How to: Improve TV picture quality with PS4 (by dimen363)


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  1. bubbles says:

    First. Tnx

  2. Jgr9 says:

    On older Samsungs, do not set it to PC. You can’t set your sharpness and other settings if you do and it’ll be fuzzy. Set it to GAME.

    • Jay Clay Z says:

      OMG! thane very much for this tutorial, the picture quality improve a lot, I don’t want to exaggerate things but it looks like a game pc monitor now.

  3. PeAcE says:

    That’s exactly my TV settings (Samsung) and played around with too or knew about RGB Full from PS3, but it makes a difference if supported black levels, etc. yeah. I actually prefer colour temp Cool, as did before Samsung TV or flesh tone right down on these ^ its up to preference. If you set it to Movie, then you can alter settings better and stop the backlight from changing in different areas of gaming, it got really annoying and only Movie will and set all the same as had (Not sure if different firmware/model but looks the same and can update via usb, etc.) Supports 60fps also and have good Hz. This though is why some argue the Xbox One vibrancy is better I think, but PS3/4 can be washed out standard set.

    • PeAcE says:

      Cool can give a better colour tone like if you look at PS4 background menu as do from RGB Full change.

      • dimen363 says:

        I think that depends on a few things:
        1.Your TV set
        2. TV environment
        3. What kind of device screens you are used to.
        Personally i am used at looking at my PC screen all of the time, and without any configuration colors on my tv look way too saturated and the picture itself seems kind of low-res despite having a 1080p TV.

        • PeAcE says:

          Yeah, depends, but I also put RGB range full on PC using AMD catalyst and Intel, etc. likely do the same if that’s what operate. (Like PS4 you will notice the switch and can be saturated, but if both set the same for each then its better without changing again) Did you change resolution output on PC to 1080p? Although as said, for some reason the Movie set output stops the backlight from changing in different environments and just change as how liked, I’ve taken screenshots of all settings. lol

          • PeAcE says:

            Well, the Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr output.

          • PeAcE says:

            Some would call it OCD, but it pays to be extra fussy in that sense to improve and many have just as is, yes. lol I think it draws the line of argument over PS4/XB1 because you can notice with video comparisons and what capture card receives like with RGB range, etc. not full but depends on TV.

  4. Danny says:

    Does it work for ps tv also or ps vita?


  5. Oli says:

    I have a Samsung 60″ hd tv for gaming and had read guides like this before to get the colours just right. One thing I never knew, was if my tv supported “full” or “limited” ranges. Now I know how to check! Thanks.

  6. annoyed Grunt says:

    these tutorials get dumber and dumber every time, next it will be a tutorial on “How to Turn Your Vita on”

  7. FoxSevent says:

    What if i have my PS4 connected to a PC monitor with HDMI capabilities?

    • dimen363 says:

      Depending on your monitor. Monitors are generally much easier to configure since they are designed to show picture from a pc “as is”. On my hdmi capable monitor i just had to match hdmi black levels with ones in ps4 settings.

      • FoxSevent says:

        Well my monitor has a Low and High level of Black.
        My PS4 is set to RGB – FULL and Deep Colour Enabled.

  8. FoxSevent says:


    Deep Colour Automatic.
    RGB Full
    YBR (White HDMI)- On

  9. Ricky D says:

    Here’s my tutorial submission.

    1) buy a piece of electronics.
    2) open the manual
    3) read the manual
    4) profit

    Do I win?

  10. Blackbox może mieć wpływ na tanie ubezpieczenia mieszkaniowe ubezpieczenie samochodu w UK, polityka blackboxa
    jest prosta, nagradza dobrych kierowców.

  11. Ayham says:

    Thank u big big much man! I was hating my TV with my PS4 and now I’m loving it!!!! Saved me from buying a new TV

  12. Daniel says:

    How do i know whether or not to set deep color output to automatic or off. I dont know if my tv supports it. There arent any settings for it in the tvs menus. I know that my tv only supports limited rgb range so does that mean it probably doesn’t support deep color? When i change it back and forth nothing seems to happen

  13. Zain says:

    Wow, amazing. It worked! THANKS VERY MUCH!

  14. Brittani says:

    Someone said it won’t work for older Samsung models.. How old is old? I bought mine in 2012 model UN46EH5300 I have tried so many diff settings and been looking endlessly online for advice on what settings to change and at this point my brain is fried does no one have this model of TV. Maybe I should just throw it off a cliff.. Lol

  15. Salah says:

    Will It work on LG tvs???

  16. Mike says:

    Hi could you tell me the best calibration settings I have the exact same tv you have UE32H5000

  17. Andrew says:

    WHY in the holy heck would you enable PC mode on your samsung TV when using a PS4 console ??
    When you do that , you cannot change the color setting on the tv anymore. The PC mode is only good if your TV is connected to your PC via HDMI cable….

  18. John says:

    Works great on my LG!

  19. Jesse says:

    This is why I got an LG LED HDTV because you can change the colors or sharpness in PC mode you can’t do so with a Samsung. I knew this because I had a Samsung HDTV a few years ago and it sucked. LG FTW!

  20. Carlos C. says:

    Hi! Thank you for your article! I just bought recently a samsung smart tv (J6200 series) for my ps4 and i have been trying to find the best possible calibration, since i’m not at all please with the “game mode” offered by the tv! What i usually do is, when playing online fast paced games, like FIFA, i turn game mode on, when playing an offline game, like fallout 4, i turned it off and go with the “movie” settings. But i’m not at all pleased with this solution, i would rather find a solution that serves both parties.
    Since i’m reading your article at work, i haven’t yet got the possibility of trying your suggested settings on my tv, but what i’ve wanted to ask you is what are the advantages of using the settings you suggested versus using the “game mode” setting” or “movie” setting.

    Tank you!

  21. Herman says:

    Strange, it looks like my picture is worse when i put it on PC mode? I have a Samsung ue42f5000.

    • Tim says:

      Herman I did settings. First i turn that eco setting off. It makes ur tv less bright. When I bought my tv most reviewers said to turn the eco setting off on your Samsung. Secondly you have put your RGB to full screen and black levels to normal as mentioned. I did this plus turned off the eco setting and picture looks great. I also had some Ir issues so I went to 16:9 adjusted ps4 for screen width to keep pixel setting on avoid IR. If you do screen fit on your Sammy TV. All pixel shift IR settings are OFF.

      • Herman says:

        I did set everything like in the tuturial but it didn’t work. The picture is much fuzzier in PC mode. My best settings are in limited range and in game mode. Sharpness almost entirely toned down. I just don’t understand why it doesn’t work on my Samsung……..

  22. Joel says:

    GREAT GREAT TUTORIAL THANK YOU! When I set RGB settings to full it was like a new TV!!! Thank you!

  23. ZombieDog says:

    Hey dude. Do you know how to calibrate a sony bravia tv? My tv model is KLV-40R352C my only complain is that when i play diablo 3 it lags like *** even just walking around not fighting big packs of mobs. I really dont know whats going on i mean come on i have an awesome tv and im sure of it. Maybe the gamedisc i dont know.

  24. JM says:

    I bought last week my new brand 4K 48” Samsung UE48JU7000 and I got a bit frustrated when I connected my ps4 and played Assassin Creed Unity. It seemed to me that the picture quality was worse than in my previous Philips Full HD TV and it was indeed!
    Till yesterday when I followed the steps above and now … yes, it works perfectly.

    My only question would be why then Samsung (I selected the “PC” name to the HDMI port where the PS4 is connected to) also include a “Game” name that can be associated to the HDMI port where you connect your PS4? I haven’t tried it since yesterday with the indications above worked perfectly but I wonder why “Game” should not work at least as well as “PC”.

  25. KS says:

    I’ve a Samsung 40 inch c650 for around 10 years. Ps4 generally looked washed out and I didn’t bother calibrating it (I was thinking it was normal lol) until I’ve upgraded my pc and playing some recent games (rise of the tomb raider, cod black ops 3 etc.) My standard 60hz fhd led monitor was far more better than my TV playing witcher 3 on both. Than I calibrated ps4 and the TV and now it’s like crystal clear. Using full rgb normal hdmi black level big change! But like many others mentioned changing input name to PC made a fuzzy picture. Using the input name GAME enabled me to use sharpness color etc.

    Thanks for this simple but extremely useful guide!

  26. The MaD mC says:

    Hey Wololo – would like to just say a BIG THANKS for this link & help because I was just about to rebox my TV and send it back lol – I’ve only had my new Samsung a few days but everytime a loading screen came on with very little on the screen, everything went dim. I thought I’d tried everything but it was the little tools bit on the hdmi and changing to PC that I hadnt done and now everything looks superb. Thanking You again and may all be well & healthy with you & yours and remember – “Always Smile, Never Frown & Don’t Let The A***holes Wear You Down”

  27. Gamero Uno says:

    BEWARE! These “PC” settings are for INTERLACED signal from five cinch cables used by analog HD signal. Thus the “Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Range” settings mentioned by author of this article. For PROGRESSIVE signal, use “DVI PC” settings, especially when using HDMI cable, which, by nature, is a derivative of DVI cable. Only then you will get rock-solid, pixel-for-pixel TV-output image. I tested both methods all day long yesterday, and ultimately settled upon “DVI PC” settings with all its associated post-processing “off” tweaks. Enjoy! 🙂

    • The says:

      Thanks for the info. I’ve noticed a difference using DVI PC and it all looks slightly more vibrant in the process. Thanking you for the info – woop woop

    • fILIP says:

      Gamero Uno, what TV were you using when you figured that out ?

      Also, I assume I should use “DVI PC” input (why did you say settings?) because my PS4 is connected with a HDMI cable, right?

  28. Paul Borkman says:

    Issue I have an led insignia hd tv, I don’t have the option for the hdmi black level, what settings should I put to get the best video quality for the ps4??? Any tips would be helpful thanks

    • Gamero Uno says:

      Download the new Playstation4 OS 4.0 which has built-in controls over blackness and deepness of colours. Albeit these can only be set to either “automatic” or “off.” They can be found in: Settings –> Display and Sound. Insignia-branded TV-sets are cheap, perhaps that’s why some of the finer options are omitted, compared to Samsung’s flagship TV-sets. Any good 46″++ flat screen will cost no less than thee quarters of a thousand dollars. Perhaps this link will help you more:

  29. Digipal says:

    Thanks a lot for this walkthrough/tutorial mate.
    Was completely lost on how to fix the quality of my new tv and was looking at up to 3 videos/sites to help me.
    You told it more simplie and faster than the others. Really apresiate it.

  30. Jordi says:

    wow this helped a lot. keep up the fine work!

  31. Mark Jenner says:

    Anyone have decent setting for PES 2017 on PS4 Pro for a KS8000 Samsung tv? I currently use Sports mode as game mode looks washed out and get lots of odd changes to the look of the ball at various times, particularly replays. Any help I will be grateful

    • Gamero Uno says:

      Well, don’t use the Sports mode. It’s intended for broadcasted sports, not for videogame sports. For any Samsung TV use the settings I described above, and the settings described at the top of this thread by its author.

  32. style_chaos11 says:

    You make my day…thnx!!!

  33. Nathan says:

    The only problem with this tutorial is that for me when I put my input to PC I’m then unable to turn game mode off or on, It’s automatically set to off if input is set to PC and can’t be changed. Having game mode off might make the picture look slightly better but it creates lag, makes it impossible to play competitive games. The other settings still look good though when game is set as the input

    • Filip says:

      Renaming the HDMI input to PC already lowers input lag as much as possible, and it’s better than game mode.