TN-X v2 Mod: Qwikrazor releases unrestricted version of Total_Noob’s TN-X v2 eCFW! – Wait a minute… Unrestricted?!

The Zett

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  1. Rolenzo says:

    I really enjoy his work. Why is he upset enough to do something this malicious?

  2. ChrisHighwind says:

    And I thought Wii devs were bad with their strict anti-piracy policy for stuff that’s not even approved by Nintendo in the first place. At least I haven’t heard any stories of Wii homebrew not working, or even deleting files, purely because the developer does not like that specific user.

  3. Ricky D says:

    Checks calendar and realizes it’s not April 1st so I’m only left wondering what the heck is wrong with Total_Noob. That *** is what Sony does with CFW. It is not what sceners do to each other. Shame on you. SHAME!!!!

  4. Lucif3r says:

    This kind of behavior is unacceptable. No matter how much you ‘hate’ a person, thats no excuse for adding malicious functions to your releases. Ive never seen Z bash the work of TN. On a personal level? Sure, but not his work…

    Immature spoiled brat comes to mind, along with other not-so-friendly names, of TN that is… Pathetic…

    • anonanon says:

      The Z’s always been vocal about his hatred towards TN, but yeah not towards his work. Afaik he accepts that TN’s work is of high quality. The issue with the Z, is he’s very, very vocal and opinionated – comes across in the majority of the articles he writes too. Not necessarily a bad thing, but can get too much at times.

      This obviously doesn’t justify TN’s actions though, him refusing to disclose the source code for his works will make this whole situation very awkward, since anyone who’s smart enough will stay away from his code from now on, when it can’t be checked over. The best thing TN can do at the moment if he wants to remain in the scene is start releasing his source code. Otherwise, what’s to say he wont do this again, to someone else who’s rude to him, or if he decides to quit the scene,.

      • I feel bad for TheZ, i understand how it is when people get *** at the things i say, so i can see why people with sand in their ***’s would attack him in such a manner.

        TheZ is a victim of hatred shown through Total_Noobs childish inability to respond to criticism properly

  5. Ben Dover says:

    Well Z, as your always being ***-ish to people: I would consider all of this as messing between “good’ol friends” (like your arguing all the time, right!?..)


  6. Proof? says:

    Is there any proof of this other than a tweet and a blog post? Looking at it from an unbiased perspective, I just see two people that dislike TN trying to impeach TN. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but I’m not so sure it did happen either.

  7. Haha says:

    Wow this was awesome only The Z was in blacklist xD

  8. Sky Yuki says:

    So the way for the sh*t list person to not get the files deleted
    Is pretty simple
    Change your PSN
    Or delete the code
    That seem to be pretty…….easy?
    If TN really hateeeeee this person then TN would probably do something else much worst

    Anyway in case you are wondering how would TN get your PSN ID
    Well in the forum of course you should have mentioned your PSN ID sometime
    At least i do to introducing thing

    • The Z says:

      Through my videos. In the showcased tutorials you were able to see my PSN ID (not really hard to guess), my AID (cause of the bubbles tutorial) and my PSN email address.

    • The Z says:

      Yea, “just change your account”. It is not like that I lose every purchased content ever.

  9. Tail870 says:

    Well… Malicious software os PSVita…

  10. fatman01923 says:

    One of the reasons why I partially hate this current generation of hackers, is because of the twisted moral system that guides some of them. Sure I’m generalizing a bit but overall I feel like this generation of hackers has the most drama associated with the scene of every console or whatever. How about just releasing content it if you want to but without trying to send a message…

    • wololo says:

      You must remember incorrectly, or thinking way more generations than me: for example, Dark Alex once published a PSP CFW that would brick any console if it was slightly modified. This was to “punish” a website that was modifying the credits to add their own name in it. In the end, it did not punish the owners of the site, but their users.

      • Ricky D says:

        so……it’s just the handheld devs that are drama queens 🙂

        meh, I know some PS2 + PS3 devs and there’s some pretty childish stuff going on across the board and has been for years. Either way, you have to admit what’s going on here is pretty petty. Sony and Microsoft pull this kind of thing. Sceners should be above it. I thought that was the whole point

      • The Z says:

        It was only a disclaimer in the 3.5x M33 revision updaters (3 & 4).

        It didnt actually brick the device, as far as I know.

        • Maxorq says:

          iirc it did brick the device when someone tampered with the binary, and ps3forums decided to remove the disclaimer; ultimately, their version actually did brick
          didn’t they release despertar soon after?

      • lebro says:

        I seem to remember a lot of those in the early PS3 scene too. It was very difficult to trust a lot of CFW releases for a while because of poop like bricking and what-not.

    • Stranno says:

      Nah, i still remember the nineties drama-scene about the CPS2 encryption and Dave’s Final Burn.

      That was serious drama.

  11. Hakumen says:

    well jokes on him, i dont really know if he is a d!ck, i cant judge a person i dont know but this seems like a *** move, his software shouldnt be realised here anymore

    • Hakumen says:

      also im not first
      and that make me sad D:

    • Gaiden says:

      There would be no more PS Vita news on Wololo then

      • The Z says:

        I dont recall VHBL, ARK or bubbles be made by TN?

        • Hakumen says:

          yeah, if someone makes tantrums like this, is harmful for the community, just imagine what he could do if a native exploit is realised.
          he is potentially dangerous and his software should not be distributed

          • lmao says:

            pfft, cmon man, what last TN works that do widespread damage? So he is *** just because he gets back at Z.

        • acid_leak says:

          @The Z
          Dont worry man,scew these haters
          TN has always been an id0t,
          you are a straightforward nice guy
          The scene needs you
          TN and Acid_crap deserve punishment for ruining and playing around with others work

    • lmao says:

      So, by western standard attacking someone who *** you is a *** move. l u lz
      It’s not like he did it to “average” users like you and me. Shouldn’t be released here anymore? hahaha… why not, afterall it’s you people (and me) who always waiting for hack releases. I’m not not defending him, but he really did not do a wide spread damage, so who cares.

  12. TNsupport says:

    My personal opinion on this is: hahaha f*ck the Z he deserves it, he’s just somebody who got “e-famous” in the psp/vita scene for doing *** videos showing the work of others, he can’t even code anything and thinks he is the best in every way.

    I really had to laugh at the fact, that he was/is the only one one TN’s blacklist
    rip the z

    • wilfredo says:

      shutup you piece of tras the Zett is awesome!!!

    • Kuu says:

      So in order to judge or rate one person’s code work means that the person judging has to be good at code work too? That’s like in order to tell if the food is either good or bad, you have to be a chef.

      And for someone like TN to code something like this simply because he shows discontent towards a person he doesn’t like only reflects himself and how vile his actions can get simply because ‘he hates this guy in particular’. One must think what he would’ve done if Z isn’t the only one in that list. I mean, all Z did was talk the talk. And TN retaliated by putting malicious code. Actions speak louder than words. Z may have talked smack at TN, but whatever TN did just outright obliterated the public’s trust towards his work and all I can say is that he should’ve become a better man than Z than to stoop this low.

      Either way, it’s not like Z hated his work. He even admitted that TN’s work is cool and no one can doubt that. But alas. TN had to botch even that opinion by coding this ***. Props to Qwikrazor for doing something TN should’ve done in the first place. Hope TN grows up soon.

    • nebu_187 says:

      TNsupport, go play outside

    • lmao says:

      just shameless person, really. especially now, he knows TN hates him, and he still using TN’s works, l o o ol totally shameless.

  13. solidsnake says:

    that’s pretty cool. i never mess with someone smarter than me

  14. Come on, did nobody else laugh at it being named popcorn.prx?

  15. bluke says:

    Does it work with 3.36 numblast Ark-2 ?

  16. totalfan says:

    Total noob has every right to tamper your vita.. Your foul mouth is responsible for your actions

    • The Z says:

      So might I have every right to sue for intentional destruction of my property?

      If this were the USA, I would bathe in money, but this is a reasonable country, so I wont.

      • RandQalan says:

        You are correct but well you would also be thrown out of court
        because you tampered with it first by modifying it in the first place 😆

      • OneWhoHasYetToContribute says:

        Honestly now, I wasn’t rooting for TN until I saw this article. Really Z, trying to make him look bad by making this “news.” Perhaps you don’t see it but I’m sure TN is having a good laugh about how you are blowing this out of proportion. You doesn’t seem to realize you are playing right into his hand.

        Also, making comments bad mouthing other’s countries are sure to make you unpopular. Looks like it really doesn’t take much to make you shoot yourself in the foot. totalfan is right, you really should think before you speak.

      • totalfan says:

        You abused your right of speach…so tn abused his coding skills…every thing is fair in love and war :p

    • mlc says:

      He has every right in the sense that he can write malicious software that you foolishly use, but he certainly doesn’t have any moral right to secretly delete someone’s data. You could maybe say “he has every right” if he publicly warned The Z not to use his work and that there would be dire consequences, but he wouldn’t do that because then people would guess that there was something malicious included. You’re probably just trolling, though, since no one would seriously think that this was morally acceptable.

    • acid_leak says:

      @Total fan
      you are an idiot

  17. Stanislav says:

    Good in imposuble!!

  18. Maxorq says:

    reminds me of m33 and ps3forums :/

  19. Fox says:

    lol this is obviously a joke

  20. mlc says:

    I can’t believe he would do that. Simply putting in a public taunt to The Z (or even one that only he would see) would accomplish the same thing, without being immoral or destroying people’s ability to trust TN’s future work. He really should say he made a big mistake and apologize, because secretly destroying someone’s files because of a grudge isn’t very nice – and, while it is terribly unlikely, putting in that code adds the tiny chance that a bug will cause TN to hurt random users instead of just the person he targeted.

  21. Yazeed says:

    What is the difference between TN-V & TN-X ?

    • warfaren says:

      TN-V is CFW for the PSP emulator of the Vita
      TN-X is CFW for the PS1 emulator of the Vita

  22. jhuebert95 says:

    Despite what everyone is saying, I’m gonna have to side with TN on this one. Every converstation between The Z and TN that I’ve seen is The Z bashing TN, and TN retaliating for what was said. He made sure that this only affecting the right people and honestly I think The Z had it coming :/ I still trust him regardless of what was done. That’s just my two cents anyway.

  23. god says:

    it doesn’t matter what you think – words are just words
    when words turn to action – that is fu&&ing wrong.

  24. Anon says:

    It seems like it’s a landmark in Vita hacking, I’d even say milestone.
    I mean, we’ve just witnessed the first virus/malware developed for Vita.

  25. agree0 says:

    TN seems to be the Apple company of the hacking world he makes innovating products, keeps everything closed source, and Hurts everyone around him by holing the community back with petty little things

  26. The QQ says:

    LMAOOOO you deserved it ***. You contribute nothing to this scene except making edgy articles with sarcastic and xenophobic comments.

    Next time use your brain before you provoke someone important in the scene.

  27. Shaggy says:

    If he can screw with someone’s PVita like this then why hasn’t it been 100% jailbroken yet? Do you not need complete access to the Vita to do this kind of stuff?

  28. SXFX says:

    If is true that The Z did a video with an Exploit from TN edited showing his name as author, I agree with TN action.


    TN is cooler Than The Zett
    TN is smarter than the Zett
    TN is a Scene DEV the Zett is nothing
    TN only harm the Zett
    TN is the Best
    TN has every right to keep his work closed source (because its his own work) and the Zett is crying about its not open source

    Make your own hacks The Zett you fat ugly leecher… dont use Master TNs work
    you deserved it whats happen because you always bashed TN and not doing somethimg on your own… so its your own fault

    • dragonkid6 says:

      How ignorant, critics are actually more famous than the people they criticize. See Ryan Seacrest, TMZ, Joe Rogan, Jimmy Fallan, Joan Rivers, etc.

    • I guess because you are slapping TN’s P3N1S in your face, you failed to notice such posts by AcidSnake saying that the work does not all belong to him and he is NOT the only one who has said such things either.

    • DJGodman says:

      Im back!!!!!!

  30. rodakk says:

    Really, I can not believe that I’m reading this. Wow… Just wow.
    So it looks like The Z will have to buy YET ANOTHER Vita which will never appear in any of his vids. Once again – that is so effin ridiculous.

  31. nebu_187 says:

    to all people critiscising the Z, its not because he doesnt develop that he doesnt contribute to the scene, he gives a lot of information to newbies just as myself and critiscism is nescesarry in order to improve
    He provides us with with all things necessarry for eCFW etc… . I have respect for TN and the Zett for their work, but personal issues are not resolved this way…

  32. Collie says:

    Bravo T-Noob! Well played sir. That awful, mess of a human being had it comming. Stand tall!

  33. hgtuang says:

    How could TN make that happen to only The Z ? PSN account/user name detection, any ideas?

  34. Internal says:

    Apart from Total_Noob not releasing the source for his work, which i totally agree on since hes the work who put the most effort it. Deleting the Z files a bit harsh no? Unless he actually threatened you or hurt you thats going a bit far.

  35. Greg says:

    I guess its TN’s software…. he can do what he wants with it?

  36. Gamer says:

    Moral of the story is. If you keep pushing someone, no matter who, they will push back.

    • lmao says:

      as a user, especially it’s a free stuff, don’t *** about it too much or the creator will stop releasing new stuff, or worse, retaliate at you.

  37. gunblade says:

    Cool. So I am getthing a new vita cool right. thought u guys be happy For me for sure.

  38. w00tguy123 says:

    I don’t know… I thought this was kind of funny.

    AFAIK ms0:\ is isolated in the PSP emulator. Nobody keeps sensitive files in there, right? I’m sorry you lost your mario world savestate.

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