Why Playstation plus is actually better for casual gamers


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  1. yeye says:


  2. lmao says:

    not to mention extra online gamesaves storage, in case my hardware dying on me 🙂

  3. Raziel says:

    Only have it so I could play destiny on my ps4 other then that it’s nice to have more things to play on my ps4 even if it’s indie games. Every now and again some good things come to the vita as well so it’s worth it in my book

  4. SofaKing says:

    true stuff, ps+ member for years now, PS3 PS4 + PSVita, I have never had such a backlog of games to play! Its so much better than an xboxlive account just for the free stuff alone, nevermind the discounts and exclusive deals, as well as the PS4 online! haven’t been disappointed yet!

  5. yugoslavija muisca says:

    not better for all life

    • Trish says:

      That’s a quw-tciikted answer to a difficult question

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  6. anonanon says:

    Agreed, PS+ is such a great deal. I’m a casual gamer, I only really buy games in sales (With the exception of RPG’s I’ve been waiting a long time for) and I’ve found so many gems through PS+, that I wouldn’t have even considered without it. My first year of plus ends in December/January, and I’ll certainly be subscribing for another year. I got it when they had a special 15 months for the price of 12 offer, fingers crossed they do something similar for christmas 😀

  7. warfaren says:

    They arent “free games” when you’re paying a monthly fee…
    Especially when the games expire as your subscription runs out.
    Sounds more like renting games to me… I like to own my game. Digital distribution in general doesn’t quite cut it either as you have access to the game as long as Sony allows you to, for example should I buy a game on my PS4 and it breaks down I would need to connect to PSN with my new console which I might not be able to (wanting to keep the console on a lower firmware, or some day far away in the future when PSN no longer exists due to Sony having gone out of business or simply because they’ve moved on to something else).

    • Darth Agnon says:

      I agree with you. I personally like to have the disk/UMD, then make a DRM-free digital backup (read: 1S0) to keep either as backup in case of disk scratches (PC) or run for the sake of convenience (PSP). And I like to keep my games and saves forever (read: as long as possible).

    • wololo says:

      @warfaren: you’ll note I put the word “free” in quotes in my article for a reason. Your mileage might vary, but I have found that “owning” a digital game with DRMs isn’t different from a “long time rent” like what PS+ does. Eventually, 3, 5 years down the road, you don’t plan on playing the game anyway.

      PS+ assumes you’ll stay subscribed long enough that you enjoy the games.
      So, playing 360 games in 5 years for $250, compared to buying 360 games… sure, you own them, but at what cost!

      • warfaren says:

        Yeah, everyone thinks differently and I respect that. I personally would never buy a game I didn’t think I’d be playing 5 years from now (watch those double negatives :P). I play 90’s games all the time because nostalgia means so much to me, and I’m sure I’ll keep playing most of my collection in the future.

      • Cammie says:

        That’s way the betesst answer so far!

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    • Candie says:

      Your post is a timely cobrtinution to the debate

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  8. ss4gogeta069 says:

    Yeah. I have it. Got it about 9 months ago and haven’t looked back. One of my absolute favorite games would’ve never crossed my console were it not for PSPlus. Dead Nation was the first one I played and WOW! Love it. There have been a bunch of games I played only bc they were free. I love Dust on PS4 and would certainly not have played that cartoony of a game w/o PSPlus!

  9. hellfire2081 says:

    #Wololo: true that you get the +70 games in a year but don’t forget that in a year you can’t play all of them if you have a REAL life. And by the end of the Year, what do you do? If you don’t re-subscribe you will lose them all,no?
    My point is: if someone want to loan some games, than a PS+ is a win. For me, i prefer owning a game then loaning it.

  10. Esude says:

    I love PS+ and it added so many games I love… including Terraria, Dragons Dogma, and many more… right now I am play “Binding of Isaac” and I love the game. I would of never bought it and since it was free I went “eh what the heck I’ll play it”. Plus there are all those trophies you can acquire. I have been impressed with it so far. So thanks Wololo for supporting it!

  11. jesus says:

    but you cant play that games after your menbership finish, thats is why i dont like the PSN +

    • Casavult says:

      Then renew your membership? It’s not rocket science… Also if you have a PS4, you have no choice in the matter l.

  12. reaper527 says:

    the biggest problem is the declining quality in the program as of late. initially i was disappointed with what it offered ps4 users (the only ps4 igc games i was really a fan of were resogun and strider), but chalked it up to the system being new and pointed at great ps3/vita games as justification for my subscription. the last few months though, the program has been disappointment across the board.

    now with the ps4 getting injustice in december and infamous:first light in january, hopefully that is a sign that the program is back on the upswing and the other platforms will get back to their normally great offerings as well.

    • mlc says:

      Presumably they’ll make the program worse as PS4 adoption increases, since at that point the majority of their customers will have little choice in the matter. I don’t play online very much, but virtually anyone who could afford it would probably want the option, and any little discounts or crappy games they give you would simply be a side benefit.

  13. Martin says:

    I am a 3 year now ps+ subscriber, it was great up until a year ago…. now i dont see the value of the service anymore…. my subs ends nov 24 this year…. and im kissing it good bye

  14. Will Lewis says:

    I’m a casual gamer and PS+ has been perfect for me. I have no problem waiting for a game to go free or super discounted. I’ve been a sub for 3 years now and I have more games than I will ever play and all for the yearly service fee. at most I’ve spent $100 on deep discounted games in those 3 years. great article!

  15. solidsnake says:

    You say that you get an abundance of games yet only a couple are good. Hmmm. Sounds an awful lot like having cable T.V. with 800 channels but you have two favorites shows….whats the point. If you want that then just keep Netflix and Steam.

    • wololo says:

      I did not say that only a couple are good. I said there is no way you dont get your money’s worth because you only need 2 games out of 72 to be good in order to make it worth your money.

  16. Regardless says:

    Paint me old fashion, but perhaps, I’m the only person who enjoys physically owning content? Don’t get me wrong, I love Steam sales, Humble Bundle, and Groupees, but I mainly buy those games as more of a demo. If I really like the game and the physical copy is within reason. I’ll buy a hard disc instead.

  17. jonny2jo says:

    Wololo where do you by your psn code???because the website that sells them to me sell them for 7-9usd more than the usual price and buying one per month is almost 80usd per years 🙁

    • jonny2jo says:

      Sorry for the bad english..

    • wololo says:

      I use Amazon, which lets me buy the PSN codes from outside the US with this trick: wololo.net/2013/06/27/how-to-purchase-us-psn-cards-from-amazon-when-you-dont-live-in-the-us/
      They charge $9.99 for a $10 card, so it’s even cheaper than the actual price 🙂

  18. Tnutbutter says:

    My ps plus is about to expire but I’ve enjoyed over 20 free games and I got the entire Saints row 4 game (DLC and all) for less than $20. ps plus is amazing.

  19. sploff says:

    I agree, when I got my vita a year ago, there was mainly one game I wanted to play: Uncharted. And it was on PS+ so I just bought a month of PS+ and played it, cheaper than buying it in store 🙂 Plus I got to play a few other games as well 😀

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  20. Xoombie503 says:

    Ps plus is not a choice if you have ps4 lol….is not for the casual gamer if you have ps3,vita and ps4.

  21. lollypop says:

    i wonder wheter javascripts timemachine could happen o_0
    hmm ps plus is good aslong as it dures

  22. John_Scott says:

    the PlayStation plus debate is moot if you own a ps4 you NEED it.

  23. Blebleman says:

    I agree with you Wololo, but living in Japan (like you) makes me want to subscribe to two PS+ accounts.

    There are less games on the JPN one, but sometimes actual gems appear, like Time Travellers, or the Danball Senki games.

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  24. LoliX says:

    I’ve played a LOT kind of games and to tell the truth, i’ve become more selective (for a very looong time i have come to like vn, rpg, and music games, so for me it has narrowed down to this kind of games) That’s why i would like to own the game because even if i’m busy in real life i’ll still find 30min~2 hours to play a little(well~ sometimes i can’t play at all 😛 ).

  25. Charles Fasano says:

    I’ve been a member for several years now and I mostly use it for the big discounts you get. I don’t think I’ve played really ANY of the free games yet except the ones I bought before they were free.

    I hope GameStop does the $30 PS+ card for Black Friday again this year.

  26. Zik says:

    You know…

    PS+ membership are only about $50 USD…and sometime, some stores have sales that they can cover the cost. Recently, I just purchased two PS+ for $40 USD each, which rounded out to $80, and what made it wonderful, regardless if I have a PS4 or not, I’ve been a member of PS+ on and off, and the only reasons I liked it is the discounted items and what not. Not to mention, free avartar as well. Then, well I hope PS4 support it, but free monthly theme like PS3 used to have.

    But let be honest here, those that get those $50 PS+ membership only get it for the additional benefits it gives:
    – auto update game software
    – cloud saves and cross saves (ps3/vita or ps4/vita)
    – auto software update

    and probably a few others. But at least it not using it own monetary systems and using actual monetary region value.

  27. carlos saraiva says:

    But the games from ps+ will never be yours. Like microsoft games with gold, they ofer you the games forever and ps+ no, this is the main diference. Even with the ofer of 6 games for 3 systems ps+ is a good service yes, but the games never be yours, you have to subscribe annually 50€/50$ to have the acess your games from ps+.

    • wololo says:

      Will you care about the game in 5 years? In 10? in 20? Most of the (PC) games I owned 15 years ago would refuse to work on any machine without a significant amount of work on my end. All of that for crappy graphics? I am not seeing the difference between renting “long time” (e.g. 10 years of subscription to PS+, for the cost of 10 AAA titles) and “owning” (i.e. I own the game for my entire life but I actually throw it away 10 years later because I need to make some room)

  28. anonanon says:

    People seem to either be under estimating or forgetting about the PS+ discounts, I’m sure I’ve made back atleast 2/3 of the cost of a one year subscription in the year I’ve had PS+ from the discounts alone.

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