PS Vita: No more PSN access for eCFW users on firmwares ≤3.35?

The Zett

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  1. DarkDante says:

    If Sony put as much effort into the PS Vita (games, accessories, apps, etc…)as they did into blocking cfw’s then the Vita would have at least a fighting chance

    • Lucif3r says:

      Yeah, thats what most of us have been yelling for a few years now…
      But nope, blocking (e)CFW is the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD, according to sony…

  2. Sky Yuki says:

    Nope wrong oh wait i’m on 3.36 lol
    When did i update to that? idk

  3. Shammy92 says:

    Since I am currently on OFW 3.15 for the PS Vita, is there any point to even remain on this firmware. I’ve been holding back on updating. I do have a psp 3000 on 3.30 so I could always hack it later to play psp games. Any suggestion as to what you would do? Update it? Or keep it at this low firmware? I probably didn’t search hard enough to know that it was possible to access the PSN on a lower firmware.

  4. mangosteam says:

    wew is it a major ban hammer? or just the psp psn access?

    • The Z says:

      No bans, just a simple error code excluding you from using the PSN services, until you update your devices to 6.61/3.36.

  5. Paradox says:

    Man this suck I wanted to buy a PSP game on the store “Assassin Creed Blood Lines” Oh well. Anyway, Nice job TheZett

  6. gunblade says:

    bumers guess i got to get psp go an d a new vita in april.

  7. FreeMyVita says:

    Thanks for nothing Sony. Smart move discontinuing Apps and services to your customers. Thank goodness for OCMA! 143 M8

  8. mangosteam says:

    now i understand what u mean i cant seem to update any of my games anymore no more game patches for lower firmwares ,, luckyly i use ps vita tv to download my digital games and not ps3 i can update the game there before copying over to pc,, but how about adhocs is it affected?

  9. Darth Agnon says:

    Oh, well, who really needs PSN? You could just play ISOs. I used to use PSN occasionally, back in the day, before I knew about PSP hacking, then I hacked mine, and have only used it a little (mainly when things go wrong involving a couple of legit EBOOT games I own, and the MHFU demo, for sentimental value) since. A lot of what I own, I don’t own, if that makes sense 😉 (cue Pirates of the Caribbean theme). Mostly ISOs… sorry, $0ney, though I have sorta payed for them via the overblown prices I payed for those EBOOTs that weren’t free offers…

  10. Sam says:

    I might be missing a trick here, but what’s wrong with spoofing 6.61 when inside TN-V?

    • The Z says:

      Due to updated internet modules on the firmware 6.61, a simple spoof just wont do it.

      And simply replacing the files with the 6.61 files will result in freezes.

  11. RaZiel says:

    Spoofing doesn’t work as Sony has changed the way all systems connect to PSN. It can’t make the proper authentication with a simple spoof like back in the days. It has effected PS3 users with CFW below 4.66 as well.

  12. Rudy says:

    Zoinks… Right when I pick up a vita.
    Well i’ll be keeping an eye out for the next exploit.

  13. King Raaa says:

    Back in the day with PSP’s we did something with version.txt to fake firmware. Would this not work in the eCFW?

    • The Z says:

      A simply FW spoofer wont work, since Sony has changed something major that prevents the PSP (<6.61), PS Vita (<3.36), PS3 (<4.66) or PS4 (<?.??) from successfully connecting to the PSN store.

  14. Broose says:

    So………SONY just blocked half of vita users of going to the PSN. AWESOME, JUST AWSOME ¬_¬

  15. rodakk says:

    You know what… *** it. I still have my old PSP (which is now dirt cheap). After considering what I do on my Vita – I think I’m done with fiddling with exploits.

  16. shapeshifter says:

    sigh why do tech companies try to be such dictators
    give the users some freedom

  17. Chiken says:

    so chould i stay on 3.35 or update?

  18. Super Soup says:

    Wait, I’m on TN-V 11 6.60 and it won’t let me setup my PSN account… It sounds like this isn’t supposed to affect my version, right?

    • Super Soup says:

      Oh, nevermind. I thought it meant PSP firmwares under 3.35 couldn’t access it anymore, it means Vita firmware…

  19. Super Soup says:

    Is there a good chance of this being fixed in a Vita eCFW? I’d like to play Phantasy Star Portable 2 online with my Vita, but It seems to me like PSN access from PSP would be pretty much useless to most people, and therefore a fix will never be made. I don’t want to sound impatient, I would just like to know if it’s likely.

    • Fallenleader says:

      for you and others to follow:

      Can it be fixed? Yes.

      How? TN has to re-code it to work with 6.61 rather than 6.60.

      Will it be fixed? Unlikely. Pester TN for a fix, or get a PSP and run 6.61 CFW. After the recent unauthorized release of TN-V11 TN will unlikely update it for compatibility.

      He has a history of being a jerk in general and the only reason we woud have seen TN-V on 3.36+ is because he wanted to insult Qwikrazer’s 3.50 release since many users couldn’t figure out how to use it (mainly the fact they are too lazy to read or attempt to figure things out).
      TN-V is great software. It is a fresh breath to a neglected Vita. I personally enjoy the nostalgia of the PSP, and having it on my PSTV is even better. TN does have skill in this regard. Fixing it for 6.61 compatibility wouldn’t take too much effort. Unfortunately, we are talking about a guy who wrote his PS1 exploit with malicious code to nail The_Zett simply because he hated The Z. Don’t get your hopes up. Even if he did update it, I wouldn’t be surprised if he adds malicious code against Qwik, Zett, or anyone else on his $&!+ list.

  20. Yatto says:

    Hi ! I’m currently on 3.36 with a Numblast Exploit (running ARK-2, I don’t like TN-V). Is there any way to access to the PSN so I can buy & download Vita games ? That’s what I understood from this article. I saw the Airplane Mode Trick, but It didn’t work for me (dunno if it has been fixed, the article was quite old).
    Thanks !