Release: CapusbPSP by 172310


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  1. qwikrazor87 says:


    • qwikrazor87 says:

      (just making sure I don’t get “moderated” in the above post as I usually do).
      hmm, I wonder how this project will hold up on 3.30+ since the majority of the usb functions were dummied and one of the modules were removed (usbpspcm_2.prx).

      • The Z says:

        It still has to work, otherwise the Vita was capable of using PSP games that connect to a PS2/3 via USB, but not isnt anymore.

        • dark_dex says:

          what? and by chance if ran from inside the vitas psp emulator could you find a way to reverse it and send things into the vita via this method.

  2. lollypop says:

    cant u emulate a psp’s usb connection to work over wifi.
    so that then u could run psp usb over wifi on psvita ?

    • The Z says:

      >usb over wifi

      You know that USB is wired and Wifi is wireless?

      • MBA says:

        not the same person, but it’s not always that you have wi-fi available, also lag free, so yeah, having the option to connect to the internet via usb may be niche, but it’s not unreasonable..

      • noname120 says:

        That could actually be possible, using a server on the computer, and a virtual device.
        However, USB protocol is designed to work without lag, so it would be unlikely to work. (Wifi has a higher lag.)

      • Hakumen says:

        >using may may arrows on wololo
        jokes on you zett

  3. lolzoar says:

    Sorry for the stupid question but what exactly is this homebrew capable of?

  4. shapeshifter says:

    any chance of USB OTG support?
    I mean the psp camera anyways needed the port so its well powered etc and perfectly possible