How to: Detailed tutorial about creating Custom Bubbles for PS Vita

The Zett

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  1. t33n says:


  2. SupremeWaffle says:

    4th year without PS Vita cfw, GG :v

  3. lmao says:

    still no way for 3.35 ..

    • Captain Obvious says:

      you shouldn t have updated!

      • Jamal03896 says:

        my ps plus subscription is worth more to me
        (even if my psvita stays at home in its bag while i’m carting my psp go around everywhere )

        • Jack Attack says:

          I laugh at that given how terrible PS Plus has been, let alone for the Vita. Mostly Indie ports and not even ones worth updating for.

    • Chuck says:

      Thats why i still use my ps3 to atleast help my vita with latest firmware psx remote play works, some ps3 games work, showtime player works on the vita but psp games dont thats what ive been missing

  4. txt format turorial says:

    Please write a text format turtorial. Com’on. dont be so laZy.

  5. raiden says:

    awe i hate to see this fkr still posting in

  6. anon says:

    Thank you for this detailed explication.

  7. mangosteam says:

    A good question is there a pkg installer bubble? so i can update without worrying about vitaxploit native hack

  8. Iugoslavija Muisca says:

    enough insight steps

  9. Krystal says:

    Good tutorials but there’s a typo: “This tutorials includes” should be “These tutorials include”

  10. Raul says:

    What are the best games for bubbles?

    • The Z says:

      VHBL Launchers? Small “full games” that are not exploits for 3.1x.

      PSP game launchers? Full games that are a tiny bit larger than the game you want to sign.

      • Raul says:

        If I use small game to launch Ark I can run any game from ibside Ark? There is no size limit there?


        • ErnieBall says:

          Yes, i have done that (run ARK/TN-V with a small game as base and run way bigger PSP games from there).
          Of course this only works up to 3.20, since you are using the kexploit that was fixed in later firmwares.

  11. gatorade says:

    At least we know a vhbl for psvita 3.35 is coming out

    • Yatto says:

      How ?

    • lolzoar says:

      Yes, but what if Sony releases a 3.36 update or whatever? Don’t we need to download the exploited game onto the Vita before that?

      • Quade321 says:

        Yes, the cycle is that the game is released that can be used for the exploit. Then Sony will pull the game down from the PlayStation Store so no one can buy it anymore. They will then start working on a 3.36 firmware to be released. Once 3.36 is released the exploit game for 3.35 will be put back into the store. If you then want to get it, you have to use OpenCMA or QCMA to start CMA on your PS Vita, then connect your PS Vita to your PS3 and copy the game from your PS3 to your Vita and you now have your exploit game for 3.35.

        • lolzoar says:

          Thanks very much for the tip! I will try this when the VHBL for 3.35 is announced. I regret updating to 3.35! When I bought my Vita, it was on 3.20, which people say is the firmware that will get a native hack, I think.

  12. ien1587 says:

    where to get the vhbl bubbles iso? thanks

  13. omnipotent says:

    Videos are sufficient, that’s probably why you tube is so popular instead of a read tube describing step by step videos. A picture is worth a thousand words. I followed step by step and it works, just take time to follow videos. I prefer videos over step by step translation, sometimes you leave out a step assuming everyone knows what you know.

  14. Charles Fasano says:

    I am correct in assuming that you need a new base game for each bubble you want to add?

  15. gatorade46 says:

    At least we know there is going to be a vhbl 3.35

  16. Dmaskell92 says:

    Yo Z, how do you launch Type-0? You need a base PSP game larger than the ISO correct? The English patched merged ISO is the biggest PSP game (I think).

  17. Hey

    Can i use the bubble exploit straight from a clean 3.35 to play home brews?

  18. yogs says:

    Hi for me a text tutorial would be well when we don’t understand the audio language, it would be one more who understands English how to write

    • lolzoar says:

      Are you kidding? He is speaking English! And he over-enunciates most words, making everything very easy to hear!

  19. Trapstar30 says:

    What’s up with the ps4 exploit ? I hadn’t see anything more on it since it was announce I hadn’t update my ps4 but if there no news I don’t see the point in saving it anymore.

  20. dizo says:

    Hello sir how do i put a vhbl cfw in my psvita 3.35 ??? sorrry newbie here :/

  21. Jz12388 says:

    Hey, I remember seeing that it was possible to launch TN-V from a bubble. can someone tell me how?

    • Quade321 says:

      There you go, just use the ISO and PBOOT.PBP from this thread rather than the ISO and PBOOT.PBP that The Zett mentions in his video and you will have a TN-V bubble. Just be aware that you cannot update to 3.35 if you want the bubble to still work. TN-V is not working on 3.35 yet (if ever). So if you want to do this and then update to 3.35 you have to use VHBL or ARK eCFW.

  22. CHRIS says:


  23. Space says:

    Did this yesterday. After sitting on TN-V on 3.01 I decided to try this. Worked perfectly! Now I have VHBL on my 3.35. Rarely played my PSP collection anyway but now I can remote play GTA5. Thanks guys!! Keep up the great work!

    • Chuck says:

      Can u contol it??? i remote play gTA V on my ps3 jailbreak and i cAn get to my save game to load, but i cant control it no matter if use my vita or ps3 controller cant move

  24. Toots says:

    Sorry Z, you lost me at 26 minutes. You said to use Filer to rename the folder so that it has an “&” at the end but then you didn’t actually do it and said that sometimes it won’t let you do it. Then you went on to show how to do it with FTP but you never carried on with how to continue if it does allow you to rename it in Filer. I renamed it in Filer to have the & at the end and then carried on following the steps once you got back to the PSV side of things.

    Basically – I renamed the folder with an &. Then I exited out of Filer and restarted the Vita into safe mode and rebuilt the database, my bubble appeared but I get “error C1-2738-0” when I try to run the bubble.

    Could you possibly explain what to do if Filer does allow you to rename the folder please?

    • Wrozen says:

      the reason this happens is because if you use tn-v with filer to copy the eboot.pbp to your game folder, tn-v will automatically change any EBOOT.PBP into FBOOT.PBP so the vita wont launch it from the live area screen. so you HAVE TO USE FILEZILLA NO MATTER WHAT.

  25. Кстати когда уже пираты при помощи этих пузырьков научатся запускать все пиратские Вита игры?

  26. unknown says:

    so if im on 3.18 right now do i still need to have an exploit game to run this bubble setup or i can do it even if i dont have an exploit game… ??

    • ErnieBall says:

      You need a VHBL/eCFW to set this up, since you have to manipulate files and folders. Once set up, you don’t need any exploited games, just your custom made bubbles.

      • unknown says:

        so i need to have at least an access to an exploit game one time to run vhbl/ecfw then after i set this bubble i can run the ecfw w/o the aid of an exploit game? am i correct?

  27. alpmaster says:

    Awesome tutorial only one question that i don’t believe was in the video how do we add icons to the pboot? My custom bubble is blank?

  28. Raziel says:

    what about my banned vita stuck on 3.01. using the 101 in 1 game

    • Chuck says:

      Wait how did u get banned on a vita i used 101 megamix before an i updated since. I miss playin online

    • Chuck says:

      Wow thats sucks i have ps3 jailbreak and im lucky its still not ban i only use it online when i have the legit game but why is farming not allowed? Thats bs from sony

      • Raziel says:

        yeah i have a modded PS3 that never went online and they banned my PS4 . so now i had to download all my lost DLC/Games because of Sony

  29. pantey says:

    Sorry for the English, but downloading eboot.pbp an error
    DATA.PSAR is not an npumdimg!
    load base eboot.pbp failed!
    used game – Tekken 2
    System – 3.35
    I would be grateful for any help

  30. CycloneFox says:


    I have a question:

    I saw in the Video, that a 3.35 Vita shows a Final Fantasy Type-0 bubble.

    Since I updated to 3.35, I haven’t kept up with the news. I sacrificed my ability to play Final Fantasy Type-0 on my Vita for the sake of using the PSN again (PS Plus games without a trick, cloud saving, etc.)

    And I’m also afraid of my Vita uploading that my PSN account played [custom FF- Type-0 bubble name], which might or might not lead Sony to ban me eventually.

    I’m also too lazy to change my account and memory card, each time, I want to continue playing a game.

    Now considering all these points: Am I able, to play FF Type-0 on 3.35 at all? Is it only possible from a custom bubble, or can I just use an official bubble? If it’s only possible from a custom bubble and I have to stay offline while playing it, will my Vita eventually upload the information as soon as I go online with it again?

  31. ZLOAD.NET is down… cannot get the fake_np files…

  32. Gooder says:

    God bless this post
    I was about to update my Vita because I thought I would never get CMA to work, Thanks for still supporting the newbies, The Z

  33. Sleetui says:

    There’s a downfall to this right? If you play a PSP game on a bubble you can’t use plugins since it’s not in TN-V right? But it’s faster to play games rather than opening TN-V.

  34. Wirus says:

    Hello, thank you a lot for your tutorials, I’m translating your great tutorials in french, but I need an information about the edition of the bubbles : why is it impossible to use “PBP Unpacker’s SFO Editor” to change the game ID and title (in your 2nd video you use HEXEditor) ?

    Thank you in advance, and congrats for all ! 🙂

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