ARK 2 and arkMenu go open source.


I like beer.

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  1. anon says:

    Considering all the PRO CFW copyrights stating it’s licensed under GPLv3 or later does that mean you were violating the license until you posted the source code?

    • The Z says:

      If the original author of the original (GPLv3’ed) source code says it is okay for Acid_Snake to keep it closed source, then it is, per se, not a GPLv3 violation.

      Guess why TN does not have to make TN-V open sourced, despite using PRO CFW code… Because he is allowed to keep it closed (afaik).

      • Acid_Snake says:

        Not correct. What GPLv3 says is the the original owners of the license can create a closed source branch of the original content, and this is what happened here, the PRO Team made a closed source branch of the original. I did not have to make it open source simply because it had to be the authors who decided that, not me.

        And the reason TN doesn’t make Inferno open source is because he hasn’t made any alterations to the code that we know of, so basically his code is the same as the one in the PRO CFW (and also the same applied to ARK here, since only Inferno was brought from PRO, everything else was written from scratch).

  2. Joel16 says:

    Watch out for an ArkGod menu might be in the works. Only those from the good ol days of the PSP scene would know what I’m talking about.

  3. hutchy says:

    Also this means we will able to pirate there is no tomorrow, so all in all great news.

  4. reprep says:

    I appreciate it, thanks.

    About TN, TN-V is his work and he is free to make it open source or not. I just felt the need to write this when i see this “we all know how much TN likes to share code”.

    i remember him sharing source code of his savestate plugin, DS3 remapper plugin for example. If he is not sharing TN-V, it means he has his reasons.

    it is good to make a project open source, while it is not good to criticize a project just for being not open source. in the end it is the creator’s choice and should be respected. Of course unless there isn’t a GPL or another binding contract which dictates the project to be open source.

    • angelic_sedition says:

      “He has his reasons”.. whatever that means. Of course he can choose to do what he wants with his code. The point is that if someone doesn’t release the source code for a project and decides to stop working on it, the project dies; there is not even the possibility for further development. No one else can make changes or contribute if they want to. This is a valid concern; it’s not a criticism of the project just because it fits the description “not open source”. I haven’t seen anyone here saying that TN is a terrible person and should release his code.

      • reprep says:

        This is not the first time this (or something along those lines) is said.

        Plus we do not know if he decided to stop working on it or not.

  5. Ruben_Wolfe says:

    Knowledge is power, and this might help someone.
    Anywho (guess I always wanted to ask this): what are the benefits of using ARK eCFW over TN-V ?

    Thanks for making it an open source, snake and everybody else who ever worked on it.

    • yosh says:

      Whatever they are, there will always be pros & cons in everything, so you can be sure it’s best to have both lol

  6. NNNRT says:

    You know what this means? Themes! 😛

  7. Behrooz says:

    when i want to use content manager it says you should update your system firmware and doesn’t let me to do something like transferring files with open cma plz help me im upset

    • Dockotis says:

      Go to the /talk forums and all your question can be answered…
      …and have been…
      …many, many, MANY, times…

      Stop drawing unneeded attention when it had already been solved if you just search and read…

    • REBUILD says:

      You have to rebuild your database by putting the vita to recovery mode then choose rebuild database. The only downside is that it will reset your vita live area’s appearance to default (Icons, wallpapers, etc.), but, you get rid of that firmware update notifications (that is, if you really did not want them showing up, because you are using TN-V or ARK or VHBL at least.

    • Stiffeno says:

      Behrooz what you posted has NOTHING to do with this post, why would you post this here? the forums are there for a reason!

      Its generally frowned upon to hijack a post to say something totally un-related to the article and thus nobody wants to hear!

      • Behrooz says:

        may you some day understand the good feeling of helping someone and ok you are right about unrealation.

  8. papercut says:

    when you will release the new menu could exploit this to work? natively on psvita ?

  9. roswell108 says:

    For anyone using github instead of bitbucket, I found forks of both repositories up at and

  10. Syafiq_147 says:

    guys i need some help here…i cant seem to open tempAR using tn-v10..try R+home button but didnt work i also have cwcheat plugin do i need to disable cwcheat to make tempar work or how?? help me out here man

    • roswell108 says:

      Isn’t this post about ark and the source for ark? I thought tn-v was a different platform and would have support threads in the /talk forum.

  11. lollypop says:

    maybe u need an opensource win8 smartscreen beating opencma+sonycma all inonehack

  12. Danilo says:

    Hey, I wanted to use the exploit Package Installer can you help me? I like your use QCMD but I do not have the ’email’ Package Installer …

  13. lollypop says:

    start with exiting the cma in traybar
    install the sonycma that correlates to the firmware u have
    install the opencma to sonycma dir
    run runme as admin

    next have wifi enabled on vita to enable pâiring
    somehow i get cma to only work after pairing and wifi only

    next install the saves and the games u like
    no need for demo only pkg’s

  14. lollypop says:

    space tekken patapon2 confirmed working by now :p
    u happen to know a warez site i can use with these exp ?

  15. zorak_torok says:

    I have nothing to say, but damn! Some of these replies made me chuckle.

  16. roswell108 says:

    Is this a reply? Given the content, I can’t say I’m surprised you had trouble using the “Reply” button, though. You are lucky you even got a response and not just a middle finger when asking for piracy. It was a polite way of saying that you should look elsewhere.