It’s the PS Vita’s 3rd birthday, and Sony have an awesome sale for gamers across all consoles!


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. second says:

    everyone buying stuff from psnstore
    and here i am

    commenting first

  2. Casavult says:

    The only thing that interested me was the Back To The Future telltale game… Lol.

  3. WelcometoAmericaWOLOLO says:

    The sale for the euro psn is ok but man the usa psn got better pricing even though the gamelist on the euro psn seems to be favored more. I myself had to take action on the ultra street fighter sale as a psn plus member as welll as outlast and persona which is as best as you can get until the end of the year which will probably cost next to nothing. Suggest buying PSN cards from www, for a better outcome you will be left with left over credit. depending on the amount you cabrons are wanting.

    • Thrawn says:

      Its always that way. The US psn store HAS ALWAYS the better deals or lower prices, ALWAYS.
      We Europeans just have to wait that the € falls more down to the level of the us $ or even lower.
      Then they can’t change the prices further up again, because we are already paying more then all other areas.

  4. meysam25 says:

    i need free game :((

  5. PS Xita says:

    wooooOoowhhwoo , i buy halo for the ps vita , amazing guys.

  6. Lucif3r says:

    Nothing of interest for me :/

  7. dkekd says:

    Dkll fleo the bofdom

  8. NastyTony says:

    Hello, I am nasty Tony

  9. Brian Witzberger says:

    Hi nasty I’m shittsberger!®

  10. Lafleche says:

    Well…. almost all psvita games are now on sale and because it is not going to be more in the foreseeable future now it is the time to make you ps vita collection complete (what a waste of a great console…. sooooo angry )

  11. Anon says:

    Is God of War Collection really Cross-Buy as its Store pages (Vita and PS3) claim? The Vita version is indeed discounted but its PS3 counterpart isn’t…
    Can anyone confirm/deny that buying Vita version during this sale will give you both PS3 and Vita versions?