PS Vita: Hello World running on firmware 3.30

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  1. Mikufan says:

    Should we update? Or is it better to stay on 3.18 because of the webkit exploit?

    • Shrek says:

      Best to stay on 3.18 until they have a release for something on 3.30.

    • The Z says:

      Stay at 3.18, until we say otherwise.

      • macoman says:


      • Steve nugent says:

        My son updated my vita to 3.30…do you think I am sc*** long term or do you think there will be hope for me one day? Only had the vita two weeks and managed to get tn-10 working on it….gutted.

        • stOneskull says:

          Look on the bright side of trophies, psn and vita stuff. You can always get a second hand PSP for cheap too if not another Vita. Worry won’t help mate.

        • The Z says:

          You might want to remove the wifi function of your PS Vita.

          Otherwise password protect it.

        • :) says:

          Just patiently wait. There is always hope as long as people are still interested in the Vita scene.

          I wouldn’t worry too much about it and play some of the new Vita games for now. There are some pretty good games out right now. Just check back in 3 months or something.

      • Jaywou says:

        Can you safely stay on 3.0.1 with megamix exploit if you want the webkit exploit?

  2. macoman says:

    not update, because it’s not that you can not do something with the 3.30 version, but behind the scenes is most advanced version 3.18 so not update, precariousness and should give support to those who are behind all this.

  3. APRON-MAN says:

    The title got me exited. 🙁

    • MadZiontist says:

      Same here lol. Thought it was a Hello World for a Native Hack. This is still great news though. I’m still unsure of what to do w/ my PS TV once I pick it up on the 14th, if it’s below 3.30.

      • chad says:

        Return it.

        • MadZiontist says:

          Wow. Thanks for the words of wisdom chadwick. I’m not sure what I woulda done without your post.

          • Chad says:

            Just being a smart ***, I honestly hope there ends up being a way to do something with them other than what Sony would like us to do with them. If that ends up being the case I may pick one up myself. The feeling I got from your post was that you weren’t sure if you wanted it, that being the reason for my reply.


    • w00tguy123 says:

      Me too.

      “PSVita: Hello world …” with no mention of VHBL? Oh, come on!

  4. CPUzX says:

    I’d rather have online functionality, than wait for an unknown duration of time for a limited native exploit.

  5. perfig says:


  6. Rose says:

    This is exciting news. I do agree, however, that the title of the article is misleading, and should mention that this is the ePSP, not the Vita itself, as the current title implies.

  7. chronoss says:

    Hourrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Antz says:

    Hey I just learn about emulating for the ps vita. But i upgraded to 3.30 already, is there anyway to downgrade?! If so please let me know!

    • MadZiontist says:

      Unfortunately there’s no way to downgrade. You should stay at 3.30 though, as there may be a an exploit released at some point for eCFW.

  9. Warfather says:

    does anybody know how to get on the psn store on 3.18 but my os is ubuntu linux so i need help for minecraft

  10. solidsnake says:

    Of course. Its always a matter of time. So I wait in silence and shadow patiently.

  11. Piratesteve says:

    Stay on 3.18 if you want to steal and pirate vita games soon.

  12. NoName says:

    Be careful or that Snake guy is going to ruin it again.

    • stOneskull says:

      He didn’t ruin anything. It was good having a range of games in different regions for everyone to try out tn-v. Sony still would have patched the exploit even if it was one game. And that ps1 iso trick was cool. Stay on 3.18 with your cool tricks or update for the normal vita experience. Simple choice.

      • mlc says:

        There would be 10 more kernel exploits and 50 more user exploits had he not leaked them all at once, though. Sony might have accidentally patched some of them, even if only one was released, but they probably patched “more” this way than if those had remained secret.

        • Power3003 says:

          But you are missing the point that it was HIS team’s work excluding 1 so he could of done whatever he wanted to do, could of even gotten rid of everything and never made any of it public. Also by the patch that Sony did to stop the running of the H.bin, they probably planned to tighten their security anyways.

    • 777s3ns3i777 says:

      That Snake guy has helped allowing u to run ePSP CFW or homebrew on ur vita 😛 personally I’m thankful for his contributions.

  13. nina says:

    I bought a 64gig chip, which I just got in the mail last week (and it works, and it’s beautiful). I was dealing with the 8 gig chip my Vita came with. The first thing I did was go to the Playstation Network and re-download a couple games I already purchased, but it told me to update to 3.30. So, I updated. But I have every confidence in you guys, keep up the good work.

  14. lollypop says:

    im not running smartscreen on this pc
    but it seems as if this internet connection is
    cuz this video starts playing to immediatly dissapear
    could u host on nic ?
    nodejs undeletable

  15. Death Gun says:

    Guys if I update to 3.30 will games and apps that I installed through PKG Installer stop working? 😀

  16. Zik says:

    *sigh* gotta update if i wanna play online…but i wanna stay on 3.18 for the psp games…kinda a hard choice, but gotta go online since i use my vita for remote play.

  17. Danganronpa says:

    So honest question, I have a Vita with 3.15 firmware but I’m confused as to what I need to hack it or if it’s even still possible. I can’t get into PSN without having to update so is there any way to hack my Vita? I just wanna play emulators on it honestly.

    • Danganronpa says:

      I should also mention I have Tekken 2 on my Vita. Would it be possible to go to the PSN store via PC and buy the exploitable games on there then have it auto download to my Vita so I don’t have to update the thing?

  18. 777s3ns3i777 says:

    Awesome stuff, and thanks to all of you guys who provide us with the cool stuff for our psp’s and vita’s 🙂 u guys rock, much appreciated for your hard work.

  19. Loute says:

    I mostly do not doubt the guy used a new hack for a modified save of Go Sudoku, proving that, to a certain extension, the game can still load a TN-V on 3.30 but I noticed that when he starts his VITA, Gravity rush loads, meaning -if I’m right- that the cartridge’s in the device.
    Then why is there no GR icon on top of the main board?
    This is an open question, has this feature been removed in 3.30 or could it be a hint that’s a fake?
    I’m staying on 3.18 by now, I’ll update when I am sure everything shown in this video is correct.
    If the guy’s right then good job sir, looking forward for a TN-V or even a way to indirectly use my UMD from the VITA’s main screen ^_^

  20. Cameron says:

    I signed up for the newsletter and for updates for exploits for games and I have never received anything I just got another Vida and upgraded to 3.30 can you please tell me how to be in line for the release game name that’ll allow the exploits to work

  21. jsksz says:

    plz where ican got pkg installer for psv 3.30 an it willmake the hacked games like the peope who upload sin torrents play and copy fre or noplz help

  22. pokemonlee says:

    how to hack ps vita 3.30

  23. henri says:

    i’m running 2.12 is there a game i can used to exploit it?

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