Risen from the dead: PSP Firmware 6.61 is now available!

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  1. taronish3 says:

    I like what Sony does to customer to let them down.

    • N says:

      So if you had your own gaming company, you’d be perfectly fine with everyone pirating your games and making you lose millions each year?? You wouldn’t bother to push out updates to stop people from stealing from you?

      • The Z says:

        Why bother after nearly 4 years of nothing?

        They could’ve published a 6.61 patch in september 2011, but they didnt.

        • mixedfish says:

          They could of published a new firmware every month for 3 years, but they didn’t. Instead they made one now for a new game release.

          So what’s your point?

          • mlc says:

            It’s not like this has been the only new PSP game released in the past 3 years ;P

          • zzzzz says:

            this may not be the only new PSP game(or more precisely PSN game for PSP) in the past 3 years, but this may be the only one that requires some new functions that old firmware did not offer? (so that it can be ran from PSN-DLC, not from UMD)

        • yes says:

          I agree to that, seems strange that its released such a long time after. That said, the first comment seems a bit silly. I mean, who is let down by a PSP firmware at this point in time? Is there even any point in updating to 6.61?

          • yes says:

            I can also add that this is probably a good “gift” for the PSP hackers since it makes things a bit more interesting again rather than letting anyone down 🙂

        • Militantslash says:

          Maybe they know something we dont? Perhaps they found a Vita vulnerability that needed them to patch the psp software somewhow?

      • Claym0res says:

        @N, where did you get that BS from? Sony is raking in billions of dollars and your saying there losing money? Also piracy is not stealing since the original owner is not deprived of anything (at most it is classified as “copyright infridgement”). It seems like you work for sony if you assume CFW are for “stealing”.

        • lmao says:

          People who using CFW purely for homebrews ain’t even 5% of total users. Let’s say, someone using my Wifi Access Point t to get free internet access without my permission is that not act of stealing? even if i never use full bandwidth, none has the right to use it without my permission.

          “the original owner is not deprived of anything”
          What kind of BS is that? huh? at very least, it would get into their nerves. How piracy is not stealing? it erases potential sales of people who saving money to buy certain game, most people will not think twice to get pirated copy instead buying it with their money. Dumb.

          • Franz says:

            Cfw is not all piracy brah i have ps3 jailbreak and vita..my ps3 can play all vid formats official cant do that play nes snes gba games official cant do that backup my games so i cant take care of the blu ray offcial cant do that change boot logo etc offiial cant do that its not all about pirating iknow its one of the negative features but theres a lot u cant do on a official compare to custom firmware

          • lmao! I see your point in the stealing and pirating thing, but about the using your wifi without permission, I did agree until you said even if you never use the full bandwidth, no one has a right to use it without your permission. Now THAT”S where this starts to get dumb! If I log into someone’s wi fi that never get’s used, morally, I’m not doing anything wrong! ESPECIALLY if it’s not even secured with a passowrd! That’s their own fault! Maybe legally, they don’t have a right to use it, but just cuz somethin’s legally considered wrong doesn’t always make it morally wrong!

            And breaking a law, depending on what it is, could be morally wrong for one person, but not morally wrong for a different person, depending on the situation. Example, using someone’s wi fi who uses full bandwidth:WRONG! Using someone’s Wi fi who uses only a spec and has lot’s of unused bandwidth:NOT WRONG!!

            In fact I’d dare say that YOU greedily hogging all of the bandwidth to yourslef, and not even using it but not allowing anyone else to use it just cuz it’s yours makes YOU more in the wrong then even the person hacking it! Your like those fools at my school who pay for lunch, and only eat a spec, and then go to throw the rest away and a hungry person comes and asks for it, and they say no, and would rather throw away unused food just cuz it’s theirs and feel that just cuz they don’t eat it, no one else deserves to have it and would rather waste it then share it!

            You see it all black and white with no grey, automatically deeming that if it’s deemed wrong, therefore it is! So, let’s put it this way: if your gonna get butt sore and focuss on a bunch of useless details such as unused bandwidth getting used by someone else who actually needs it, just cuz it “your’s”, you seriousely need a life and learn to focuss on what really matters and complain about true crimes, and not be a little *** just cuz some guy uses bandwidth of yours that’s not even being used by you, just cuz they don’t have your almighty permission!!! I mean how pathetic can you be to get all offensive and upset cuz someone browses the web with your wifi? Oh NO! I’m suffering so much because someone just hacked my wifi and used a little bit of my bandwidth, not to mention bandwidth that I’m not even using! Oh woe is me, as my life is now ruined huh? GROW UP A LITTLE!!!!!!

            But then again, maybe your statement was just an example and you actually DO use your full bandwidth, and if so, all the more power to you! However, whether you use the full bandwidth or not is irrelevant, as your mentality on the whole situation is pretty stupid and immature, and if you don’t use the full bandwidth, your probably the type of person who’d rather waste it rather then share it with a stranger who actually needs it!

            So answer me this then: Say I find a PS3 in perfect condition in someone’s garbage that’s right on the street, for the garbage dump to pick up, (so I’m not trespassing to get to the garbage) and I decide to take it, …without asking permission, that’s wrong? That’s stealing and I don’t have a right to it?! Even if the person comes out and sees me taking it and yells at me and tells me to put it back there, and would rather have it destroyed and in a dump somewhere than to let someone else have it and I take it anyway, I’m a bad guy? A thief? YEAH! Your probably one of those types of people who would say I’m in the wrong and had no right to do that………….idiot!

        • yes says:

          I’m pretty sure that Sony lost money during the last quarter result. Their sales might be in the billions of dollars, but that doesnt matter that much if the expences is higher than what they make.

          • yes says:

            Just to add something, my comment was unrelated to CFW. I just wanted to mention that Sony isnt making billions of billions of dollars. Sony’s finance is not in the best shape.

          • mlc says:

            Seriously. Last I heard there were rumors they were considering spinning off or shutting down some of their electronics divisions and presumably relying on stuff like insurance. Sony might not be going out of business, but they’re certainly not doing great within every market they’re in.

          • yes says:

            Yeah, Sony’s insurance business is doing pretty good. I think it is one their most profitable divisions. The gaming business is also making money now i think, thanks to the big popularity of the PS4. Their other divisions like mobile/tablet and TV are the ones that really drag them down i think.

        • Tenticular says:

          If Sony were doing that well, they wouldn’t have sold off their PC/VAIO divison, or split their TV division into a separate entity, or there wouldn’t be rumours of them selling their mobile division, nor would they be closing all their stores in Canada.

        • chad says:

          “copyright infridgement” I never knew they needed to be kept cold. On top of that get a new spell checker. Wow

      • Dr.Duster says:

        Piracy is an excuse for companies to cry foul when sales forecasts dont meet ends and the Vita proved it. PSP waded in mediocrity for years and Sony blamed piracy for being an easy scapegoat. The Vita borderline flopped and Sony stayed silent.

        • lmao says:

          when did Sony blame PSVita sales slump because piracy? lmao

          • lucrata says:

            hes not saying that sony blamed the vitas sales on piracy. he said they stayed quiet because piracy obviously isnt what did them in.

            they slumped because of the money sony dumped into making the vita difficult to crack, and the lack of money they put into things that matter.

      • S4r0m says:

        Dude, the company doesn’t “lose” money per se. They simply don’t perceive the ammount they pronosticated. All is reduced to simply greed and avarice. Is ok to earn some millions but they don’t want some millions, they want to have all the money in the world, they want to have more money than the last year… That’s why piracy exists.

      • N, yeah you, the one who made the stupid comment to the first one in this article. So downloading PSP games, or using a PSP to hack it to download SNES games, NES games, etc that these companies don’t even make, sell, or profit from is “pirating”? Well maybe legally by law, but morally? NO!

        And for your question about how if he’d be fine with people pirating from his company if he had one, and losing millions each year, you do realize that question has no logic to games that these companies don’t profit from, don’t you? PSP’s can’t play pirated games that the companies still make money off of! They can only be used to play old, outdated dead consoles and games that no one gives a flying *** about anymore, except us nostalgic fans of course.!

        Let me put it to you this way, if Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, etc are gonna get but sore and be a little *** ant about us downloading old games, and go out of their way and use resources to make patches just to ruin our fun over games that don’t mean *** to them anymore, then they seriousely need to get a *** life and grow the *** up a little!! 😉

  2. Jamal03896 says:

    still not gonna budge from 6.20 i like my plugin compatibility thank you very much :I

  3. Darkenvy says:

    I did not expect that :o. Thanks for the update!

  4. Anatil says:

    Damn it. I bought Brandish and I don’t want to be forced to 3.36 to play the game on the Vita.

    • The Z says:

      You should be able to play it from within TN-V/ARK-2 on 3.18/3.20.

      It is also not confirmed that this game requires the new firmwares, it is a rumour.

  5. rclr says:

    Idk why its making me smile

  6. Fate full says:


  7. izy says:

    hmm just let you know i have psp 3001 660lme cfw and i do have brandish with englist patch so your ideal for new version for the game is not valied thnx for all you have done for the psp world keep up the good work

  8. Coraje says:

    I will just change the version.txt. to 6.61 for now.

  9. brownienz says:

    Crazy madness

  10. reprep says:

    Brandish: The Dark Revenant works fine on 6.60.

  11. Tail870 says:

    I have dusty hand maded PANDORA kit. :3

  12. IDon'tUsualComment says:

    I still love my psp…. PSP FOREVER!!! <333333

  13. bwitzberger says:

    Thank GOD For Pandora!…

  14. lollypop says:

    so … is this a psp update for psp’s … bring back store ?.?
    or is this an update to the pspemu ?
    great tho to see it need reviving :p

  15. Sugarfree says:

    Lol… I Couldn’t Even Update If I Wanted To, Cause My PSP Doesn’t Connect To My Internet. 🙂

  16. hrosales says:

    Mandatory update if you want to use your PSP as a remote controller of your PSONE

  17. 007 says:


    i hope focus on 6.60 perma development doesnt shift towards 6.61. 6.61 isnt really required and 6.60 perm is enough to make all psp possible perma

  18. lollypop says:

    just my thought lol :p
    sperm perma …
    or all possible things perma …

  19. 007 says:

    be nice if a hole is accidentally found in 6.61 which will allow for light cfw and perma!!!

  20. Alex says:

    Any ideas on when are we going to get a CFW for 6.61? 😐

  21. OM says:

    I have installed 6.61 today and now my cfw is not supporting it.So, what should i do now ?

  22. Iugoslavija Muisca says:

    but this firmware 6.61 improvement the cpu mode inferno, cpu clock, iso read? what features bring exactly

  23. 11770 says:

    correct me if im wrong but didnt sony kill the psp’s access to psn a while ago? why update something they’ve abandoned? i support militantslash’s theory. they’re prob patching psp to better work on permanently killing tn-v, ark

    • aramaru says:

      no i don think so. ps store is still working and updated in japan so its probably aimed on that public. btw N and mixfish are dumb jerks. western devs abandoned psp but japanese never did, games are still released there, piracy or not. piracy did not kill psp , it was never dead in the first place. as to why did they release update now idk. perhaps its a goodbye gift for psp hacking community

  24. Thrawn says:

    Ah yeah, this shows how many keys Sony had dormant in their 6.60 fw. I mean since august 2011 the psp steadily got umd & psn releases even if they only came out in japan and they didn’t bend a little finger.

    And no, brandish came two days before 6.61 out on 13.01.2015 and 6.61 on 16.01.2015, so nope.

  25. karthik says:

    hey anyone help me i want play games from memory stick,my psp is 3001 version 6.61 help me plz

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