PSP: Custom Firmwares for Firmware 6.61 possible – Currently being updated!

The Zett

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  1. Jefphar says:

    Can this firmware possibly be used to upgrade 6.60 TN-V in PS Vita?

  2. Brownienz says:

    First * lol didn’t think it would take long good news 🙂

  3. Brownienz says:

    Damn it u just beat me stupid phone delay

  4. BirthByRight says:

    why focus on the old psp??

    • qwikrazor87 says:

      why focus on people who focus on the old psp? 😀

      • buck says:

        more importantly, why focus on people who focus on a system that does not have any games AT ALL (ps vita)

        this article is for the psp, if you would like updates about the waste of money ps vita, go to google and find ps vita threads.

    • Darkenvy says:

      I think this is a biproduct of updating for the vita psp games. The vita runs 6.60 so updating that they might as well roll out the update for psp consoles a well. Comments?

  5. raiden says:

    I would love to see axe doing culling blade on you in real life

  6. qwikrazor87 says:


  7. mystic_shadow776 says:

    Lmao I guess this is mainly for the vita emu. I would guess to block some exploits from tnv stopping the cfw in the emu in future releases idk tho. I’m not updating my vita there’s no point I’ll just enjoy the emus. Ps I like them on vita bc of the screen and buttons 😀

  8. 007 says:

    if memory serves psp e1000 aka street uses same update eboot as 1000 2000 3000 correct?

  9. OM says:

    CAN CFW WORK on 6.61 as i have updated it and worried about my all games

    • xPreatorianx says:

      READ THE FREAKING ARTICLE! As of this moment CFW is not working. But, updates are being worked on. It literally says all that in the freaking article. Read the damn articles, or expect people to *** you out!

  10. kia says:

    any news about PS4 Jailbreak ?

  11. Ziontist says:

    Not yet. The CFWs (ME & PRO) need to be updated to be fully functional on 6.61. I tried installing 6.60 ME-2.3 a couple days ago while on 6.61 and it was a bad scene.

    • Ziontist says:

      I take that back. Just saw that qwikrazor updated PRO for use with 6.61.

      • OuahOuah says:

        Still waiting for change on source code AND working compilation here : 🙂

      • piotrekhenry says:

        I wonder how you could see something that didn’t happen … last commit on the official PRO CFW was on Dec 16, 2014.

        • Ziontist says:

          Ohh, you didn’t know. I have the gift of prophecy. However, that wasn’t really required to see that qwikrazor had posted the files on the forum at the time of my posting.

          • piotrekhenry says:

            Let me see … it’s already 18th of January and there is still no commit on the OFFICIAL PROCFW page and there are no posts from qwikrazor on the OFFICIAL PRO forum. I dont know where do you get your info from but since there is no mention of this on the official channels it’s as good as fake.

  12. Redblade67 says:

    @The Z:::: Hi Zett , i have many concerns , I have a ps vita running official firmware 3.35 , and i want to be able to put VHBL on it or hack it in some way , so i can play pokemon or something on it. I honestly dont know what the first step is to even go about this at all. My ps vita is clean without no hacks in it , i dont want to upgrade to the new sony official firmware 3.36. I need some help. If you can help me Zett i will be very greatful.

  13. OuahOuah says:

    But so… if we know what is does to CFW, can we also know what it does for… PSP ? lol
    Does it patches bugs ?

  14. lollypop says:

    what about a playstationtv update so u can use it as
    ubuntu server or win8 or win7 or mce machine
    or even mac osx or any …

  15. Adam says:

    I have made every possible attempt to downgrade and install a CFW. At this point it is absolutely impossible. Don’t waste your time and wait until a CFW that is compatible with 6.61 comes out. .

  16. Adam says:

    However I CAN still access the Playstation Store, so I dunno.

  17. Adam says:

    Oh Snap! I think it’s out. Here is the link if anyone wants to try.

  18. lollypop says:

    nice adam
    or dark one
    but what about finally running otheros’s
    like project4 and others ..
    or more precisely different distro’s ?.?

  19. Abdul says:

    When is the custom firmware coming out for psp 6.61. Because i updated to 6.61 and I can’t play ISO game. Or is there another way of playing ISO games on 6.61.

  20. Franz says:

    Now news for my ps vita?? Lol were talking about psp still

  21. ijam says:

    i have one psp 3006
    how to downgrade
    bcse i can’t play any gme… help me! brder2 plse hlp me… id wechat nizzkbtt

  22. Tsax says:

    guys they will add a pro update for 6.61?

  23. Unknown says:

    Zetterberg.Please send to me message or answer in my gmail.
    My question is……..HELLLLLPPP,FFFUUUUCCCKKKK I don’t know what can I do and I am on 6.61 and I can’t play my isos files and gba emulator.I want the cfw firmware or come back

  24. Unknown says:

    Zettttttttt!!!!!.Please send to me message or answer in my gmail.
    My question is……..HELLLLLPPP,FFFUUUUCCCKKKK I don’t know what can I do and I am on 6.61 and I can’t play my isos files and gba emulator.I want the cfw firmware or come back

  25. Alca says:

    I hope Neur0n releases an update from his own 6.60 ME-1.8!

  26. bambam12641 says:

    has anything been tested on the psp 3000 series

  27. kermit says:

    so basically my psp1001 on 6.61 is useless? Can not be hacked?

  28. Dj oo4 says:

    dear Z your downgrade dont work on psp 3000/3g module plz help

  29. Kiyoshi15 says:

    Okay, Z, please explain one thing to me…
    I’m rather newbie with all this HBL etc., I just have been using it (along with gpSP-Kai) to play GBA games on my PSP. I had version 6.60 (both PSP and HBL) and it worked perfectly. Today, I wanted to transfer some games with MediaGO and saw the update for PSP. I was very surprised, downloaded and installed it automatically without thinking about any consequences. Now the HBL is dead, I mean, PSP turns off after loading it. In this article you mentioned about working VHBL… okay, but isn’t it for Vitas? I can’t find any VHBL for PSP! Please guide me through this dark path ^_^”

  1. January 17, 2015

    […] The most important things, the Custom Firmwares and the downgrader, are, as of now, not working on firmware 6.61. But dont worry, it does not look like that the firmware 6.61 changed that much, which therefore means that the CFWs can easily be updated for firmware 6.61. The Z […]