PS4 Jailbreak: the status in 2015

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  1. I am sure The_Zett will have plenty to say about people using the word ‘jailbreak’ for something like hacking a console.

    • Tail870 says:

      Jailbreak is for iOS. iOS devices is ***.

    • warfaren says:

      Yeah, except there was actually a USB dongle for the PS3 called PSJailbreak, so it’s not only ever been used with iOS devices…

      Just try to see the word for what it is. Your device is in jail, and so you break the device out of that jail, so that you can use it any way you want to.

  2. Dmaskell92 says:

    I’ll keep my PC. Sony restricts their consoles so hard with DRM I just make homebrew on PC. If nobody bought their consoles they would be scewed.

  3. Vitapirate says:

    I like the term steal games and pirating is cool.

  4. You should Quit says:

    I’ve stopped reading the moment I read: Jailbreak.

  5. Jailbaitbreak says:

    3 words: never…..gonna……..happen.

    • You should Quit says:

      I hope at the very least, that the hackers keep their Xploit untill FW 5x.

      Let the Database increase and then release the target to as many people as possible.

    • Vxgjhf says:

      They said the same about the ps3 and pap when having work began

  6. ”(this includes a popular PS3 scene site that was recently sold by its original owners…).”

    Yeah that scene site was once great, but the got rid of that awesome *** hole GregoryRasputin and now the place has decayed into a pit of something that rhymes with spit, with stupid news writers and moronic staff members, it is only going to get worse from there.

    Via La Revolution…

    • trevor says:

      so who might you be? get a job, kid

    • Acid_Snake says:

      I believe the word you were looking for is “viva” not “via”. And it is extremely strange that a person with revolutionary and socialist ideals uses the nickname “Gregory Rasputin”. Are you aware that Rasputin was on the opposite side of the Russian revolution? That’s like being a fascist and calling yourself Joseph Stalin.

      • After all this time and you still have never seen an image of me ? :p
        Rasputin could hardly have been at the opposite of the revolution, when he was murdered several years before it happened, that’s like saying Genghis Khan was a PSP hacker.

        And yeah, i typo’d ‘viva’, i typo quite a lot and it had nothing to do with the Russian revolution

        • Acid_Snake says:

          Rasputin was one of the closest friends of the Tzar’s family, so close he had an affair with the Tzar’s wife, tell me how that’s not being on the opposite side of the Russian revolutionaries? It doesn’t matter if he was alive by the time of the revolution or not, he was a close friend to communist opposition. Stop being a smartass, that attitude is what’s gained you so much hatred.
          Go back to ALL of your posts and see for yourself, they are all about you criticizing this or calling that other person out. We get it you used to be a blogger and you have your share of knowledge (most of them are pretty normal knowledge, nothing out of the ordinary) but that doesn’t grant you permission to put down every blogger in this site. Being humble and down to earth is free, being a smartass and an *** gets you nowhere.

          • lol i was not ‘downing’ every blogger on the site.
            Nor was i being a smart ***, seems you are being one though, i was stating fact, you just got upset because you were embarrassed because i called you on your dumb comment.

            Instead of being a c*nt to me, for no reason, why don’t you go back to leaking stuff that doesn’t belong to you and pretending you are doing anything to natively hack the PS Vita

          • gunblade says:

            calm down guys. his name word play by the way. dude i only watch the disney movie.

  7. YNA says:

    What exactly is the goal of hacking the PS4? It seems the only thing leads to pirating games. Hombrew are just programs which can be made on a computer much more easily and probably run better without having to rework it for ps4. Fail0verflow hacked the wiiU like 2 years ago as he did the original wii, but never released it saying there was no point in the modern era with people’s computers and tablets doing home made programs just fine, and that the only thing left is for piracy. Since wololo always says that’s the last thing they want, why hack the PS4?

    • fail0verflow is a group, not a person…

    • Zik says:

      I, for one, would love to see a hacked ps4, because it would mean better video support as well as other type of supports that Sony might be taking ages to implement.

      But, if Sony’s history has gone according to the same timeline as PS3, it’ll be several years before it fully hacked, since they’ve learned their mistake and took care to ensure that the “keys” has not been leaked.

  8. Stanislav says:

    Good very very Good!!

  9. macoman says:

    my question is,what happening with the ps vita behind scene?what happen with cfw,hombrews,etc
    update or not update?is not a confuse,are the question,but need answers.

  10. macoman says:

    i need to be quiet with the status nowaday

  11. dark_dex says:

    With all do respect and no harm ment but can we please stay on actual news and updates? These kind of post are second to useless to even a basic user looking for a peak of hope. This is a forum site not a blog.

  12. APRON-MAN says:

    Good to hear that people are working on the current gen systems, i wonder whats been going down with the Xbox one.

  13. SXFX says:

    SKFU is a scam like mrmusclejailbreak. He is just yet another noob, that scam other persons with photoshop ***!

  14. trololo says:

    *** lol

  15. CPUzX says:

    This article is news to me. I found it helpful. Can you kids stop bashing on the “bloggers” here. They do a fine job. There is no need to complain to wololo about RECEIVING CONTENT from the wololo, or anyone else. No one on this site owes some ignorant “end user” anything, so keep that in mind, and shut it.

  16. bullshiter says:

    Stopped reading after jailbreak and all I see is jailbreak

  17. Zik says:

    good to see this. now i can use this to educate n00bs who keep claiming that there is a ps4 hacks or that there are other methods.

    Beside, it not that hard to make a PS4 GUI for ps3 and fool people into thinking it was the PS4 that has been hacked.

  18. meysam25 says:

    ps4 game is so expensice hackers should punish sony for this expensice price and hack ps4 for good

  19. look at all you says:

    What is up with all of you? To those writing with zero idea you should just keep that idea to yourself or to the wall in front of you. The scene of exploiting the ps4 is not lost in vain at all. This is more like a hobby to the people involved more than it is something taken seriously.

  20. Michel says:


    This exploit seems to be compatible with the webkit version of the update PS4.

    Does someone with a PS4 (whatever the version) can test this ?

    Crashs it the webkit process ?

    Thx !

  21. gunblade says:

    cool. article last time i look at the ps4 the setup seemed pretty trait forward.

  22. DQEight says:

    I just wish another exploit would be found for PS3 besides having to downgrade or use an ODDE. I miss installing all my disc games and just playing without having to put them in. Also miss PS3 Linux

  23. Takezo says:

    Yes, it is appropriate to use “Jailbreaking” for PS4. Because PS4 use a “jail” protection to avoid hacking.
    To sum up this article, the next step is to find a kernel exploit.

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