Hatsune Miku: Project Diva extend TN-C/ARK-2 eCFW exploit files for firmware 3.36 released!

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  1. dbzgts says:

    Good to hear that… btw, happy chinese new year for those who celebrate it

  2. helpp says:

    Is it the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd That has An exploit or it has been removed from the PSN?

  3. chibiwings says:

    I missed it.

  4. booba816 says:

    FIRST 😀

  5. Marco says:

    How i get TN-C on a vita with 3.36 VHBL and Ark2

  6. Todd says:

    can you download this game run it in ark 2 from numblast and activate tn-c in the game from there?

  7. wut says:

    Is TN-C the same thing as TN-V?

  8. n00b81 says:

    Mirror for the links… and a little bit faster to start downloading them. http://tn-miku.gq

  9. k3nn says:

    will it work even if i have the game on a vita card and not downloaded from PSN?

  10. k3nn says:

    sorry my bad, the first hatsune miku on psp and it’s a psp game….i probably should eat my breakfast first before going to wololo every time i wake up 😀

  11. cyberm says:

    does TN-C work in the former 3.36 exploits?

  12. Yami says:

    Is it worth updating to this for TN-V or stay on 3.18?

  13. klopka says:

    Zett when we expect ps1 loader ?

  14. Bob Ross says:

    So is TN-V ever going to get updated to a higher firmware or what???

  15. mangosteam says:

    Is there such a thing like inside a bubble game is an exploit game?? tnv or ark its possible right?

  16. Sagara says:

    this game only in japan reg ?

  17. lol says:

    Guys, I’ve been lost for a year, my slim is still on 3.12, will this exploit work? 3.18 or any hoo

  18. sakura says:

    quem add sakuravt tenho minecraft

  19. Geoffrey Silutongwe says:

    I have a psvita i want to hack, following your step by step guide I have one obstacle, and this a region issue, Iam in a country (Zambia) where i can not purchase exploit game for psvita, please help is there a free exploit game from playstation store or is there any other solution?
    looking forward to a great solution.

  20. Geoffrey Silutongwe says:

    And currently running 3.36 official firmware