SKFU reacts to the release of Firmware 3.30, confirms he can still run the package installer


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  1. Chihuahua says:

    Oh nice! This post has made me smile, great work devs and keep up the good work.

  2. BirthByRight says:

    still good! nyahahha.. im planning to stay on 3.18 no matter what XD
    tnx to this good ol men that this fantastic device(PSV) still have hope.
    psV has the potential to run ps2 games, android apps(if some1 really did do this)
    and other things. tnx SKFU team and acid snake and other pple who supports you.

    • zorak_torok says:

      REALLY doubting ps2 unless frame skip is set to something ridiculous and sound set to really low mhz if even on at all… Android on the other hand should work with limited support on some of the higher end stuff. Good to see you giving thanks… Reminds me that I havnt said thanks since the go got exploited, so…. Thankyou to the developers that are doing all the work that I dont have the time to learn how to do anymore.

      • small44 says:

        There was an Dreamcast emulators on psp while the games are unplayable it’s still run it and considering ps2 is less powerfull then Dreamcast and vita a lot more powerfull then psp i think it’s possible to have a PS2 emulator on vita

        • Terra says:

          Probably not.

          For one, the PS2 was actually the more powerful console, the DC had a processor clocked at 200MHz, whereas the PS2’s was clocked at nearly 300MHz. 16MB RAM on DC, 32 on PS2. 8MB VRAM on DC, 4 on PS2, however extra RAM can be used for the GPU if needed. Overall, the PS2 was just more powerful.

          Secondly, you can’t run a PS2 emulator just because you have the as much computing power as the actual console did. You also have to have the resources to emulate the hardware, which can be pretty intensive. Just try running a PS2 emulator on amodern mid-line laptop. It would far out power the PS2, but barely be able to emulate it’s simplest games.

          Basically, you can be hopeful, and it may even be possible, but it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll ever be playing perfectly emulated PS2 games on your Vita.

          • gunblade says:

            Cool I like the ninjah gaiden game for the vita also was thinking about getting sword art online. since the show was cool on cartoon network.

          • Davey says:

            I emulate the PS2 on my i7 4930k with 24GB DDR3 RAM and 2 GTX670’s in SLi and emulating the PS2 still uses about 10-16% of the CPU and the games DO lag at points. Such as Gran Turismo even without maxing out the CPU. The emulators can only emulate so much. Trick is all the CPU’s used in these gaming consoles need to be individually emulated (eg. sound processor) then work together symmetrically and they frequently go out of sync regardless of CPU power. Emulating such powerful consoles (even PS2) is just tuff. SNES/GENESIS/GameBoy only have a single CPU and are much easier to emulate. Remember the SNES FX chip they added to the cartridge for StarFox? This requires MUCH more CPU power to emulate and even today the games are not 100%, like MarioKart SNES. Emulation is tricky. I have a RaspBerry Pi that runs at 1GHz has 1GB RAM and I can barely emulate DOS on the x86 platform even with those speeds.

        • smalj44 is an idiot says:

          Link or it didn’t happen.

          There is a Saturn emulator for PSP, it runs about 2 sec/frame (not frame/sec).

    • CRKFIEND says:

      Dude, Android emulation would be sweet.

      I’m imagining playing NBA Jam on the vita right now!

  3. zorak_torok says:

    Always good to see a door cracked…

  4. DevKit says:

    There goes another post from SKFU with nothing really useful to say.
    He can launch the Package Installer on his debug/dev kits. Big *** deal. So can anyone with a debug/dev kit!

    • BirthByRight says:

      i think you dont have any idea on what you are talking about.
      do you know why he is still persisting for that F***ing webkit?
      coz that will be the source of what we will be calling NATIVE PSV EXPLOIT.
      nobody can copy things in their memory card or psvita but that PAck installer can hopefully b the way to open the SAFE of psV’s security.
      if you dont have anything good to say, just keep your mouth shut.

    • Alex says:

      He never said he was launching it on his devkits tho.

  5. BirthByRight says:

    i hope, no more premature LEAKS will happens in the development of native psV exploits.

    • Power3003 says:

      But if Acid_snake didn’t leak the games, we would have no TN-v exploit at all since Sony apparently was planning to patch the way the exploit is loaded up.

  6. Ruben_Wolfe says:

    That’s some great news.
    Its funny, you know? even though the vita hadn’t even been hacked natively I still find it’s scene to be the most interesting.

    “Install pkg without using pkg installer”
    This is quite impressive.

  7. anonanon says:

    Only thing I’ll miss about being on the latest firmware is PS4 remote play, but now that it’s apparently possible on any android device, with a simple hack – I’m sure I’ll be able to do without remote play on my vita πŸ™‚

  8. Dacio says:

    Well, as a player living in a country like Argentina, this is awesome. Here, the games are kind of expensive and afford a game for the psvita should be a decisive choice. I hope this becomes a huge step into the hacking scene!

    • CRKFIEND says:

      You think because “Games are kind of expensive” that it’s a legitimate reason to pirate? You are the problem with our scene. With all the fantastic homebrew opportunities, some amazing emulation/porting opportunities could rear their heads with the power of the vita.

      Piracy should never be a “decisive choice” whatever that means.

      • mlc says:

        But, on the other hand, people who literally can’t afford to purchase games aren’t doing much actual harm when they pirate them.

        • gunblade says:

          True u think if they can’t realy afford it they wouldent realy purchess it.

        • champ says:

          um…. so who exactly can afford a $150-$200 vita but not a $15-$40 game? Good logic

          • Kira Slith says:

            How about if it was a GIFT? social rules dictate you cannot sell or return a gift and they can’t exactly afford to blindly purchase a game based on a flashy demo or word of mouth since both sources of info tend to be inaccurate at best as to the real quality of the game. So try asking again and look even more like a snob, I’m certain there is a point where it starts looking normal again. πŸ˜›

          • Modasucka says:

            I had to sell my second 3DS and two Mario games for a Vita. Vitas don’t come cheap you know. I wish I had money to buy a second one. But why spend $40 to buy just one game when you gotta whole list of games on your system for free. It was the same case with the PSP scene. A lot of people preferred to download and transfer their games through PC, instead of switching UMDs. When it comes to saving money, common sense always tells you to choose the cheapest and most reliable way. Who cares if it’s piracy? In this day and age we all gotta grind cuz we got bills to pay. Why not get your entertainment for free?

      • alpmaster says:

        What is the difference of someone illegal downloading a game and not paying for it? From stores like Gamestop and Best Buy and other stores selling used games and making all the profit not anything to the developers is that right or shouldn’t that be illegal?

      • Claym0res says:

        CRKFIEND, piracy doesnt really do harm. Stop believeing the garbage that MAFIAA and RIAA keep spewing out. In fact piracy has actually increased the amount of copies of a game sold.

  9. Dacio says:

    Just to add: IΒ΄ve tried converting a psp iso into a pkg and run it but it wonΒ΄t work. (Tried in 3.01, and 3.18).

    • N says:

      That’s because you can only install and run singed pkg’s from sony for now.

    • DarkenLX says:

      believe it or not the psp games installed on vita via psn or cma are not iso format they are just eboot.pbp in the ms0:/psp/game/[game’s ID here]/eboot.pbp

  10. Brenza says:

    I’d not call that a secret, if i’m right you can simply use a proxy to redirect the psvita to a false xml file while looking for a game update. you hust have to provide the link to your “custom” package and you’ll get it installed πŸ™‚

    This should work on ps3 and ps4 too but obviously you can only install ecdsa signed package files πŸ™‚

  11. CPUzX says:

    Right, well… Does anyone here remember the last 123456789876543210 times SKFU has been called out as a faker and a liar? It was only last year, he apparently had already created a ‘native exploit’.

  12. Gianni C. says:

    Very Nice to see that SKFU still has abilities to execute his Code /To install pkgs. Dumb question and I am pretty sure it is a ‘yes’. So will a Future release of a vita hack/exploit work on oldschool firmwares Like 3.01? I think so but an answer would be Nice.

    • gamr13 says:

      Most likely not as methods to exploit could be a feature added to a later OFW. Not only that, the code would be written for a specific firmware.

      • Gianni C. says:

        Okay thanks. So The exploit itself would be there (Logic) but the way to Access it would not be legit for older Firmware versions as it is written for one specific Firmware.

        I let my vita on this old FW (don’t play as often as I want) and in case I have to, I Update to The FW with The exploit.

  13. Tommaso says:

    I think it’s time for native hack. What you’re waiting (developer)? Psvita games are rare and poor than psp games. What’s the sense of this wait..A lot of consolles and more memory card could be sold.

  14. Stef says:

    GIVE us some native love

  15. Danilo says:

    Vita is able to run PS2 emulator the future?

  16. marco says:

    io ho 3.01 va bene lo stesso?

  17. hrosales says:

    You Devs are simply awesome…from some time ago, one of my first readings of the morning include a daily visit to wololo…no matter no updated news, I just re-read any interesting posted news…I do not understand most of the technical bla bla bla…but is kinda interesting, and I am waiting for that Native hacking

  18. gbot says:

    inb4 donations requested

  19. reaper527 says:

    i wonder if his alternate method installer has the same restrictions in that it can’t install drm’ed packages. if he can get around that, then we could install pso2 on a us region profile. that would be absolutely amazing.

  20. DS_Marine says:

    Well if skfu reacts again to this blog we could have and infinite loop and kill the internet πŸ˜€

  21. meysam25 says:

    its great . i have no reason to move on 3.30 .
    keep going guys , you almost there i can feelet

  22. Meler says:

    well we all wanna stop that crappy game cat and mouse with spending money and making revenue for F****$ony that makes me sad πŸ˜€ I bhought lots games for kernel exploit to use psp emulator LoL even that i own psp its nice to play game share on vita with psp player πŸ˜€ my point is packege intaller is very good way to make vita games Free of charge πŸ˜€ i am on 3.18 thanks to go sudoku πŸ˜€ but not again long wait till something happpens πŸ™

    • animax says:

      “packege intaller is very good way to make vita games Free of charge” – No it isn’t. It is the worst thing that could possibly happen.

  23. Alexander Novarro says:

    I was on 3.15 when for the first time I entered here last week… I thought I wouldn’t be ale to nothing with it so I upgraded it to 3.30… my bad! I hope 3.30 gets properly hacked as well… =/

  24. Ganjer says:

    Very thanks for the info. I waited my whole life for pkg-support on the PSV. JAJAJA (spanish laugh).

  25. ChrisHighwind says:

    Drat, I already upgraded my firmware without thinking about native Vita hacks. So much for having native homebrew on my Vita…

  26. giggione&donatello says:

    Hope to see the true power of this handeld soon.Mosts of the native Vita’s apps sux for real. (Browser included). ,….Are you reading …Sony?

  27. Jephar says:

    I remember when I posted about if it is possible for the vita to emulate android my post got banned.As for PS2 emulation I got it on my laptop but its very slow.On my Vita I got eCFW on 3.18 but cannot access wifi due to forced update.

  28. xXdinoXx says:

    once again, since yesterday i cant use cma anymore. i have open cma r5 but everytime i try to connect the vita with my pc the vita will update to 3.30. i dont know whats wrong. i had never any problem with cma and open cma, since yesterday. and yes, i know what i must do with open cma (administrator etc.). can anybody explain what it is?
    thank you guys.

    • YZ Rum says:

      Did you update CMA to the latest version? If yes, uninstall it and download the previous version. If not, then redownload OpenCMA, extract and copy the files to the CMA folder located deep within your local disk in the program files x86 folder. Make sure at this point CMA is not running and you’ve disconnected from your internet. After that, right click (do not double-click because it won’t work) the run.bat file and click run as administrator. You should see a black window appear and then a few extra files will be created to activate OpenCMA. Press any key to close the black window. Now head straight to your Vita. Go to Settings and put it on Airplane mode, restart your Vita, leave it in Airplane mode and connect your Vita through USB to the PC. After that everything should be settled. If you tried all this in the direct order I gave you and your still having issues, I highly recommend you pray for your Vita.

  29. Battlwaxedawh says:

    for me I’m happy to see a native vita hack to run ISO, not because free game piracy. But so I download versions of games I have and not have to keep changing cards etc. plus so I can download games only released in Japan with a eng patch.

  30. DQEight says:

    I updated because I thought the only reason to stay was for VHBL and TN-V (which I have a psp so they don’t mean much to me) did not know about the native hack…now im sad.

    • Alexander Novarro says:

      same here! I’ve update my vita that was on 3.15 but had no exploitable games on it… so my only option was to update it!

      • chad says:

        3.18 was an option up until last Thursday or Friday and I downloaded Talkman Tokyo on 3.18 on Sunday using the download que method on Sony’s website. Next time check all your options before updating.

  31. PirateForLife says:

    This is great news as we all wait to pirate games like we did with the psp and ruined that. Can’t wait to download unlimited vita isos.

  32. NeonAera says:

    Great article, wololo. Glad to see that we are making steps towards vita hacking, cool progress. Can’t wait. Anyway, folks, one question! I stayed on firmware 3.01 with megamix TN-V, and I didn’t update to 3.18, because I thought.. what the heck, what is the point since there isn’t any good new PSVita apps, or other etc worth updating for along with the game exploits that work with 3.18 and plus, nearly all the good vita games came out already like FFX HD require lower firmware, etc.. So I stayed back…. But, I’m worried… would I still be able to take advantage of future vita hacks then if I’m at 3.01? Must I be at 3.18? I’m fine though, right? As long as I’m not on firmware 3.30.., but just want to know if I should have updated to 3.18 though. Thanks a lot guys.

  33. Patrick-Star says:

    Anyone who puts their hopes up high for the kind of stuff SKFU is hiding or he says “He Has” or “He Is Planning To Release In The Near Future”, well I’m pretty sure nobody will get it or “IT WILL NEVER BE RELEASED AGAIN”. SKFU is famous for being a clown/joke/phallus head(whatever is appropriate) in the psp/psv community. Thanks anyway for the late April Fools’ article.

  34. exo_gurei says:

    PKG installer can read the package even in movie formats eg. .mov, .mp4, .avi, etc. The background picture of the app gives you the clue.

  35. xyler says:

    So correct me if im wrong but if your goal is to get a vita with a native hack the best you can do is stay on 3.18? Though there is also a chance on 3.30, right?

    • xyler says:

      My bad I read a few other post and am now aware that the real posibility of a native vita hack hades within the webkit hack

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