Do you want to test the PS4 firmware 2.50 right now? – SKFU can grant you this wish!

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  1. b3l0kk says:

    keeping getting error NW-31456-9

  2. b3l0kk says:

    nm.. figured out the issue 😛

  3. Dean says:

    I’m dumb can someone please post a video tutorial

  4. john wick says:

    Lol so my system got bricked after doing this. Took it a good 5 hours though. Time to buy another new harddisk

  5. DjPelle says:

    Worked here in Germany without problems. Some nice features also the backup feature under system 😉

  6. Bravo says:

    My PS4 didn’t brick after installing 2.50, works normally.
    Suspend/resume works great, really impressed how quick it loads from rest mode into game!

  7. LGM says:

    I’m using vitapr0xy for mac, but its not working, any inputs?

    • Kayan says:

      I’ve been searching everywhere for months 🙁 didn’t find the mac v
      can you please upload it for me! i will be so thankful

  8. b3l0kk says:

    still not working.. it never shows up in my downloads. Tried this in safemode and from the dashboard

  9. b3l0kk says:

    all I get is the SU-35941-2 error this file cannot be used with the PS4

  10. Paul says:

    i cant even get the proxy to connect to my ps4

  11. paul says:

    I just get something about already having latest update.

  12. Army says:

    Will this get you banned?

  13. Army says:


  14. Steven says:

    US Only, tested and working.

    Download the ZIP

    Extract ZIP

    Run .exe

    Go to the tab HTTP(S) Rules

    Enter into Source

    Enter into Target

    Set up PS4 to connect to the Proxy by selecting Manual setup and proxy on. Connect with what it gives you on the bottom. For example, Proxy IP Port 8080.

    Start Proxy

    Test Connection

    Turn off PS4, NOT REST MODE!!!

    Enter safe mode by holding power on the system until you hear the second beep

    Go to Update PS4>Via Internet

    Let it “Install” the file and fail at the end

    Restart PS4 and sign into account and go into downloads, it should now be in the download queue.

    Let it download the file and prepare it for installation.

    Start the update, let it restart PS4, and enjoy your 2.50 beta ladies and gentleman.

    • Kyle says:

      If anyone is having problem follow these instructions. I could not figure it out then I read this and
      it worked thank you sooooo much!

    • Chris says:

      i really had trouble with this but it did eventually work. my solution i believe was when copy/pasting both
      “” into the “HTTP(S) Rules” tab. it left a “space” at the beginning of both fields and all i had to do was “Backspace” to get “http” to hit the very beginning text field.

      i think the space issue was causing me to keep getting the “Network error” on the PS4.
      but just to be safe i also opened the port 8080.

      hope this helps other users in the future.

  15. Dean says:

    Has this been fixed? I keep getting error NW-31456-9

  16. David says:

    Thats what I would like to know too, I don’t want to be banned lol

  17. Jhonn says:

    I tried using the proxy server and my ps4 is not letting me connect to the internet through the proxy. if someone can help me out i would really appreciate it

  18. Jhonn says:

    I tried using the proxy server and my ps4 is not letting me connect to the internet through the proxy.

  19. b3l0kk says:

    thats an issue I have been having , if I use the IP that the program is giving me it doesn’t work. If I change the Ip to something different in my range it works, but it never shows up in my downloads. What do you suggest I do to correct that problem ?

  20. b3l0kk says:

    I see the issue with the IP, it was pulling it from my vm. I disabled all the vm network adapters and use an IP I could use, but i am still having the same issue. I download it from safe mode, said this file cannot be used and then I restarted and nothing.

  21. Chris says:

    If you got PS+ then you should go to System -> Automatic Downloads and Uploads check the box that is responsible for firmware system downloads.

    Then download the file in PS4 system (NOT SAFE MODE). The download will not start and you will get an error. Turn of your PS4 and wait a while. Then go to your downloads and the update file should be downloading.

    • Rodrigo says:

      Thank you so much, I was searching for a way to work without to enter safemode and your method works perfectly

  22. AJdon78 says:

    I tried this, think I set it up correctly, but no dice.

    Won’t connect either directly or through Safe Mode. Just gives me error code “SU-30697-5”, which i can’t even find online.

    Anyone else seen and overcome this obstacle?

  23. Kyle says:

    It worked for me! Posted a video of it on YouTube.

  24. awesome says:

    Works like a charm!!! Had to change UK to US. DELETING 0% trophies games!!! YUPPI!! 😀

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