Excitement in the air: Qwikrazor has an “unpatchable” ePSP exploit on the Vita


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  1. ilovepsvita says:

    I have 2 PS vitas one on 3.18 with Patapon 2 EU/Tekken 2 EU and tokyo travel US/Tekken 2 US (will never update because its the best for exploits at the moment)

    And one 3.36 PS Vita for online play, newer PSvita retail and PSN Games

    @qwikrazor87 if you mean unpatchable by save game exploit it will be probably a Demo Game right? but please wait for next update for PSvita 3.36 OFW has enought exploits now here will be a update in the next days its end of march there should be a update soon

    also thanks @qwikrazor87 for all your work I am and with safety many others are very grateful!

  2. ivan says:

    Eu Estou Esperando Por Um Explora Racker Pois Meu Vita Tava Rackeado Em Uma Versão Anterior Em Gladiator Begins Atualizei Meu Vita Para A Versão Mais Ressente E Perdi O Explora Estou Esperando Outro Já Faz Um Tempo E Agora Estou Muito Feliz COm Está Novidade Obrigado Vou Esperar Por Mais .
    Todo Dia Toda Hora Eu Olha Aq Ver Se Tem Algo Novo.

  3. Blue says:

    Exactly how hacked does the PSP have to be? Would a PRO CFW 6.60 be enough, or do we need something that boots up into CFW when it powers on?

  4. Acid_Snake says:

    I believe the title is hugely misleading. qwik himself said it was “more unpatchable”, which literally means it would be harder for Sony to patch because it’s not a savedata exploit (the malicious data is injected into the game by other means) and it would be a mayor drawback for the game’s compatibility if they do aditional checks to the data. At this point Sony only has a few alternatives: remove the game from store forever (still people who bought the game will already have it forever), spend a lot of money on R&D + testing trying to come up with a completely new way to patch the exploit, or just f*cking leave it alone like that, it’s just VHBL for f*cks sake.

  5. doyle54 says:

    Apparently, it’s for US only, i’m disappointed

  6. Tail870 says:

    Well… What’s about PPSSPP and similar software?

  7. Oeli says:

    Finaly, the first exploit i could usw!

  8. MadMack says:

    Hmmm, the OFW 3.50 came out on March 26… So I hope, we see the new exploit from Qwikrazor in the next hours, or its possible that it’s useless…

  9. arthanis says:

    Well, I have a pandorized psp for like forever. But does that matter that a new FW is right around the corner, since its said to be an “unpatcheable” exploit?

  10. dark_dex says:

    good i thing i kept all my psps from psp hacking scene days, looking forward to what you bring.

  11. zorak_torok says:

    ***…. gotta find my pspgo charger :->

    • Foxy1604 says:

      Same problem for me!
      I played so much on my psp (1000 yes the big bulky fat one) that i broke my charger and my analog stick. c’:
      (Good ol’ times)

  12. Razor says:

    My vita exploit is tokyo talk would that work or do I have to get a

  13. rosafan84pi says:

    I’ll also be waiting for this, have a hacked PSP 3001 04g running 6.61 pro-c2(with fixed PSN PS1 compatibility) and my recent Vita Slim running the latest OFW (which will be 3.50 as soon as it’s available).

  14. mario Rodriquez says:

    How does it work?
    I have a hacked psp!
    When will it come out?
    how does it work?
    What files are needed from the psp?
    let me know.

  15. thebutcher316 says:

    Waiting for an upcoming 3.36 hack!! Bought my Vita Slim one week after all the exploit games had been removed from PSN Australia – and then stupidly updated from 3.18 to test out PS4 remote play functionality 🙁 🙁

    Oh how I wish I had a time machine 🙁

  16. Kana says:

    You may want to include this tweet in your article: https://twitter.com/qwikrazor87/status/580843910609539073

    It’s missing the information on 3.36 compatible which is key.

  17. arcangelnew says:

    Unpatchable, and if blocked it will slowdown gameplay??? it sounds like a flaw in the CPU code. anyway I have a question, If I have an already exploited vita on 3.18 will I need a second psvita or psp too?????? I believe most people by now have at least one exploit active on their vitas.

  18. dbzgts says:

    I dunno about programming but is it possible to inject “something” to the vita using updating from usb in this article?

  19. Mulder says:

    The exploit may be out for april 1st?
    Thanks for your work guys.

  20. edukarlo says:

    and here is OFW 3.50… and files inside PSP are unrenameable.. oh well, sticking ti 3.18 for now.. goodbye bubbles.. im good with eCFW, but i hope TN-X gets a 3.50 compatible update released with this at the same time too..

  21. I have both a Vita TV and and a Vita with an exploit. I’ve been waiting for a 3.36 and this is excellent news.

  22. robin994 says:

    can we update our ps vita to fw 3,50? Or will we lost this exploit?

  23. shikhar says:

    Well, I”ll be sticking to 3.18 for now. But I hope this is still usable on the new 3.50 as it would attract the newer vita database as well as give the guys who missed out earlier, another chance .

  24. Jacko says:

    I’ve updated my vita i’m tired of psp emulator hacks i can buy a psp for 30/50$ or just download PPSSPP to play PSP games for free.
    I like to play with my vita games online without have to install open cma and have to fake the version of my vita…
    PSP emulator hack is cool but i only want native vita emulators homebrews i don’t care about piracy, vita doesn’t have so many games and you can buy the majority for really cheap prices now…
    So good news but i don’t care i update my vita.

  25. Limen says:

    Would the PSP need to be hacked? I have one that’s hacked, but I’m not sure if it’s still up to date. Also not sure if it even holds a charge anymore. Sad, cause it used to be my all time favorite gaming device haha

  26. Aedando says:

    Hot damn, I have a hacked PSPGo and I’m still on 3.36. Not too keen on any of the features that 3.50 brings to the table so I’m going to stay at 3.36.

  27. Blyzzard says:

    I have a Playstation TV and Vita both on 3.36. Is there a way to get this exploit on my PS TV without having to worry about updating it? Also, if I get the exploit on the PS TV will it force an update to use the memory card on the Vita again? My Vita was on 3.18 but I tried to exploit my PS TV it made me update the Vita to use the memory card again.

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