Wagic is now compatible with the OUYA! Here’s how to install it


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  1. Warfather says:

    is there dlc for it?

    • wololo says:

      It’s an open source, community driven game. There are “mods” that you can download from the forum, but nothing that I would call a “DLC”. Nothing that costs money, that’s for sure.

    • First says:

      First, well second!!! Yeahhh

  2. Protection says:

    Protection against the _____ in the __ of the FIRST!

    Everyone is protected and can comment below!

  3. Ziontist says:

    Nice. The OUYA (have no idea how to pronounce it lol) seems like a pretty neat lil device for the cost. My wife bought me an Nvidia Shield Portable for Christmas (I gotta wait ’til then to mess around with it lol). If there’s not already an Android version of Wagic, hopefully eventually. 🙂

    • wololo says:

      Wagic is already compatible with Android (touch screen). The problem in general is dedicated controllers. You should have no issue on an Nvidia Shield. Download links here: wololo.net/download

  4. deika says:

    Sir i have android tv box.
    Which version should i download ? i have ipega gamepad. so i want to play with my gamepad 😀

  5. Darth Agnon says:

    I just found a microscopic smiley in the far lower left corner of Wololo.net! PS glad to see people are still playing the best PSP homebrew ever!

  6. Mud says:

    Finally a good reason to fire up the old ouya!

  7. Pholly says:

    What’s the point in hacking an underpowered piece of hardware that few people own?