Unstoppable: Qwikrazor releases Hot Brain exploit + ARK for PS Vita Firmware 3.36!

The Zett

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  1. ultimatex says:

    First haha

  2. Mr. MaGoo says:

    Is that possibly another game on there for the list?…

  3. Donquixote Doflamingo says:

    Very big effort from Qwik ! Would love to smash that DONATE BUTTON !!!

  4. perfig187@hotmail.com says:

    hey… dont tempt me! Im still on 3.18 with tn-v ;_;

  5. JR says:

    I will get another vita today for this new hack! You guys rokk!

    Remember to donate kids! 😉

  6. seiba says:

    So what is this base game that needed for arcade darts exploit?

    any psp game or certain games?


    • The Z says:

      Any full PSP game that IS NOT a minis and IS NOT a 3.18 exploit game.

      So the ApeQuest demo or UNO would be working base games.

      • seiba says:

        My smallest psp game is everyday shooter can i use that?

        also what is the function of this base game?

        I thought i only need to copy the save game and load in the arcade darts to start the exploit?


    • Wrozen says:

      Seiba, if you have a U.S. PSN account then Pool Hall Pro and any of the Hot Shots Shorties are good base games. They are small in size and quite cheap

      • seiba says:

        so something like hot shots golf open tee or megaman maverick hunter can?

        I only has 8 gb Memory, so the smaller the better XD

    • phant0mg33k says:

      That or pick up a copy of super collapse it is smaller than uno by I think 2MB.

  7. Lucas Soares says:

    I wish to see an exploit for mini squadron or games available in South America because i dont want to format my psvita to use my US psn account.

    • The Z says:

      Should’ve bought Numblast. That one was world wide.

      • Lucas Soares says:

        When the exploit for numblast was released ive searched for the title on psn and nothing was found. The only exploit game available on my region is monster freedom unite but i dont think its going to work on 3.36.

  8. Kokumotsu says:

    great work qwik, now i just need to wait for the restriction on pspfiler to be removed. i forgot to change PSP2 back, didnt back up anything and had to get this exploit.
    so now im stuck with psp2 and psp until then.
    imma just transfer everything from PSP2 to PSP and see if i can remove PSP2. other than that

    MAN you work fast

    • Wrozen says:

      Get a 3.36 exploit and make a VHBL bubble and open pspfiler through VHBL and rename PSP2 back to PSP and name the newer PSP folder to anything else and then delete everything inside it. you cant delete the folders but you can delete the files inside them. Once you have your ORIGINAL PSP FOLDER back and everything in the one you dont want deleted then close VHBL and rebuild the database.
      Believe me, i have messed up the file renaming trick about 8 times. this fix to get everything back the way you had it, worked for me atleast.

    • Wrozen says:

      Also make sure you use the VHBL.ISO in this Patapon 2 release to make the bubble

  9. NONONO says:

    How do I start a Hot Brain ™ on the PlayStation TV?

  10. NONONO says:

    How do I start a Hot Brain on the PlayStation TV?

  11. victor says:

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  12. Spewfr says:

    This is LITERALLY a waste. Why would you release two exploits at once like this? This is getting to be absurd. Please delay exploits like this. Remember: OIL.

    • Anon says:

      Not necessarily because they presumably all use the same underlying kernel mode exploit which will be patched either way.

      • Spewfr says:

        The newer hacks just use a different entry entry point that isn’t yet patched by Sony. Soon, all of these exploits will be GONE, if they’re repeatedly abused like this.

    • The Z says:

      Why waste them for sh!tty VHBLs on 3.37, if you can have a kxploit, custom bubbles and the whole stuff right now?

      Hot Brain was NA-only anyways. Keeping those games as exclusives just spawns hate.

    • anonanon says:

      I think Qwikrazor’s decision was to get rid of all the usermode exploits he had leftover to give the highest number of people the chance to get access to the kexploit. Who cares about your *** opinion anyway?

    • anonanon says:

      I think Qwikrazor’s decision was to get rid of all the usermode exploits he had leftover to give the highest number of people the chance to get access to the kexploit. Who cares about your sh*tty opinion anyway?

      • Spewfr says:

        Well that’d great, but a smaller stream of releases would be better for the community as a whole. And you apparently care because you replied 😉

        • anonanon says:

          I replied to give you an idea of why Qwikrazor released so many usermode exploits for the same firmware to try and help you shift your cr*ppy opinion.

          I hate that “well you care” just as much as I hate the good ol “If you don’t like it, then go create it yourself” argument. Both are equally meaningless and silly.

  13. Yami Justin says:

    I am on 3.18 and have the exploit, but I miss going online on the Vita.. is it almost as good as what I’m on now (eCFW 3.18) to go to the latest firmware and get this exploit?

    • kevingrox says:

      Stay at golden fw 3.18…. you have all u need in this fw.

      • Yami Justin says:

        But I can’t use PSN or anything, I thought the perfect exploited firmware is the one thats also the latest firmware

        • anonanon says:

          Well that depends, on 3.18 you have
          > Package installer
          You can use this to install demos and free apps from other regions
          > TN-V
          You can only use ARK-2 on 3.36. They both have around the same compatibility, but ARK-2 uses a homebrew, VHBL like menu, when TN-V uses the PSP XMB and runs a full psp firmware.
          > Webkit
          The chance of a native vita exploit using the exploitable webkit version 3.18 has. Not much has happened so far, so not sure whether we hoped for too much or whether this will just take time.
          > TN-X/PS1 loader
          Non PSN PS1 games with full sound

          if you upgrade t0 3.36 you lose access to all of the above, but you can still run ARK-2 if you grab one of the exploit games.

    • akian_aray says:

      You will lose webkit exploit , the only native hack we have. On the other hand, it’s unknown, if anything ever would come from webkit exploit, so decide for yourself.

  14. J.R says:

    You guys ROKK !!

  15. LightWolf136 says:

    So happy to know, there’s another exploit’s games for firmware 3.36.I was feeling Desperate since i was one that missed out Patapo2 and Numblast.Thank You Qwikrazor and The Zett for allwaays keeping us updated,you guys are the BEST..so hit your chest and say YES 🙂

  16. kyarasuza says:

    last ? :'( missed on patapon and numblast. pls i need an asian exploitable game D:

  17. Cody says:

    Wait, delay the firmware? So that means we shouldn’t ever update once installing Ark eCFW? I thought, once you have Ark, you can update freely, as you’ve already got the exploit “sorted”.

  18. slcfr says:

    hi Z , i bought Arcade darts in august 2013, which was patched for another exploit, i still have it in my list , can i reuse it for this exploit ? thanks in advance.

  19. Zero says:

    Any way to force this game to start on Vita TV?

  20. rzgar says:

    hi i have purchased arcade darts and it say cannot download on this system what thats mean?

  21. Some weiner says:

    I hate to derail things, but a while ago I bought Numblast, didn’t back it up, and now there’s a new exploit.

    Would I be able to re-download Numblast either to my Vita or PS3 and use it?

  22. Kyle says:

    Can someone tell me why customs bubbles are useful and what they can do? Like why would you use them?
    Thanks to whoever answers this for taking there time to answer me.

  23. KADUCCA says:

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  24. KADUCCA says:

    ( psn )

  25. Ayush says:

    Damn, I used up all my leftover funds on Guacamelee during the flash sale. Fml.

  26. Lucas Soares says:

    Anyone know if monster hunter freedom unite exploit is working for firmware 3.36?

  27. clone says:

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  28. clone says:


  29. CHRIS says:

    I am on 3.36 with numblast exploit game and i lunch either TN-C or ARK-2…I am okay with this ?

  30. DinoX says:

    And where can be found Arcae Darts exploit game files?? Where they in previous version exploited?

  31. Fredward says:

    Hey guys, I have two things I need to know. I have a vita and Playstation TV. Hot Brain does not load at all on my TV but the vita runs fine. It give me the error of unsupported software version when installed on pstv. The other thing is how do i install pep filer on vhbl or ark2? I have been trying to look online and still can’t find anything. I’m a new noob and trying to figure it out. Any help would be great.

  32. Ceasar says:

    What are the odds that TN-C be ported to work with the Hot Brian exploit?
    I have 138menu running, but I prefer TN-C.

    Is there an easy way to get TN-C running with Hot Brain?

  33. gunblade says:

    Thks guys.

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  34. adambros says:

    bad luck for me! missed the boat! Sony seemed to have pulled the games from the US/Canada store already!

    Vita firmware 3.36

  35. misu says:

    Yes, at least they were pulled hours ago, exactly when I broke the game trying to get a PBOOT.PBP working with my Ark 2 custom bubble, so, be advised, make a backup before hand always

  36. The T says:

    so *** right now… i was 1-2 days late on downloading these games patapon, numblast, and arcade darts bc I’ve been studying for finals and i’ve been waiting soooo long to get a game on my vita to play VHBL. idc about TN-V, all i want is to be able to play all the classic emus on my vita but PSN has got to make it such a b***h to do so…

  37. The T says:

    wish i could get like a text alert for when these games become available LoL. i had just missed the boat on getting fw 3.18 also.

  38. John says:

    Just got my vita and missed the hot brain exploit by 2 days. It has been taken down. Keeping my fingers cross for another exploit. Keep up the good work guys…..

  39. Roah says:

    Vita already started asking for update

  40. Medusa says:

    What about Corpse Party? I have games on the exploit list, but they’re all physical. Corpse Party and Book of Shadows are the only digital games I own. I don’t have the money to get just any game on the list.