Total-Noob’s response to latest TN-X debate about The Z



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  1. gunblade says:

    hi guys I skip the comments abit a lot of posthing. jus wanted to say if you guys started working together more can get finish. and sometime it help to look at somebodies work and see if can make it better. Ooh anyways I getthing a vita slim 3g cool right.

  2. lolz says:

    seems like someone has clearly too much time to think about this kind of stuff…

  3. ThursdayRoger says:

    Z and TN are in cahoots and only doing this to get the focus away from no native hacks coming in…

    I mean, we can play psx games on our phones, tablets, pcs and psps… we just want our homebrew!

    • WhyIsThisAllowedToHappen? says:

      Wouldn’t be too surprising. I almost never hear about native hack progress. Wish I knew how to code, I would try to look for holes in the security myself.

  4. WhyIsThisAllowedToHappen? says:

    Now, I’m not a huge fan of The Zett, infact, I find him to be very repetitive and snobbish at times, not really contributing much, just rehashing the same *** for a new firmware.

    BUT, putting code into TN-V just because you don’t like the guy makes you a child. There is NO excuse for *** like this, no matter what the reason is. If it were up to me, petty *** like this would get people banned, no matter how valuable they are.

    Also, I bet if this was some random homebrew targeted at The Zett, the creator would most likely be banned from this site, but it isn’t going to happen to TN.

    Go ahead and flame me all you want, but it’s the truth, The Zett is a complete ahole sometimes, but he doesn’t deserve this. And Wololo is very correct, there can and are most likely bugs in that code. So, by putting malicious code into TN-V TN-X TN-Toilet Paper, you name it, you are risking the personal data and saves of those who just want to emulate their PSP’s again.

    No excuse. No way to justify what TN has done.
    TN, you’re a massive ***, and you don’t deserve any kind of privilege here.

  5. malex says:

    *SIGH* I’ll add my voice to those that think they are both in the wrong. No excuse for what TN did, none whatsoever, spin it anyway you like he’s still WRONG. If these are the types of games that he wants to play, maybe he should not release his work to the general public; we all know all these hacks carry a “use at your own risk”, but after a while we come to place some trust in these devs and use the hacks without giving it much thought, so more than an attack against Zett, this is a betrayal (or potential betrayal) against many people who have come to respect you/your work, or both.

    Zett, well he needs to be more respectful, it’s perfectly possible to speak your mind and say you don’t like something without resorting to insults, or just simply being an ***. When talking about somebody’s work we need to remember this, whether good or bad, somebody spent their time making that program, that product.

    That said, as stated before, it seems they can BOTH stand to give credit where it’s due. Sadly, I doubt any of those will happen, the anonymity of the internet brings out the unfiltered honesty in people and that will perpetuate this type of scenario.

  6. Janis says:

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