The current status of Vita hacking on firmwares 3.30 and 3.35


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53 Responses

  1. Warfather says:

    this exploit gets me soo hard 8=D –> 8=====D~~

  2. brandon666 says:

    Should I update, since I’m not very interested in the web kit exploit?

    • brandon666 says:

      Also what fw does the ps tv come with?

    • z2 says:

      PSTV comes with FW3.20, it’s basically the same with as FW3.18 but you know, on a higher firmware ver(lolz i dunno really), do not try to put your FW3.18 memory card on a FW3.20, as you can’t swap back..

      And also don’t update. You’ll miss the web exploit..

  3. PsVita says:

    Could the bubble exploit allow installation of psp games not on the store? and if it does get released and eventually patched would the games disappear with? i imagine they wouldn’t but i don’t know since there is very little info aboutvthe exploit

  4. perfig says:


  5. NotApplicable says:

    Argh I’m torn between updating so I can play my vita games online or waiting for something amazing on 3.18. First world problems

    • wololo says:

      Buy a second Vita.
      First world solution 🙂

      • Nirv says:

        Even in a 3rd world country like Brazil, you can easily find a used PSVita around $160 (~450 Brazilian Reais). It’s not so expensive AND its a better solution instead a PSP.
        And I already have two XD

      • Matthew says:

        If you get a NEW PS VITA what will the FIRMWARE be,that comes with it?

  6. z2 says:

    Hello there wololo, is there a site that has infoS on released vita games..

    I wanna know what’s the firmware required for newer games like Freedom Wars and the upcoming Tales of Hearts R…

    I have a vita fat on FW3.18 and a Vita TV on FW3.01..

  7. ChasingOctaves says:

    I love reading these thanks for the updates. I have a semi-related question though, is there any word on when we might see TN-V11? I can’t get full sound on Megaman x3 when using my XS moto ps1 exploit, i need me a popsloader. I opologize if you’ve answered before or if this is the wrong place to ask.

  8. yeye says:

    come on bubblessssssssssssssss

  9. yeye says:

    i like bubblesssssssss

  10. yeye says:

    Crazy for bubblesssssss

  11. Antimage says:

    Thanks wololo for ur hard work to inform the community on what is going on, i cant wait for the release of this amazing bubble hack for 3.35 and finally being able to play emulators in my work place with my Vita freshly bought! :p

  12. dboyz says:

    that’s why qwikrazor is awesome, he never keeps things which he has shown to public for so long

  13. Mr. Rab says:

    I agree that people on higher firmwares shouldnt worry too much because with a native hack comes with a lot of stuff that can be looked at and loopholes can be found much faster with that access. At least I’d like to believe so.

  14. ...... says:

    webkits psvita was headache to understand just release the bubbles.

  15. Mr Genius says:

    No 1 is impossible well done guys kip up a gud work hep hep hoorayyyy…

  16. yeye says:

    i like bubnlessssssssss

  17. lollypop says:

    i vote for retro rampage city rrc for the next one 😀
    just bought it

  18. lollypop says:

    the democrazy of exploits and popups 😀

  19. jesus says:

    nice work guy onto the scene keep goin in the right way

  20. Bronson says:

    So if I’m able to make an artificial vhbl/TN bubble, then am i able to make a bubble of the psp ISOs I run through TN?

  21. thebudds says:

    Feeling like the scene “don’t care” about me is farthest from the truth. Never been happier to be on this site no matter what I might miss.

  22. Z`s father says:

    Son Z release those exploits …dont be an *** like your mom

  23. Timal says:

    Salut Wololo dsl de déranger j’aimerai s’avoir si il est encore possible de cracker ma vita j’aimerais beaucoup pouvoir jouer a Pokemon etc
    Merci pour ta future réponse 😉

    • Delphia says:

      I like the loopyplls, even if it's from last year. We'd like to buy some to give out! I could help you put ribbons on them one day if we can get together. Does your poor ankle prohibit this? nm

  24. zakaiya says:

    My 3 children sleeping right now— Bl4ckmonkey (@Bl4ckmonkey1) November 9, 2014

    for all those who are afraid to update, just get another vita it’s not that big of a deal. It was driving me crazy at first but now look at em.

  25. R+ says:

    Any date to release this exploit?

  26. MovingShadow says:

    How do I help on linux can I run the webkit on linux?

  27. Najiib says:

    Im on firmware 3.15 and a recently bought the borderlands 2 slim ps vita bundle. Should i update to the latest firmware. What should i do because i want to hack my ps vita?

  28. majaketrix says:

    so… any new development? i really need to play psp games T_T 3.35 here