’s smooth as heck, smoother than my own TV can show, now i can’t stop remote playing on my PS Vita. I don’t know how they made it but the game that was streamed to my PS Vita via remote play(High quality) seems to run smoother like it was below 60 fps or something while the game itself on the system is 30fps. And remote play button response is getting better and faster

    • warfaren says:

      Technically, the game you are playing could be a 1080p game but since the Vita screen is only capable of 544p (960×544) I guess the game could be rendering at a lower resolution in order to increase framerate. But it seems unlikely somehow. More likely the video is just downscaled from the same resolution as on your PS4, but that wouldn’t explain why it feels smoother on your Vita.

      Anyway nice to hear that it works so well 🙂

  4. BlumCoLe says:

    button swap …NICE! I think it’s a very very helpful feature.

  5. Redblade67 says:

    In my opinion this is a good idea to take note that this is a good way to test a hackers knowledge. Of course if i was one , i would tackle the challenge without question, but i don’t know anything about hacking the vita and writing code. But trust me if i did i will tackle it in a heart beat.

  6. rosafan84pi says:

    Well looks like I’m sticking to 3.36 for now as I’m waiting to see if the “unpatchable” exploit thing takes off soon.

    • raiden says:

      ahem ahem read properly… that exploit was also patched
      and also appears to patch the (somewhat wonky) kernel mode exploit by qwikrazor.

      • brainard52 says:

        I believe they were talking about a different KME as I don’t remember the ‘unpatchable’ KME ever being announced.

      • Crzo says:

        Don’t you love when some ahole doesn’t know what are you talking about and tells you to read properly? Haha

  7. MusicMan says:

    So we shouldn’t update?

    • lolzoar says:

      Update if you want to play online, use the PS Store, and use any other online functions. Don’t update if you don’t. Seriously, why are you asking such a pointless question…

    • Anon says:

      You have a week or two to access the PS Store (and probably other online functionality) on 3.36 via Vita Update Blocker proxy, after that you’ll know enough to be able to make an informed decision.

  8. >_> says:

    I would seeing how there’s an “unpatchable” exploit being released soon. 😛

  9. If Sony did what they did to their console, betraying their costumers, they should leave hackers alone to do whatever they want in terms of homebrew, at least that type of community has better support than their *** indie games (not all but many of them).

  10. Gaze says:

    Dang some of the features look useful. I’ll have to update to 3.50 if any of my buttons ever break. What I want to know is if psgm:play? got blocked for package installer.

  11. rclr says:

    Now I just need a decision which psvita I want to update xD . My slim lime green(16gb mc) psvita or my phat psvita (64 gbmc) :/

    • Crzo says:

      I’m divided into 2 worlds now, to update or not to update 🙁

      I actually have 2 vitas with ARK-2 so you could say “hey, why don’t you keep one on 3.36 and update the other one” but something in me decided it was a good idea to give one to my mom so she could play all the NES/SNES mario games on it 😛

  12. Dann says:

    Now Google Maps is gone, later youtube. Something i saw is the update download without pick download. :/

  13. beacon mk3 says:

    I hope that livetweet ans playstation mobile had not touch

  14. CPUzX says:

    Are you trying to promote Germany?

  15. 828jman says:

    So does the button mapping apply to remote play too? It doesn’t seem like it but i guess it can’t hurt to ask.

  16. threepointoneowner says:

    I have a PS Vita 1000 with 3.01 and 101-in-1 Megamix. I do not use it much and it is well taken care of scratches on the screen and no noticeable damage. Its been on its case since launch day I am interested in selling it if the price is interesting but I wouldn’t want the buyer to have access to my account so the buyer would have to own an exploitable game which is why the system is a hard seller. Is anyone interested, do you think being on 3.01 it has potential to sell or should I just update to 3.50?

  17. Dönermann says:

    Damn, 60fps on Remote Play is like a charm! But you have to dismiss the recording function whilst Remote Playing with high FPS, seems like the recorder hardware stuff is being used to stream it better now :3

  18. Cameron says:

    Holy *** this is great
    Ratchet and clank HD collection had awful controls (lock on was rear touchpad and really annoying to hold down)

  19. Madden Player says:

    Why doesn’t Madden 13 work anymore? It says An error has occurred {******} the system will be powered off

  20. jayko says:

    Hi zett, I m now 1.80, are those game that is exploitable still not being patch ? As I m confused as some website claimed the game is not being patch but instead the ofw is being patch render it useless every time ofw is upgraded. But from seems the game is taken down, but when put back on, the game is already patch.hence render the exploit useless.any comments?

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