vitasploit updated, can dump more modules and support “URI calls”


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  1. HaYNigloo says:

    I absolutely love the momentum being built up here, congrats and many thanks community!

  2. MaxiExtreme says:

    Everyday is an exciting day reading the great improvements of native vita hack!

  3. TheProphit says:

    not related to PSP… also NO ONE PLAY THIS GAME…. ppl all over my school play it and its turned everyone into zombies tht cnt turn away from theyre phones

  4. squiggs says:

    You stop that

  5. ahmad abu maizer says:

    i wonder if they will trigger or call the package installer the same
    way youtube is called when someone opens a youtube link from the browser

  6. Yugi Muto says:

    Nice job! Does the picture with host:// mean we can install home brews soon and play back ups to not have to carry millions of cartrages around?
    Hopefully this means more stuff can run without having the game cartrages around

  7. Ruben_Wolfe says:

    I think that there might be more apps to find using the method that enabled us to open PKG installer.
    For comparison, SKFU found both PKG installer and dev system apps on the PS4, thergore I could only assume that a retail vita should have both too.

    As for the update, great job guys! Wish I had some time to kill to use it myself.
    Maybe il try testing this dev system theory sometime.

  8. PSVITA says:

    Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! Aaa! Aaa! Aaa! Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!

  9. tomtomdu80 says:

    Sony patched the psgm:open command to the package installer, AND the package installer itself, so even if we get a way to call any support_uri later, it wouldn’t let us even open the app.

  10. Giggione&Donatello says:

    The whole vita hacking scene is nonsense.
    If you want to play some iso on your vita just avoid useless news and wait Ps Vita’s death.

  11. Soon says:

    Beginning of the glory days, I’m sure of it

  12. release bubble protester says:

    release bubble hack a******s

    • Seto Kaiba says:

      Really mature of you scumbag. How about you make a hack such as that yourself you a-hat. Also get out if all your gonna do is troll.

  13. release bubble protester says:

    release bubble hack bstrds

  14. release bubble protester says:

    release bubbles

  15. bubbles says:

    release bubble hack

  16. xyler says:

    We need a loading bar of the vita his hacking process 🙂

  17. ahmad abu maizer says:

    wololo why did you delete all the comments
    or is it that i just said somthing wrong about that way im discovering to triger the package installer

  18. MonkeyCool says:

    Really looking forwurd to the day when I open and the first heading is Native Vita Hack: Released

  19. widjaya says:

    I really love vita’s hack update, so what is next stage ?

  20. StealandPirateVitagames says:

    This is great news when will we be able to download isos and steal vita games like we did on the PSP?? Hurry up and come up with something guys.

  21. Cecil says:

    Waiting CFW for vita…

  22. XtremeDerp says:

    Almost there! I can already picture the ISOloader! Someone contain my excitement!!!!


  23. Iugoslavija Muisca says:

    nearest to the target

  24. Lololo says:

    For what ISO
    The most Games for Vita are Dash.
    The PSP has more than 800 Games.
    And Vita? 50 or 60 Games.
    Vita is an Joke and Vita Life from Dark Alex myth on PSP
    Everbody hope for an PSP Reloded on Vita.
    For what
    For 10 Realy Good Games.
    I Think more than TN-V is not needed on Vita.
    Nobody make Real Games on Vita its only the myth of PSP

  25. bwitzberger says:

    I Have a Backup Plan If They Pull A Fast One….Got U Covered!

  26. DerpMcDerp says:

    Reading these comments gave me brain cancer.

  27. Piratebubbles says:

    They need to hurry and release a native hack so we can start stealing games.

  28. BuyVitaToPirate says:

    When will this come out????? I want to download all the vita games for free. FIRST!!

  29. Huub says:

    Luky i`m on 3.18. Love the psp emu, Love u guys.

  30. Danilo says:

    Vita is dead now, ops… he was always dead

  31. daicon says:

    Does this exploit give any insight into the inner workings of the Vita that could aid in building an emulator for in the future?

  32. patches says:

    Who cares about homebrew at this point i think this project should be geared more towared firmware spoofing after all thats what we all struggle with

  33. nope says:

    You approve post *** about bubble hacks and people ready to pirate stuff but when it comes to talking about testicles on my elbow my post gets rejected..

  34. Mr. Rab says:

    Hi, this is a normal comment, left amidst all of the stupid ones.

  35. Dacio says:

    I´m in a borderline, i want to get the hack in 3.18 but i cant stand like having a ps vita without games. Get the fifa 11 to play in 3.10 but sony updated, so do i , and gg.
    The waiting is killing me! Hope we get more and better news soon.

  36. garrettcorn says:

    Geez, these comments are giving me a headache.. Is there an IRC or forums somewhere where the devs are communicating about what is going on? I just want to read comments from intelligent people so I can learn. I’m a Computer Science student, please shoot me a link or point me in the right direction.


    • garrettcorn says:

      Alright i got everything up and running, and got a dump of all of my modules.. Is there a list of URI calls somewhere? I think I remember someone posting them at some point?

  37. Mrsnippy says:

    Yes, homebrew, homebrew !!!!
    Oh, I can’t wait for the day we can actually have emulators on it.

    Just imagine Retroach on that baby … : D

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