PSP: Revision 2.3/10.3 of the ME & LME CFW is now available – Adds Pro Online support, DAX-format and more!

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  1. Total_Noob says:


  2. Carlos Solís says:

    By the way, I’m considering to get a PSP but I don’t know which model is the best to run homebrew. Should I go with a PSP Go, or with a PSP 3000?

    • Modasucka says:

      PSP 3000 of course!!!

    • The Z says:

      I personally prefer a PSP GO, but if you prefer the larger devices, you might want to get an early (!) 3000 (03g/04g) or a PSP 2000 (non-88v3!).

    • Quade321 says:

      Personally I’d pick a 3000 or a 2000. 64MB of RAM is best for homebrews, but I wouldn’t get a PSP Go because it uses the smaller memory sticks. The other PSPs have full sized memory sticks which means you can get a Micro SD -> Memory Stick adapter and get really big storage sizes, I think it’s been tested with up to 128GB.

    • dude says:

      the 3000 has a really bad screen. if you want to decide between the two, get the psp go

    • Casavult says:

      Get a PSP 2000 (non TA-088v3 motherboard) or a PSP Go.

  3. lollypop says:

    nice updates … cheers 🙂
    i was wondering what the new use for my psp was.
    since installing a game from my ps3 wasnt an option nomore.
    it tries to activate game but its allready activated and on same account.
    and on the pc same story with psn downloader and activate.xml …

    first to get a use for this xD

  4. lollypop says:

    have to come back on that.
    this installer does not support this model 🙁

  5. KitKat says:

    Hey guys, is PSP still available in markets? I want to purchase PSP 3000.

  6. Jhormanc says:

    excuse my ignorance but I always wanted to know .. that can serve in the psvita through TN-V ??

  7. drd7of14 says:

    Hey guys, just wondering, what is the recommendation for what firmware version? Currently on 6.35 PROB-10. The “hamachi”-like features look appealing, and I’ve been trouble with my PS1/Mini titles working correctly on my unit, so I was looking for an update/change.

    What do you guys think?




  8. yogs says:

    can we used the TimeMachine on a psp 3000?

  9. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    All it needs now is the ability to wirelessly connect to your coffee machine and make coffee.

  10. Raul says:

    I found explanation to DAX:
    The DAX format is pretty much obselete now. It is slower to decompress whilst playing the game and slightly heavier on memory than CSO. It did have features for tweaking compression and leaving video/audio files uncompressed to reduce lag but both of these features are in CSO as well now thanks to kapoue3 and Cisoplus! which sealed the DAX format’s fate (that and the fact there is no plugin for the custom firmwares, DAX is for devhook only).

    I don’t see a reason to use DAX vs CSO compressed without video files.

  11. Selbr1 says:

    Good news! I’ll update my psp. Want to try online mode with monster hunter.

  12. Hue says:

    I can’t seem to run Pro Online, my psp just hangs there when I try run it. Anyone know of an idiot-proof way to help me?

  13. Brownienz says:

    Hi all just wondering what i should install on my psp go im still running 6.60proc2 im guessing that i install the 6.60me? Sorry for the dumb question i havent followed the psp scene for a while

  14. Brownienz says:

    I should install lme 2.3 i mean would that be right?

  15. akian_aray says:

    If I have 5.50, will updating to this mess up all of my saves?

    • The Z says:

      5.50 messed up your savedata files (if you are running GEN-D3 or prome).

      Try it. Update and try to load your savedata files. If you cant, downgrade back to 5.50.

  16. FreeMyVita says:

    It would be nice if TNV could see pro online mode or dax support My brother stole my PSP.

  17. stand says:

    plz help no controller ps1 loader 3.20 all game

  18. raiden says:

    i feel like vita scene is sleeping….or is it dead?

  19. PSP2000-7C says:

    please help me i have a problem with the cfw 6.60ME2.3 MVSPSP does not work my psp crashes Every Time on MVSPSP

    • LDAHRAX says:

      Enter Recovery Menu->Advanced->Advanced Config->Disable Unlock Extra Memory. Crashing MVSPSP 2.3.5 on my psp go as well until I disabled it. Works as it should now.

    • RandQalan says:

      Try the slim version it works fine for me

      You are probably using the Fat version that can not use the extra memory

  20. noob says:

    This update will work on TNV?

  21. Driss says:

    hey there
    I have a psp 3000 (i only use that pro c firmware that’s not permanent,you know load from sd card each time…)
    can I use this firmware instead ?

  22. Alucardus14 says:

    Hello Z. Want to install this on my PSP Go. Are there instructions to do so? I think I have the previous non-permanent CFW, but unsure how to install this new one. TIA!

  23. invaderyoyo says:

    This may have been mentioned already, but when installing the permanent patch on the psp go, it says “exitting” instead of “exiting”.

  24. snake says:

    Who a, online for psp games? Welp, looks like its time to get a psp again. This should be an excellent feature….

    Imagine playing peace walker.m online instead of ad hoc only….

    Would this online feature extend to emulators? Id love playinh sf2 onlinr

  25. decade says:

    wow nice feature there 😀 playing online with psp and not using hamachi or xlink kai(try both before failed miserably hahaha), so i wanna ask my psp are slim 2g/200g mother board TA-085-v2 (from pspident), on firmware 6.60 pro B-10 and i use custom ipl switcher so i can change from 6.60 pro B-10 to 6.60 ME 1.6 (which seemed cool in first place but now i didnt use it at all just sticking to 6.60 pro b-10), so i see this news and kinda interested to update my psp to 6.60 ME 2.30 how do i do that ? is it totally the same as before or my IPL kinda make it difficult ?

    tl;dr version : how to update to 6.60 ME 2.30 from 6.60 pro b-10 or 6.60 ME 1.6 ?

    • The Z says:

      Install the 6.60 ME-2.3 CFW. Thats it.
      If you want to be 100% clear, uninstall the PRO CFW after installing the ME CFW.

      (No need to uninstall the PRO cIPL, if you install ME first, then uninstall PRO, since ME overwrites the cIPL with its own).

      • decade says:

        thank you for the fast reply, hee so that’s the only step O_o, should i install the 6.60 ME-2.3 CFW. while on 6.60 ME 1.6 or 6.60 pro b-10, or it doesn’t matter ? just want to make sure hahaha thanks

  26. Hal says:

    I’ve been running Pro 6.60 on my 3000 for a year or so, everything works just fine and I’m used to it. Is there any big reason to get ME instead? Why is it ME better than Pro?

  27. its ya boi wilfredy says:

    So i have a psp 2000 running 6.60 me 2.3 permanent. How would i install online mode ? Cause I see all these folders and .prx files

  28. integral says:

    I just installed this and got black screen and then power off. Seems like it’s bricked. I can access recovery. Was on 5.00 m33 which according to the README was ok to update from. Can anyone help ?
    Thanks in advance

  29. Matt says:

    how do i install the online mode on psp go on 6.60 LME 2.3? please help

  30. fanny says:

    hello all …

    psp 3004 for what cfw recommend …

    CFW 6.60 PRO C2 or 6.60 LME-2.3 CFW?

  31. mappy says:

    Hi I cant for the life of me get pops loader working on my psp go 05g it shows pops screen and i pick lower firmware 4.10 to get music on ridge racer but it always boots into 6.60 pops. Antone offer any advice I`ve upgraded from psp 2000 model which finally died after many years of enjoyment

  32. Kenpo says:

    How do I properly install the online files and does anyone have any games with dedicated servers or active playerbase, any :).

  33. LegendT says:

    When will be CFWs for 6.61 available?

    • We really need a CFW for that version.I accidentally installed it and now I can’t downgrade it cause it’s too new.Let’s hope a CFW for that version comes out soon.

  34. Kripz says:

    Hi guys I don’t have twitter to contact Rahim but I’ve installed this for my psp but it wont work with gpsp kai thats a gba emulator which works fine on Pro cfw otherwise it is good cfw could someone please inform him thanks! Btw I’m using the light edition as I have a psp 3000. I accidently posted it on the 2.0 revision but its this revision.

    • Sounds like your using the official gpsp Kai! Try UO gpsp Kai or whatever it’s called. It means unofficial gpsp Kai! It’s a gpsp Kai made by someone else or something like that! Google. 🙂

  35. Kishore says:

    Zload is currently down,so I would be grateful to anyone who could send me the 6.xx online mode files to

  36. Kishore says:

    I found the online files , now how do I activate online mode

  37. ammmar says:

    cant resume paussed games in your cfw

  38. Dean says:

    is there any tuts on how to setup the online mod? pretty much a newbie here..

  39. lucas says:

    does anyone have the pro online files for 6.61 me 2.3? thanks

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