What are those VHBL/TN-V bubble thingies on Vita firmware 3.35???


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  1. Blue says:

    I’m probably the only one who feels this way, but I wouldn’t mind if the hacker scene kept this exploit secret until the end of the Vita’s lifecycle, when Sony is focused more on upgrading/patching a new system instead. Or if Sony figures it out on their own and then release just before a new firmware update.

  2. DarkCorbin says:

    here i thought they used ROP to inject a file ..lol

  3. ChrisHighwind says:

    Meh, as neat as this sounds, I already have a PSP for PSP homebrew, so at this point, I’m just waiting for a native hack for 3.30 or at the very least, a way to downgrade to 3.18.

  4. juanma says:

    You will release the exploit?

  5. trickydicky says:

    Don’t know why people are going crazy over a bubble

  6. mystic_shadow says:

    Hmm I wonder if a ps3 cfw is needed for this. Sign the eboot put it on the cfw ps3 then transfer it? Just thought doubt it will work bc I guess u need an exploit to make the bubble then u can delete it. Great work guys save this for the future when the scene really needs it.

  7. rizaruky says:

    And now he releases another video showing Final Fantasy Type 0 dubbed on 3.35:


    Gotta follow him on twitter, if there is some way to donate, I will ^^

  8. ruguna06 says:

    Has anybody noticed that in the video The Z listed up above that he has games you normally wouldnt be able to install on certain region vitas

    He Has Final Fantasy Type-0 and Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd and Extend As Bubbles


  9. Jhony says:

    Tutorial plis… TUTORIAL xD

  10. ferky says:

    when can we get this??????

  11. h d p says:

    as installed so that you show a video if you’re not going to say how it’s done

  12. Rayno123 says:

    So should we update? or should i stay on 3.30?

    • jjjj says:

      The installer package does not work on 3.30 and 3.35 psvita

      • Koji says:

        Incorrect, the currently released method doesn’t work BUT they discovered a new working method that they haven’t shared yet.

        As for the original question? Don’t update if you want native Vita homebrew as that exploit is patched in 3.30/35

      • SsJVasto says:

        I wonder if we could install the V-HBL on firmware 3.18 then update the system to 3.35… Considering it’s only the “Package Installer” that’s blocked, installed apps shouldn’t be affected.

  13. internal says:

    Anyone know the package Id for the pkg installer on 3.30?

  14. jjjj says:

    As installed in my psvita TNV. You put the video works but not how to install it.

  15. Spewfr says:

    Wait so… This is firmware 3.55, right?
    Anybody remember the PS3’s firmware version 3.55 and the vulnerabilities associated with it? What a coincidence O.o
    (I can’t wait to buy one of these)

    • Spectrum says:

      I actually read about that while updating to 3.56…. It hurts to even think about what I missed out on there, and never caught up with.

  16. lollypop says:

    maybe a webkit rop forced install …
    maybe a spoofkit …

    but maybe this webkit need further development in three ways:
    -linux native naieve webkit on server on sony’s useragents
    and with a little trick called failoverflow’s leverage intro.
    -psp jspspemu in timemachine mode with gmail as ms0
    and mph firmwareinstaller aswell as magic gmail
    -unleashx the first xbox’s as webkit portal
    maybe an avalaunch if all goes well

    to load ur favorite exploits
    looking forward to santa claus hocus pocus

  17. h d p says:

    Amigos disculpen la demora pero logre hacer el custom firmware de la nueva actualizacion 3.35.Les explico como deben hacer y los pasos para la instalacion.Que es lo que se hace se preguntaran es muy facil instala el package instaler y tienen libertad para instalar juegos exploit sin restricciones.Y eso es todo por ahora pero depues podremos instalar los mismos juegos del psvita pirateados.
    1.-Deben descargar el custom firmware que hize .
    2.-Actualizan mediante pc que da esa opcion .Se hace con CMA.Si le da que ya estan actualizados es porque tienen el R5 en su CMA y no les detectara.
    3.-Actualizara y cuando entre el psvita con el custom firmware les aparecera el icono del package installer y hay tutoriales de como convertir juegos a pkg .
    4.-Habilite exploits como UNO y otros se descargan de psstore y lo ponen juegos como muchos tutoriales indican.
    No sirve en ip:
    Norte america.Estados Unidos , Mexico y Canada
    Europa:Todo los paises de Europa España tambien
    Asia todos
    Si actualizan y estan en esos paises indicados solo les actualizara y no instalara nada no se recomienda instalar en esos paises,yo cree el custom firmware y puse restricciones para esos paises porque pueden comprar los juegos originales sin problemas y que no lo necesitan.Si quieren que habilite yo lo hare pongan el pais.

    • what? says:

      What is this guy talking about? I don’t understand Spanish but this gut is talking about a custom firmware 3.35. I just translated his post but I don’t really understand it that much or what he is trying to point out as the translation is not perfect. He does have a link to a firmware update file through PC.

    • eder says:

      en mexico no se puede y si ya tengo la 3.35, que juegos son y tengo que descargarlos de la PS store?

      • h d p says:

        Si ya actualizaste no te lo va detectar y no actualizara tienes que esperar a un proximo firmware y talvez publique otro para ese mismo.

    • eder says:

      pon tambien para México por fa

    • martip07 says:

      Que es lo que hace exactamente tu CFW para la 3.35 …………………… o que pruebas nos das. Almenos un video no?

    • HauntedHat says:

      Yo estoy en la sección de Norte américa. No he actualizado ni he utilizado tu archivo. Por qué no habilitas el exploit para las demás zonas si así funciona tu CFW?

    • luis says:

      heyyy! como haces eso? so un estudiante de engeneria civil, y queria bajar rooms en mi psp vita

  18. ChrisHighwind says:

    Maybe it’s just me being tired, but this seems like a bit of a taunt, about how you can do all these amazing things on the Vita, but won’t ever tell the public how to do it for fear of Sony patching it, preferring to just let us salivate at beta pkgs and custom PSP bubbles we’ll never be able to use ourselves. I’m sure you’ve got a good reason for all of this, though.

    • wololo says:

      I want to emphasize that I do not have access to this myself yet. So this is not a taunt, at least not an intentional one, but rather me wanting to bring people’s attention to this. Historically, most “hacks” end up being released eventually

      • ChrisHighwind says:

        Ah, I was probably just tired at the time, then. It didn’t help that I was annoyed by something else unrelated to the Vita, hacking or otherwise at the time. I haven’t updated my PS Vita to 3.35, and I really don’t intend to unless a native hack is found for the firmwares later than 3.18.

  19. no1dead says:

    heres what i think they did,

    retstart vita while in airplane mode sign a psp eboot with the leaked keys and then you goto the vita again and start up cma with usb but copy the game over

    or intercept the data being transfered over while switchng it to a home brew?

  20. Geniux says:

    Wololo, we need your help. What is this “h d p” talking about? I speak spanish and he says that he made a Custom Firmware of the PS Vita in version 3.35. I can’t believe it, it could be a fake but we need your evaluation. Or if it is real, why is he leaking such information? .. Sorry for my english but i think this is not a game. Thanks!

  21. jn says:

    Zett will relase the exploit?

  22. kid relase c'mon says:

    Relase exploit 3.35?

  23. vampiraqula says:

    Just out of curiosity is this working on playstation tv also?

  24. Buubguy123 says:

    Good job! So happy to see the vita scene evolving in the right direction! 😀 😀

  25. Antimage says:

    I am pretty happy for those several members of this deep underground Vita dark scene but there is no point to show us this good thing and dont releasing it… sry for my bad english but im disapointed of how the members of the scene are selfish, they publish video for masturbate brains and leave the community with eyes for crying

    • wololo says:

      See it differently,understand it as a ray of hope, not a selfish act. We’re here to inform about the exciting stuff that’s going on under the hood, and this includes non released exploits!

      • danyael says:

        I understand what your getting at wololo, and most of us appreciate everything that is done here. Even I have gotten a lot of help from The Z, but I will have to admit the constant posting of videos and look what I can do posts do in a way come off in a way that seems like taunting. If there are several possibilities at the moment that are out there, all seeming slightly different, but then all of them have no current intended release date… If they are stable enough to pull off that much reproduction, why don’t the dev’s, as well as tester analyze the similarities and what kind of impact a ninja release and possible patching would compromise the others… At least release bread crums even.. The Z puts up videos of what is possible, and it is nice to see work is being done, and that there is so much out there. I watch a lot of the videos, I try to help who I can with what I’ve learned here… I just think that so much being shown off, but nothing being brought forward is making the scene rabbid..

        Personally I don’t to much mind. I have a PStv with TN, one vita with TN but it’s giving me the C1-2858-3 error… I can’t get QCMA to connect via USB for some reason, and if my wifi comes on I get that dreaded software update *** every few hours. So on that I’m lost.

        I would also like to add however, I’m a college student, my coding is sloppy and way behind, but the webkit coverage piqued my interest. I got really immersed in it, I’ve got one vita on 3.35, and I’m looking forward to what happens with that. I did notice with all the webkit exploits, and info floating around that it was a similar instance that was used in opening up the wii U… I think that there are lots of brilliant things coming from this.

        As an impatient. but both logical and respective member of the community, I’m clinching my seat for releases for all the current Firmwares 3.18-3.35. Hopefully as I learn I may be able to contribute with more then just words of wisdom to lost scene kiddies. I had run into trouble with TN-V on 3.18 until Z hammered it out for me, and I’ve since shared all I can.

        To the Dev’s Keep Up the Good Work
        To the Zett…. lay off the sugar and try to visit the candy store only once a day.. Youtube is gonna lock your bandwidth 😉

  26. hrosales says:

    Happy New Year Vita Hacks!!!

  27. birju says:

    I have no psp game on psvita if anyone hack already plese help me plz

  28. CHRIS says:


  29. AmaDama96 says:

    @wololo when will u release this exploit?? D:

  30. vincent says:

    cmman ou telecharger vhbl ou xmb ou t-nv sur psvita 3.35 sivouplait ma psp a lacher et tou mes jeu cracker son mor ; j-ai une ider pourraiton cree un jeux ou une mise a jour ou lancheur attraver web

    adres imail vinpugin@gmail.com

  31. Misael says:

    Hi everyone! =)

    I read every comment and the post and I know it was said that “some day Zett will release the hack” But almost all the comments were a month ago.

    My question is, Is it already released? =D
    It would be great to have near the new year

    Also, Is it something interesting to do at 3.35?

  32. Cosmic Taco Cat says:

    With one method of doing the bubble trick released, is there any way to make an xmb bubble yet?

  33. S,Dot21 says:

    i just recieved a psp vita version 3.35 -_- is there any emulators for this version yet?i just wanna play street fighter n samurai showdown on snes lol… any links or hint would be appreciated hapy new year tho

  34. mineski says:

    why my ps vita is not accepting files

  35. LucaxCubix says:


  36. Joel says:

    I wonder if there is way to install VHBL / TN- V bubble thingies Vita firmware 3:35 ???

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