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Release: Tom & mr.Gas publish custom Bubbles trick for PS Vita!

The Zett

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  1. Byte says:

    Thanks… But it’s still just PSP mode. It’s been years since the VITA release and it still stands. Maybe team Gateway or team Sky can be interested in the VITA, as the dev community can’t touch Sony’s mad protection skillz. Just like the WiiU, where Nintendo let’s you play with the vWii. But on that platform the common key may be leaked soon… A kernel exploit is already being finalized. All that is needed is an hypervisor hack and the WiiU is broken. It would be sad if the VITA remains overlooked/time, effort, skills wasted with the vPSP. Most ppl here have multiple PSPs. They are dirt cheap used. Let’s hope 2015 this baby becomes an open platform.

  2. NeonAera says:

    Cool trick I might try one day.. Great article, on the release, Z! Big thanks to Tom and mr.Gas and you too.

  3. brownienz says:

    Awesome y’all wish I seen this before I started drinking lol start making sum bubbles tomorrow 🙂 cheer tu much now for someone to expanded on kakatotos tweet about the recent scene release and psn games

  4. Mark B says:

    when i transfer the eboot to a game folder, the file became fboot. i cant rename it to eboot.

  5. TyphoonNeon says:

    COrrect me if I’m wrong, but Image I want to create a bunch of bubbles of various ISOs, doesn’t that mean that for each Bubble I want to create I need to have a fake eboot.pbp that is as big as the ISO? This sounds lovely for homebrew but for ISO loading it isn’t that practical.

  6. GlueGun says:

    Damn i still got my 2.12 golor exploit… but no game!! and i cant get my golor on my ps vita! Faq!!!!! sony wont let me download. anyone welling to help, you dont have to if you want but thanks for trying 🙂

    • Ricky D says:

      I have that one too. They never put it back on the store after pulling it because of the exploit release. Unless you have another game or you have Gamocracy backed up to your PC then there’s nothing you can do

  7. qwerty says:

    what will i do next if i signed my game via fake_np?

  8. qwerty says:

    now, how do i transfer my signed eboot pbp to my vita (running 3.35)?

  9. johnny says:

    how do i transfer the “MyHomebrew&” folder to my ps vita? btw, im on 3.35

  10. Chips98 says:

    ok so how does one make a new bubble? i mean as far as i can tell this just redirects the current bubble from one game to another game/homebrew

  11. Cosmic Taco Cat says:

    Hey Z, I think I’m understanding all this but I’m still not too sure.
    Lets say I have a digital copy of Metal gear solid: peace walker (from psn store) and wanted to use that to make the folder with & at the end. Would the Peace Walker iso be replaced with what is now in the bubble afterward or will it take up space? Also can I put it back on my card after using it for the trick?
    Thanks for the help, dood!

  12. Dlevistu says:

    Hey Z, Quick question does being on OFW 3.35, but with some bubbles, require a PSP Filer bubble to create more bubbles? or can I simply do it with FTP? and Thank you very much. for sharing this.

  13. zzsec says:

    how do i get the bought psn’s eboot.pbp?

  14. Cosmic Taco Cat says:

    OK could someone tell me how I’m supposed to get homebrew working? I try using seboot on the eboot.bin but I don’t think it works

  15. Warfather says:

    tough tutorial i got bored right away can someone make it for patapon 2 and upload the files

    • mike says:

      not hard at all , u are just not interested i guess

    • YouSuckSir says:

      You are going to far in life with that attitude. I bet you get pinkeye a lot, am i right? Glad not everyone is a lazy lump of do it for me! Nothing would ever get invented or improved.

  16. SEXY_TEA_PARTY says:

    This looks a little too compticated for me but I can still appreciate the effort behind it.

    As it goes though, I still have trouble dropping new data in the folder using modded save data. Last time I tried to change anything in the folder I not only got a blue screen of death my vita froze and crashed.

    I’m kinda afraid to do anything else to it now.

  17. Michiri says:

    “The EBOOT.BIN in iso is a ELF file. Please sign your EBOOT.BIN first”
    I get this error while trying to sign Planetarian ISO, using Gladiator Begins (EU) as a base. I then tried to sign FTP Vita ISO, and worked just fine. Am I missing something?

  18. Nico says:

    Is this tutorial still works ? cuz Im very interested it

  19. karim says:

    how do i get vhbl for my ps vita version 3.35

  20. Austin. says:

    So if we create a bubble on lower firmware that give us access to vhbl, or to the pspxmb, and we update , would we be able to access pspxmb through this bubble ? Your video stated it would work still , but is there a possibility this ever gets patched ?

  21. Dmaskell92 says:

    “Keep in mind that the PSN games EBOOT.PBP file has to be bigger than the uncompressed content (GAME.ISO file) you want to sign! So compressing a “too big” game into .CSO, .DAX or anything else wont help you!”

    Does this mean the English translation of Type 0 is impossible to run from a bubble? Because nothing is bigger than that, am i right?

  22. KaTreek says:

    Are there any forum links on how to change the bubble icon and name?

  23. Oscar says:

    Tomorrow I will play Ps3 with my friends. Do you recommend that the Vita actulice or wait?

  24. gunblade says:

    cool. thks guys.

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