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Can this be considered the first PS Vita native “homebrew”?


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  1. Warfather says:

    Furst, also how do i change my picture

  2. Rikku says:

    I Know u have a talent!

  3. Darkenvy says:

    Always one step closer though!

  4. NakedFaerie says:

    There was an app for the Vita ages ago which let you use the Vita as a PC controller. How is that any different to this? It was in the PSM Dev before they updated and blocked it.
    Nothing new if you ask me.
    Its not native as its a PC thing and its not homebrew so its nothing really.

    These days the smallest thing is blown out of proportion. a tiny bug is called a huge exploit, a crash is called a hack, ***? Where are real exploits and real homebrew. Homebrew is usually an app that runs on the device.
    exploit is something that launches TNV not locks up the console, thats a bug not an exploit.

    Still, good for him for working on something. Hope he goes further and finds a way to make real homebrew.

  5. DrJazz says:

    Damn, killin it man

  6. Yifan Lu says:

    As Davee said on twitter: “what an amazing waste of time. At least it’s pretty”

    If this is what a month of work has led up to, I’m disappointed. No disrespect directed at just brian, as he’s more proactive than others. People think the era of PSP emu hacks is over as the developers move their focus to native hacks. It seems like instead, the devs just found new toys to play with. I always look at the 3DS scene with envy: a wiki with tons of information shared. an open toolchain for building homebrew. a community that’s excited about making homebrew. The Vita “scene” is just filled with people showing off cool demos (I’m guilty as well) and glitches/bugs that won’t lead to running unsigned code.

    • lol says:

      “a community that’s excited about making homebrew”
      We all know 99% of them just want pirated ROMs, a ROM loader for HBC.

      • Joel16 says:

        Maybe not all, but most. Pretty sure it’s dominant over the ones that just want homebrews.

      • garrlker says:

        I would gladly enjoy an equivalent hack for the PSVita like ninjhax. I don’t need to pirate games anymore, I have income. I can hold money back and save up, and although I know most people don’t have the income to buy games a lot or games are a lot more expensive in their country I would much rather have a hack released the doesn’t enable full blown piracy on the Vita. I don’t think piracy would kill the Vita, I think Sonys already achieved that themselves. But don’t want to see a community with potential turn into the late PSP scene where everything released was for ISOs. I would much rather have a great homebrew scene and maybe the ability to run Linux/Android on the Vita.

    • Wolf says:

      I don’t see you showcasing anything at all.

    • z2 says:

      I’m still waiting where I can dump my vita carts to my memory card and be able to play them without swapping cards anymore 😀

    • oguretz says:

      Where is your Wiki with information you have shared? You’d better write a couple of wiki articles instead of tweeting boring stupid ***.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      Normally I’d be on your side, but this time you have proven to me that the “higher ups” in the scene like you, josh axey and to some extent davee are the exact cause of why this scene is nowhere near the 3DS scene. When was the last time you wrote actual useful information? josh axey left being a moderator because, according to him, it would risk “information being passed from one side to the other”, like we’re in some *** cold war where we don’t want other people to know what we’re doing, how f-u-cking a-ssholish is that? No wonder the 3DS scene beats us in every level.

  7. Mizu says:

    Well, it seems like progress is being made. Here’s wishing them luck in future endeavors?

  8. Riyo says:

    Hey Wolo, I have an interest in helping write articles. I was highly involved with the hacking scene back in PSP times with a few mentionable people. If you’d like to discuss it, or think I might have some possible chance, feel free to email me.

  9. missle3944 says:

    This is considered low level isn’t it because to access the onboard gyro needs to be somewhat of a root privilege?

  10. Xeeynamo says:

    Yes, technically it’s a homebrew, but it only send gyroscope data on pc to move a square. I’m waiting JSoS input and rendering, at least in userland.

  11. Faiz says:

    wow wow wow! Hacked vita will beat 3ds rihght in the @ss

  12. riden says:

    im waiting for run the android on vita and
    after this happen vita is a perfect console .

  13. Raz says:

    Just bought a 3dsXL but now I’m considering selling it if this slows Homebrews and Game Backups. Obviously it’s still early days but dam I’m really interested the Psvita could be a godly emulation machine.

  14. lmao says:

    it definitely a homebrew, just not pure native one because JS

    • lmao says:

      After read the whole story, it seems really waste of time, is it not possible to render on vita? the exploit froze whole browser’s rendering thread?

  15. deaos says:

    Now I just need to find a way to stream pc screen to the vita and I can build to myself Google cardboard PSVITA Version lol

  16. Daggdrpp says:

    Coool. I guess. I have dreamt of handheld n64 for soon 10 years. Gimme gimme 🙂

    • PeAcE says:

      Yeah, that’s the main one I’ve wanted to emulate well on handheld, although you can some or custom made devices, but on a device like Vita should be good.

  17. Frank says:

    Looks like the same thing as the Labyrinth game on iPad, iPhone, iPod. Could me fun to exploit the gyroscope like that !

  18. Fan says:

    The thing that makes me laugh the most are the statements of @Yifan_Lu he who had found in older versions of a way to run unsigned code is kept everything secret is keeps everything secret , now wants all talk about it , please yifan should do before a course of consistency , which she misses . I apologize . an old fan!

  19. TheNoobGamer says:

    It isnt the first homebrew,yifunlu did the first homebrew,and he had a 3d cube rendering on the vita SO…

  20. lollypop says:

    what about writing a ps4 howto on the subject.
    and winninf the monthly tutorial contest ?

  21. Azerka says:

    Step by step, we will reach the moon with our vitas !

  22. Ticklemapickle says:

    Obviously if the vita does get hacked devs can make better homebrew than the 3ds

  23. Reza says:

    Well yifan if you werent such a coc attacking those who want to join the scene and have decent programing learned from years of studying and constantly improving their knowledge to a point they feel comfortable to start talking with members to get ideas going so that they can make progress on their own to which with they could contribute normally then maybe we would be at that stage. but way i see it even if i made progress on my end i would never share it with you or anyone else in the vita scene your a coc and my main motive after trying to talk with the scene and getting a response from you would probably end with me selling it like the sky3ds team and the other purchasable exploits true blue etc, it starts with people like you yifan, with out someone making a scene and giving it the general support that it needs. wololo is a perfect example we need more guys like him.you however get something good going. then you stop cause you are too lazy to finish it and then pass it to the world to say hey look what i did then you just sit on the forums trash talking people. cause you think your sitting on some throne. sure your busy with other stuff which is why you spend so much time on this site lmao the only place yif has a name lol

  24. edsrafed says:

    doing live ram dump using a fabricated break out board. pulled out and x rayed the cpu/gpu of one of my vita but later found out that is already been done heres the site http://www.chipworks.com/en/technical-competitive-analysis/resources/blog/sonys-ps-vita-uses-chip-on-chip-sip-3d-but-not-3d/. currently im waiting for the schedule maintenance of the copper pillar machine where im work right now because it is very difficult to use a rework station in installing the break out board between vita board and cpu.

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