What does the latest 3DS firmware update really do?


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  1. Jiro says:

    The Pokemon Shuffle exploit is worse for Nintendo than even Sky3DS because it results in an immediate loss of profit. At least someone who pirates a dozen games probably wouldn’t have bought them all, but each use of the Pokemon Shuffle exploit means Nintendo makes less money, on a one for one basis.

    • Hmmm says:

      So pirating games is maybe ok since you would not buy them anyway (arguably) — but using the pokemoon shuffle hack is worse than rom piracy because everyone who uses it would have paid the microtransactions? (I doubt that…)

    • lmao says:

      i’m an anti-nintendo so that’s good to hear :p

  2. ed says:

    is the browser exploit to load other gbc roms thru gbc vc still working, or was that removed as well (don’t know if it’s the same deal as the pokemon exploit)

  3. digitalkid56 says:

    How do you manually update firmware to 9.5.0-22? I just picked up my NEW 3DS, it’s on 9.0.0-20U.. Can’t access the Nintendo Store 🙁

    • deSSy2724 says:

      Why do you want to update the firmware? New games dont require you to use the latest firmware as far as I know. Gateway flashcard is blocked on 9.3 – 9.5 sysNAND firmware, only Sky3DS works with all firmwares.

      BTW where do you live?

      • duh says:

        Why? I believe if you read his comment he explains why he wants to update.

        As for how: Open settings, go to ‘other settings’ and choose ‘system update.’.

      • digitalkid56 says:

        U.S., picked it up from Best Buy online (assuming this was your next question..)

        Well its kind moot at this point, I just upgraded to 9.5.0-23, I was just curious if there was a way to MANUALLY update to a specific software version (without having to go all the way to 9.5.0-22), and yes it was in my comment, I just needed to access the Nintendo eShop, but didn’t necessarily want to block all the web exploits..

        I weighed it out, and only needed the sky3ds to work, and at this point i don’t really care about regionthree or any other web exploits.. not to say that might not change in the future, but for now.. I’m good

  4. zorak_torok says:

    I just bought a “new” 3DS two days ago…. havnt had a 3ds since paper mario came out, so Im way, way, way out of date. Offhand, anything working on these new models?

  5. cheeyee09 says:

    The webkit exploit although allows homebrew, it is also a security risk. You might visit a website which uses the exploit to do something in the background without you knowing it. They can steal your personal info or hardware info/keys etc. I think it was important to patch it.

  6. lmao says:

    because nintendo is too stupiid to patch their system.

  7. Ashton says:

    “It is really saddening that Nintendo targets RegionThree and web based exploits while doing nothing major to block flashcarts.”

    Seriously ? I’d say cheating is more of an issue than flashcards.

    • Reprep says:

      I am not saying they shouldn’t block these. Of course it will be a cat-and-mouse game. But it really irritates me that the piracy only flashcart isn’t blocked for several new firmwares and the legitimate use only RegionThree is blocked.

  8. lollypop says:

    i figured it out what my last thought did.
    a possible way into a psvita exploit or running software would be at …
    first making a backup with cma manager via wifi from vita to ps3
    (full backup not just a game)
    then backup the ps3 to a usb hdd
    then on a pc trying to write tools to acces the psvita backup inside the ps3 backup.
    then im prolly clueless
    iwas just thing LOUD lol

  9. notarobot says:

    If I am on ver. 9.5.0-22U I should still be able to use the GB hack, and Region hack right? Because I am having troubles getting the GB hack to work, I have Metroid II, and have downloaded the hack to the root of SD card, and put Pokemon red, titled as rom.gb to the root as well. I open the game, go to web browser, it loads with a black screen errors out of webbrowser, and when I reset game, it just resets to metroid II again.

    Anyone know what I am doing wrong?