PSP: First hacks for the new Firmware 6.61 – PRO CFW & Downgrader updated!

The Zett

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  1. xoombie503 says:

    Uhh first?

  2. militantslash says:

    Zett, is it possible that this inconsequential psp update is actually tor emove a vulnerability that would allow vita access? Otherwise has anybody foubd a legit reason for throwing an update out now

    • Guild says:

      Think about it. How would “pushing” an update to the PSP fix any vulnerability that might allow access to the Vita? There’s hardly any consequence to just not updating. Lost PSN access on a 10 year old handheld isn’t exactly devastating.

  3. TheHollander says:

    That was easy… lol… or atleast fast…

  4. piotrekhenry says:

    I wonder how PRO CFW was updated if it did not have any commits since before 6.61 was released ?
    If it’s not official then I don’t think it should be called PROCFW…

    • PSPcfwDUDE says:

      PROCFW is an open source project, meaning that everyone can contribute and help port the project to other firmwares. It still IS PROCFW, it just wasn’t ported over by team Pro, but by an unofficial developer.

      • piotrekhenry says:

        As far as I know Qwikrazor is listed in the Official Project’s page… The question is why didn’t he make a proper commit on the official page?

    • Joe Chiefsparky says:

      Thats like a thief saying ” hey i use that to still ***, you are not alowed to still it from me you *** thief.” Lol

  5. Woot says:

    Raiden for Mod. Put the ban Hammer on the Z!

  6. 007 says:

    I have a feeling when the new perma comes it will be for 6.61 rather than 6.60

    I think ppl should maybe wait a bit before updating.

    Ide wait till there is either a official PRO 6.61 or LME 6.61 and I think ide only bother if there is a perma 6.61 otherwise stick to 6.20 pro or lme and 6.60 where i cant have perma.

    not like we neeeeeeeed 6.61 asap.

  7. kevinalbis says:

    lol XD

  8. yes says:

    Is there any point in upgrading to 6.61 in the first place? This update seems more like a gift to the hackers, so that they can look through something new.

    • mixedfish says:

      It’s only required for one game Brandish: The Dark Revenant. Which was released over a week ago and only now playable on PSP because v6.61 is finally hacked.

      I’d say Sony did a good enough job to convince the small niche to part with their cash for simple convenience.

    • piotrekhenry says:

      It’s required to download PSN patches for games. If you download a patch on lower firmware while using NoDRM/PSNlover/etc – the patch will most probably not work.

  9. Iugoslavia Muisca says:

    what improvememts bring exactly: cpu mode inferno 2, cpu clock overload, network support. what? someone check that ?

  10. The Z says:

    Downgrader got updated, now supports downgrade to FW 6.60 and therefore the E1000.

    You want chronoswitch v6 for that 🙂

    • Mr. Xerb says:

      Thanks a lot, I’ve tried multiple Downgrader versions to downgrade my PSP 3000 from 6.61 to 6.60 but was unsuccessful.

      After using chronoswitch v6 it downgraded to 6.60 perfectly.

  11. 007 says:

    So I guess with a chrono switch that can do 6.61 to 6.20 or 6.61 to 6.60 a 6.61 LCFW is pretty pointless.

  12. Bob says:

    Why would anyone bother with an update? Didn’t they close down the psn for PSP? Are there any sweet new games that came out and require the update? Is there an awesome new feature that was released in this update? ***?

  13. lord reginald says:

    Any news about Ps4 jailbreak ?

  14. Demon-eDGE says:

    Zatt can i add you in facebook Twitter or email i wanna discuss with you About xBOX 360 pls pls pls My facebook name is Jhonny Xin

  15. I have a PSP 3000. I see on the download page that after downloading the 6.61 Pro CFW that there is a CIPL flasher in the package and it says that it’s now been updated to be useabl;e on 6.61 PSP’s. Does this mean that I can install this on my PSP 3000? What’s the percentage chance of it bricking my PSP 3000?

  16. untung handoyo says:

    The very great thanks. confused when I could not play because of an upgrade 6.61 psp turns after I read this article and I try to succeed.
    once thanks

  17. bishar says:

    thank u guyz

  18. bishar says:

    but i don like the down grader

  19. Opawale says:

    how can I download game for my psp 6.61

  20. maddogrd says:

    I have a problem when i install custom firmware on my psp the battery icon dissapears and videos won’t play. Can anyone help?

  21. mahmoud says:

    but how to install 6.20 if i do not have it on my psp

  22. geric says:

    I’ve tried everything it doesnt work. i have psp-3004. i wish shouldnt update my firmware to 6.61 cuz after i update i lost my games(but i can still see it in the memory stick). Ive tried using CFW, still no luck. I’ve even tried downgrading but it wont downgrade. It only play games from PSN. I need your help please! TIA.

  23. 44444 says:


  24. Phi Lip says:

    I can’t find PSP tm Aktualisierung Ver 6.39 on my PSP 2000,pls help

  25. Lawrence says:

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  26. dipo says:

    What of the seplugins folder, what am I supposed to do with that foler?

  27. Mike s says:

    I’m lost I downloaded the downgrader but it says it’s corrupt. Pleas help

  28. can someone please explain this step by step?

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    • jester says:

      bai bain this isnt directed towards you. just want to make that clear. but for those of you who cant figure this hack out either shouldnt own a psp let alone try hacking one. its as easy as 123. and if you didnt finish kindergarten u got issues

  30. asif says:

    i have psp 3000 version 6.61 and i have downloaded suitable pro update for it but the psp turns off automatically when i try to install it . plzz help me

  31. Dipesh Rai says:

    i have a psp-E1004
    i cant downgrade my psp from 6.61 to 6.6.
    i need help to downgrade my firmware………

    • Notrandyuchida says:

      Same here, the only reason I upgraded to 6.61 is cause some website told me I had to in order to use a CFW. Now I cant.

  32. Ria says:

    my latest version of my PSP 2000 slim is 6.61 however after using the CFW im still unable to use it. Please help