How to: Create an ISO compatible with your PS3 running a CFW (by psgravity)


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  1. Frank says:

    There is something missing in this tutorial. You absolutely need a Blu-Ray reader inside the computer you will use to do this, right ? It will not work with only a DVD drive.

  2. ErnieBall says:

    I think the picture of the Super Slim is a little missleading.

  3. Leon says:

    Can we burn the ISO to a BD and play it on CFW yet?

  4. MBA says:

    Could someone tell me an advantage of using ISO over folder format? I heard about compatibility, but I haven’t been having any issues with folder format, so I don’t see it as a significant advantage.

    Folder Format at least allows you to change files and stuff, like UNDUB games, but I can’t see any reason for ISO besides not needing to configure the NTFS drive in Multiman (Which for me right now is pretty important, since I bought a 3TB HDD and couldn’t get Multiman to recognize it like I did with my previous 1TB HDD (Both in NTFS), so I have to resort to wired FTP transfer now)

    • ErnieBall says:

      i guess transfering a single ISO file via FTP is faster than a folder that contains many files. Not sure if it’s a big difference though.
      Other than that and the claimed compatibility improvement i can’t think of any advantages.

  5. Pholly says:

    Wololo is against piracy but here’s how to do it. Quit being hypocrites.

    • Yifan Lu says:

      I know right? It is curious that the “official” policy is no discussion of piracy or piracy sites, but then every week there’s a front page article about “how to use a flashcart” “how to play ISOs” etc. Take any random viewer and tell them to read the front page and ask them “does endorse piracy?” and they would say “of course.”

      • ErnieBall says:

        All this can be used if you own the original games, but want them to be on your hdd/memory card with easy access. On the other hand i guess there only small percentage of people who use it this way.

    • wololo says:

      Point taken, but we publish the tutorials that get voted by the community as the “best” ones. The article reflects the votes of the /talk community.

      • wololo says:

        Which is not to say that I’m not taking responsibility here. I’ll be more careful in the future.
        As it’s been mentioned, many of the tools we use and talk about on this site could be used for piracy potentially, but that is often not the main intent of the article/tutorial.

        It appears most of the tutorials for the PS3 and 3DS are (directly or not) related to piracy, so we’ll pay more attention to that

  6. raiden says:

    trash news these days

  7. raiden says:

    and what a shame we have to call this a tutorial of 2014 were ps3 got cfw long back and people are doing this for long time .and yeah no fkng updates abt vita scene …nice of u

    • Hakumen says:

      do you think they live for the vita scene little idiot? probably you are only waiting to the vita to get hacked for game piracy, they dont get paid by doing this, and when you, little idiot do this kind of tantrum you only stop them more and more. also i bet that you didnt know how to do this until you readed the article.

      • raiden says:

        I’ve been using my ps3 cfw since day one and to u r notice my Vita is 3.35 and it can’t play PSP isos as stated …am not poor bstrd like u .I can buy games am asking for homevrew . bit CH

        • jeremymd says:

          “I’ve been using my ps3 cfw since day one…”

          Would have been surprised if you used your ps3 cfw on day two or three.

          • Hakumen says:

            i could insult your grammar raiden, but ianm not that kind of guy. never never never said i pirated games (not like you do) and god, what is the meaning of “ive been using of my ps3 CFW since day one. also, why do you use bad words while answering to me? you think you look edgy? and then it comes “i am not a poor bstrd (by the way if you are going to start swearing randomly at least do it right) like you” in fact i have spent 354.12$ just on vita games, so i think that is not the case. you are just an underage that entered the scene a week ago and want to look smart.
            with love, Hakumen

      • raiden says:

        “probably you are only waiting to the vita to get hacked for game piracy” i was asking them abt pirating?
        does asking news abt vita scene means pirating? . u were the one that pointed out something related to pirating games. so i have use those words and to be clea, there are sites that cover nintendo news and ps3 news better from this site. where psp and vita news are good in this site which is missing for days. and abt english… its not my mother tongue, so i dont care abt grammer as am not english teacher like you. Before giving reply blindly understand what someone posts and dont gv that sht that i dont care abt pirating cause u were like all

        • Hakumen says:

          I am tired of you so i will say it fast
          1- my native language is spanish
          2- if you dont like the site i dont know why are you still here (im not saying you shouldnt but why the &#”! are you still here)
          3-speaking of blindly replying look at you
          4- i would like to hear the ps hacking blogs that do better than this one
          5- you have made the biggest tatrum is seen on this site for a while, congrats

          • raiden says:

            one word for u son
            ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
            ……….”…\………. _.·´

        • Hakumen says:

          ohhhh clever, you made an ascii middle finger. your mommy and daddy should be proud of your copypasting

  8. Two.Face says:

    Raiden is angry today, leave him alone.

  9. witzberger says:


  10. Diego says:



  11. lollypop says:

    lorem im actually thinking of stopping by the game shop.
    to buy a second vitatv that i wouldnt have to update
    and keep proxy going without server present or soemthing.

    so that i can watch this space tekken patapon 2 in hdmi ?
    24 december i get back home and i can console my needs. lol

  12. STLcardsWS says:

    I have nothing but respect for Wololo and some of the site leaders here, but this TUT was a joke to be allowed in a contest (as some of the others, Some very good but not impressed at all with most of the PS3 entries (Most are copies of other peoples at best) then other like this one are just bad and contains not things that are not fact then what is fact).

    Then not sure why it has been re-posted again. As some said having a super slim on the logo is misleading also. but just to be frank this tut causes more confusions then what a tut is designed to do in the first place.

    BTW the latest version of PS3ISO Tools is v2.1
    Information of the Tool (past logs ect) here and various tips can be found here as well (tips that are already included in the read me.. the tool it self is very self explanatory):

    Then also the latest release here v2.1 that has both ODE and CFW support:

    —-Also the tut says for PS3 CFW. Well only certain CFW’s can play ISOs (Standard CFW would need other apps)

    —- “”””An External Hard Drive in FAT32 format is not compatible with your iso backup via Webman except with as backup manager such as Irisman.”””

    This would be incorrect. Split Iso are compatible with webMAN on Cobra CFW.. Most of my ISO are on a fat32 HDD

    This was a bad tutorial back in September and its a bad one now.
    It was bad for this to be in the contest. As it did not offer anymore information then what the release notes and tool tips of the app already provides and the EXTRA info is incorrect and as i said adds alot of confusion. Then by it being in a CONTEST gives the impression that this stuff is fact. This is bad and i hope its understood why this is bad.

  13. benjimaestro says:

    Since when has GUI meant Graphical Windows Interface?

  14. そんなわけで、今回試打した「MPクラフト425+」はヘッド体積425cmです。過日「Xドライブ705タイプ415」もかなり難しい印象でしたが、こいつも難しそ&#

  15. Gazra says:

    Oh my goodness are we supposed to take this seriously seeing as this is the worst tutorial to follow to date.

    Q. I want to make an ISO how would I go about that?
    A. Simple place the “legal” backup you own into the correct folder structure like so “X:/GAMES/BLESxxxxx” (obviously where X is your drive letter and the correct region code) open up MultiMan and hit /\ then oh look a make ISO option wow that is difficult to do.

    Q. What does GUI mean?
    A. Graphical User Interface (the horror they got it incorrect like making a very simple process long and unnecessary)

    Q. Why do people talk about piracy when it comes to ISO loading?
    A. Because this is a COMMON file format for pirates to share files be it for Computer or Consoles. ISO’s are generally not used as much in consoles since the previous generation (PSX,PS2,Xbox) however they have made a slight come back due to ODE Devices which are now useless in all fairness and a waste of money. However this is not the case with the Wii in which all games were backed up as an ISO at some stage and then either transferred to a HDD with WBFS manager or something similar.

    Q. Why bother creating an ISO?
    A. It’s generally down to preference in all fairness I myself like the raw file system approach because I can easily replace and modify files without needing to extract or repack the files every time.

    Q. Why did this tutorial even bother getting entered into the contest?
    A. Well all I can say is that there was obviously not enough material and this just happened to be posted even though it is a really long approach and frankly useless seeing as there is easier and better ways of doing it now.

    So as you can all see what I have said in all fairness is pretty accurate if I do say so. There is no benefit to using the ISO file format for CFW it is just down to preference or for people with OCD. If you are just wanting to play the game the folder layout is more than sufficent and a lot easier if you want to modify/replace or repair anything.

    Also Raiden for the record piracy is a bi product of Homebrew an unfortunate instance but that is the case. Anyone who wants Homebrew is theatrically asking for piracy even if it is not intentional or directly implied but by asking for Homebrew and not stating what kind you are asking for all kinds including backup managers ergo PIRACY/WAREZ.

    See makes sense when you look at it in a logical sense really.

  16. bearded says:

    It’s comments like some of the ones in this post that have made me almost altogether stop reading Wololo.

    Except for the really technical posts.

  17. Beadous says:

    Is there anyway to play a burnt ISO on CFW? Nothing I’ve tried works..

  18. Arpit Maharshi says:

    I just got a ps3 500gb. I want to play gta 5 and fifa 16 but dont want to spend so much in buying them. So could anybody explain to me how i can download the game for free and play in ps3?

  19. Arpit Maharshi says:

    I just got a ps3 500gb. I want to play gta 5 and fifa 16 but dont want to spend so much in buying them. So could anybody explain to me how i can download the game for free and play in ps3?

  20. Konrad says:

    Thank you ! I was looking a way to play iso format on my ps3 instead of GAMES you have to put your iso file to PS3ISO i didn’t knew.

  21. Lipovyn says:

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