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The next upcoming Exploit game for PS Vita firmware 3.36 is…

The Zett

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  1. Redblade67 says:

    @TheZ : I found a game on the psn store called “echochrome” its a full psp game that has 45mb , can i use this game to make bubbles ? The US price is $2.40

    • Wrozen says:

      Yes you can. just dont forget to get patapon 2 first so you’ll actually be able to set up the bubble

      • Redblade67 says:

        Nice thank you man. I also ended up using another psp called petz demo , and it works like a charm , i even made petz game into a VHBL bubble with pic and title. im starting to get the hang of it. Thank you very much Wrozen for the clarification. I dont get many replies on here. There is one more thing im having trouble with is finding the right GBA EmU because the one i installed got a home error or something like that. it wont start.

  2. NoPatience says:

    can we use psp demo OR paid Minis games??????????

  3. CHRIS says:


  4. ed says:

    can i play patapon 2
    when waiting exploit

  5. mixedfish says:

    I’ll stay on 3.18, the PKG installer is just too good to lose.

  6. Phil says:

    Should I update from 3.01 (megamix Exploit) to 3.36 to use this Exploit? Wich is better to use?

  7. blogpirat says:

    I dont Understand this Last sentence:

    “Another important fact is that you need to own a PSP game, that is not one of the firmware 3.18 exploit games, to use as a base for the proper VHBL custom bubble.”

    So i Need everything Else For The upcoming VHBL on Vita 3.36? I Bought patapon 2 and downloaded it, already.


    • Wrozen says:

      You are going to use Patapon 2 to be able to transfer the neccesary files to create a custom VHBL bubble. The Z is saying dont use any of the 3.18 exploitable games as your base game for the custom VHBL bubble. Use literally any other FULL PSP GAME you have, it can be from an older exploit before the 3.18 release or it can be a full psp game that was never used for any released exploit.

  8. Anonymous Coward says:

    Sorry to bother you. I’m new to the PsVita scene so I’m not yet used to all your procedures. I’ve been trying to follow the instructions but I’m having a big problem: how do I get the EBOOT.PBP from the PsVita? If I backup the game to hard disk I only get the .psvimg files which are not what I need, and I can’t seem anywhere instructions on how to get that file!

    • Anonymous Coward says:

      Never mind, your tutorial was awesome and I got it to work. Thanks Z! Keep being awesome!

      If that is of interest, as base game I used Ape Quest demo.

  9. ByteMaster says:

    “the exploit will mainly be used for setting up Custom Bubbles on your PS Vita”

    Am I to understand that people are willing to shell out 10 bucks (US) for custom bubbles? For those that already own Patapon 2 it’s sweet, of course. Getting a “free” hack. And I can see paying $10 to get a working VHBL but just to create “a shortcut on your desktop”? I guess it looks cool and all, but is there any added functionality?

    On the other side (3DS) it looks like it’s busted right open; there is a tutorial that shows you how to set up a 4.5 SysNAND plus a 4.5 CFW (Palantine) AND a most-recent-version 9.4 EmuNAND without owning a GW flashcart. You can also downgrade up to 9.2 SysNANDs to 4.x.

    Why am I pointing that out? Once this is modified for the N3DS, there won’t be any challenge anymore. With a little luck, one or two 3DS devs might look at the VITA instead of the Wii U.

    It would be nice, with 2015 just starting, for one of the Wololo editors to type up a “State of the Union” on where we stand with the VITA (I don’t mean ePSP, other than a potential vector like vWii was for the Wii U). Perhaps to coincide with the “official” NA release date of February 22nd, which will be its 3-year anniversary.

    What do we know about the VITA security structure/boot sequence? What keys are there? Where are those keys stored? What does a running VitaOS look like? What do certain system files do like os0:psp2bootconfig.skprx or vs0:vsh/initialsetup/initialsetup.self? Has anyone attempted to make a VITA memory card to SD adapter, so you can examine the VITA memory card in the PC (together with an exploit that prints the needed key(s) that might come in handy to install payload)?

    You can find some posts here and there (e.g. Yifan Lu has been very busy) but a recap would come in handy, especially if the problem areas can be clearly defined where new entrants might want to jump on, without having to re-invent the wheel over again. Remember, to get anywhere, they have to stand on the shoulders of giants. When those giants keep to themselves, no one will get anywhere.

    • dmaskell92 says:

      That’s all good and everything, but Nintendo’s security is a joke. Don’t just assume 3ds Devs are better. It’s not Dev quality were lacking, it’s the security that hasn’t been bypassed yet. PS3 took 6 years, let’s not pretend Nintendo security is in the same ball park as Sony.

    • Teslamatic says:

      The “shortcut on your desktop” bypasses regular restrictions of vHBL allowing for more utility.

      I don’t think it’s fair to compare 3ds hacking with vita hacking. It’s been stated that vita security is up there above the ps3’s, and the ps3 was only hacked because someone at Sony messed up royally.

  10. Kev63 says:

    There is a demo for Patapon on EU Store, can we use it or we have to buy the full game ^^?

    • Wrozen says:

      the Patapon 1 Demo doesn’t use any type of savedata loading or saving so it cannot be exploited

  11. dmaskell92 says:

    Yo The Z, if I rip Patapon 2 from UMD can I just use talkman to boot it? Or would updating make it not work because talkman is black listed?

    • The Z says:

      If you can use TTT at the moment to exploit your Vita, then you dont need patapon.

      Patapon 2 exploit is only necessary for those guys on 3.30+.

  12. kh3 says:

    i’m trying to buy patapon 2, but in store says “there are no content items” is my store region locked? i live in Colombia, Its suposed that it works with the US store. also i can’t change my region. is there anything i can do to get it? thanks in advance.

  13. GlassBox says:

    I suspect more information will be coming out very soon.. 🙂

  14. King Phoenix says:

    Hi, sorry for the maybe dumb question but is there any advanced use of “hacking” the PS Vita in it’s possibilities that it has right now when i have a CFW PSP ?
    Or will i just have a second CFW PSP inside the PS Vita?
    I hope you understand the question my English is buggy. 😛

  15. lollypop says:

    why would they hurt! there own store with removing pata from store ?
    they didnt with 3.18 so why should they now ?
    i dont know :p

    • The Z says:

      They did this for pretty much every older exploit game, as long as we did not publish 15 games at once.

      They will remove it to prevent people from doing this, to patch it via a new firmware update and then readd it 2-3 weeks after said new fw.

  16. Antimage says:

    Thanks qwikrazor& The Z all worked fine on my 3.36 Vita 🙂 Serious work !

  17. jva says:

    So, why The Z uses UNO? It’s 3.18 explodable

    • The Z says:

      UNO is not a firmware 3.18 exploit game.

      UNO was a 2.02 exploit game, but that is okay.

      Only the 3.1x exploit games have special restrictions on 3.30+.

  18. dbzgts says:

    I use locoroco demo as the base and the vhbl works

    • NoPatience says:

      You sure?
      Some say that demo don’t work as base game

      • The Z says:

        They work as base game, but not as exploit game (patapon 2 demo, for example).

        • NoPatience says:

          whooo, relieved, purchased coconut dodge for 0.99 and locoroco midnight carnival demo for base games.
          just in case minis game doesnt work or something………….
          if u know plz tell me when u will upload the files for the exploit, sooo eager!

        • dbzgts says:

          im using petz saddle club demo create bubble to launch the tekken 6 game. so all game can be used as the base game to launch any psp iso game that we sign to it?

  19. KaRamo2482 says:

    So even if i have patapon 1 the US version it won’t work is that right?

  20. NiMR0D9TIN85 says:

    I manage to run the VHBL but there is no Homebrews there, I’m a total noob if someone can share to me how to install Homebrews and Play PSP games, also what should I do if i get a red screen? if i want to start the whole process should i format my PSVita or Just start again?

  21. jhayar says:

    so for now do you think its the 3.18 is now good to upgrade to 3.36 or do we need to stay still on 3.18? what do you think is better now? for 3.36 we can play all psp game like 3.18 yes or no?

  22. jhayar says:

    so for now do you think its the 3.18 is now good to upgrade to 3.36 or do we need to stay still on 3.18? what do you think is better now? for 3.36 we can play all psp game like 3.18 yes or no?
    is there a difference between 3.36 cfw and 3.18? cfw? cuz i dont know if im goingto update now or now? cuz update message is annoying

  23. wilfredo says:

    lmao i am a complete noob i have vita 3.36 and patapon 2…. now i have no clue what to do. can anyone please email me a noob proof tutorial

  24. Vavafan says:

    In the U.S…. hopefully the version of Patapon 2 that’s still up there is still exploitable… cuz I downloaded it last night :/

  25. leeyaaa says:

    hye… im from malaysia…. can i buy and download patapon 2 on my account and make custom bubbles..????
    my psn account is malaysia… not europe or north america…
    so please reply… because i want to buy the patapon 2 game as soon as possible before sony remove it from the store…
    i wanted to make my vita play psp games… i have downloaded many psp games…
    please reply :’)

    • dbzgts says:

      Is the game show up at the playstation store? I think international/global version is the US version. At least you try n know the result than you wait but we dunno when sony will remove it from the store

      • leeyaaa says:

        naahh,,, the game does not show up on the psn store… but never mind…
        it has already removed from the playstore…

  26. Donger says:

    Okay, so once you’ve got patapon 2 running with the exploit, which quikrazor released on a different site, you only run patapon 2 once, itll flash gray then green, then itll close. NEVER EVER NEVER EVER OPEN IT EVERRRR AGAIN! Also, don’t delete it. Either of those will break vhbl. after you see the gray green light, rebuild database then launch the base game. if it doesn’t work, you need a new copy of patapon and the base game, which is why you absolutely have to get it on the first try, because it should be off of psn by now. and it doesn’t include vita ftp, but you can simply go here: http://wololo.net/downloads/index.php/download/7673
    and copy the save folder to your vita. then open vhbl, and when it says there are no homebrews, just hit L on your vita, then find the save folder that you copied over. it will ask if you want to install, say yes. this will install vita ftp on your vita. so return to the new vhbl folder in vhbl, and open vita ftp. then ftp into your device to add homebrews. Btw, homebrews need to be inside an install zip, so the vita can make changes to it. I reccommend the ones found here: https://mega.co.nz/#F!NlYCQITY!MU9WnA7_V98tnJC8zUxWRA

    Also, this version of vhbl has no write protection, so you don’t need to do dot tricks to rename eboots.

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  31. richard says:

    can you gdo the gladiator begins exploit at 3.36 because that is the only thing that is availible to buy seeing as sony has removed patapon 2 from the shelves. thanks

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