Upcoming Playstation 4 Firmware 2.50 – Its changes and new features!

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  1. Wrozen says:


  2. NakedFaerie says:

    It’s just typical isn’t it. They ignore everyone asking for features and add some other features that are not wanted or needed that nobody asked for.
    I do like the suspend current app on sleep and restore when you turn on again but it’s still no DLNA playback which I guess is on the top of everyone’s wish list.

  3. Reprep says:

    PS4 supports local MP3 playback via USB. DLNA still hasn’t arrived though.

  4. Ziken says:

    O_o wow…more useless features…and i don’t like suspended application, but it niffy when i have to temporary shut it down when i have to leave and not want to worry about starting it up when i come back

  5. Magnus says:

    “The 90s called and wanted to features back”lol

  6. Magnus says:

    Seriously though, my wife will enjoy this feature she left the PS four on so she could continue in Lego marvel superheroes

  7. Raziel says:

    i am just done with sony after they banned my PS4, PS3 and Vita in one shot i dont want to deal with them anymore

      • Frank weller says:

        They never ban without warning. You either have a cfw PS3 or you *** someone off by calling them racial slurs. They send an email warning, so you did something bad.

    • Anon says:

      It’s an account ban, right? I can’t imagine how would one manage to get 3 console bans simultaneously. Did you call them? What did they say?

      Go physical-only (preferably used if you don’t want to pay them a single cent anymore).

      • Raziel says:

        account plus system banned. sony said i was modding and exploding on the PS4

        • Alaster says:

          Well, were you?… Wait, on PS4?! Did you mess with your PS4 – butthere is no hacking for PS4 yet, is there?. also, exploding = exploiting?

          • Raziel says:

            sorry for the bad spelling error. but yes that what sony told me and i even said there is ZERO hacks for the system. they even said its not your account anymore its gone.

  8. erwgzwertgw says:

    boooring,no stability improvement

  9. Casavult says:

    “It does neither offer DLNA, nor does it offer local MP3 playback. Sorry, then 90s called and wanted their features back. How sad. But who wants those lame features[…]”

    Z, do you actually own a PS4? If you actually searched the web you would see millions upon millions of pages of people asking for this as well as video, photo and music playback via internal or external HDD. Heck, even having external HDD support would be a good start…. It’s good to see they are doing something with Rest Mode and button assignment (whatever this does) but Sony are seriously slacking. Sony = quick to promote their products to potential customers but are in a snail race when it comes to actually listening to customers…

    • wololo says:

      Your sarcasm detector is turned off it seems

    • zorak_torok says:

      I’d say they had some kind of deal with plex, hulu, netflix amazon… someone at this point. Sony hears people… sees this site and most intresting threads. For whatever reason it is that we do not have these functions, it is behind closed doors. Mabey video unlimited is yeilding profits and as that is rare these days, its too crucial to stay in the green during cooperate meetings. Point is, I gave up on this. If it happens eventually, great…. but it obviously wont come when we want.

  10. nope says:

    I’m still waiting for the day you can change what the effing power button does… Change it from put console to sleep to actually do what a power buttons supposed to do and turn it off…

  11. Alaster says:

    I am sorry to NOT burst your bubble but SONY has ceased to invest in consumers’ needs, wants, pleasure or productivity while trying to persuade the consumers that need only those cheap stuff they offer. Common sense is also absent from their Feature List too 😛 However, in the end, the buyers are the only ones left to get the blame because they keep supporting SONY while the company shamelessly keeps on staying cheap, dysfunctional and minimal in its products.

  12. Schwing says:

    Well, no one asked for it, but the suspend app was just one of the features that was promised and never delivered. I can’t remember if it was during the E3 or before, but I’m glad they finally remembered the PS4 was supposed to do that.

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