Native Vita Hacking: What’s the situation so far? (Part 2)


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  1. zorak_torok says:

    If Im reading correctly, Yifan Lu is saying that the browser is an entry point in which will not be needed later after control has been obtained… Point is that there will be a possible ability to update later after the nessecary files are installed…. Then the ban hammer comes down. :-> Just saying that the better web browser will still be available later along with remote play…. Kinda like the ps3…. Much more complicated with the cma *** and more robust security measures…. But if this pans out, thats where I see it headed.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      What yifanlu is saying is something I will be saying in later posts.
      Wekbit is not at all the pinnacle of it, it only allows for ROP code to be executed. With a good ROP compiler and memory dump analyzer you can do some homebrews, but the amount of imports available are more limited, so we can’t just stop here, we gotta aim higher. Of course there could be a lot of time lapsed between now and getting a (much better) VSH exploit (more imports) and Sony is already going to update webkit to a version without our exploit, so we might as well make it public and give away some sort of SDK to allow for homebrews to be developed to a certain degree while we keep trying to gain better code execution.

  2. zorak_torok says:

    BTW… Ive posted drunk comments on here befor and having reread some of my own, I have to ask: You were driking a lil when you put this togather wernt you, Acid_Snake?

    • Acid_Snake says:

      Normally I would say yes, I drink a shitton, but no I wasn’t drinking when writing these articles.

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    • Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve cheered me up!

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  3. Pirateforfree says:

    When this comes out we can steal and download any game we want? Wow, this is the best news ever!!!!! You guys need to hurry up I’ve got a lot of downloading to do. Go Pirates!!!!

  4. outsider says:

    ha, going on SAFARI is fun! even on the vita 😛

  5. lollypop says:

    spawn just install a pkg that installs unsigned pkg’s.

  6. outsider says:

    SAFARIs are fun! Even on the Vita, but you won’t be able to execute unsigned code there 😛

  7. w00tguy123 says:

    Future Vita homebrew developer standing by.

    Pong clones for everybody!

  8. kregano says:

    I’m hoping that this eventually leads to Vita CFW that allows for external HDD support on the Vita TV/PS TV. That minor bit of functionality would do wonders for its viability.

  9. z2 says:

    The feature that I’m waiting for is to dump all of my vita games, I have about 15 carts(and counting) and it’s very inconvenient swapping ’em once in a while.. And it’s better if just seal those carts forever to preserve them..

  10. marios92 says:

    I have a question, and ask for clarification, so not say things like “you are crazy” etc LOL
    Question is: so Vita can handle a ps2 emulator, but can run Ps2 classic or converted ps2 classic like ps3? How work this PS2 Classic? Why need conversion? In the emulators, game not need a conversion, right, so ps2 classic on ps3 are not a emulator. A people on gamefaqs say that ps2 classic are only optimization of ps2 game that allows them to run on ps3, and so he said that way may can also work for psvita: not emulator, but conversion/optimization of ps2 games to allow to run on psvita. Is really possible? I know that for certain answers, we need first a native hack and all ps vita potential, but in theory? Can work?

    • Kegdas says:

      Actually, PS2 classics on the PS3 ARE emulated. If you, on the regular slim PS3, have a hacked firmware, you can find proof of it yourself. You can even use it, similar to the PSP POPs system. By that I mean you can use PS2 games and “convert them” into PS2 classics to play on your PS3. I wont entertain, just search it up, it’s a popular method. The ties into the next point of your post, you were saying how they are released with patches to even run? The problem with converting to PS2 classics on a hacked PS3 is that not a lot of games are compatible, so yes, you’re right. Of course fully accurate software emulation would be very tough to accomplish on the PS2 even nowadays. Look at PCSX2. Great emulator, but there are some crippling visual bugs on games like SOTC, MGS3, R&C, SH, etc, and they likely won’t be fixed for awhile. However what Sony can do is “patch” the game so the PS3 software emulator interprets it differently, basically hacking it. Sometimes these hacks give it a cheap and noticeable difference, though it seems the more popular games do not have this problem. That’s why not all PS2 games are released as PS3 classics, it requires work from the Sony side to get them to work.

      Also the conversion/optimization thing you’re talking about is literally porting. Taking the master code of one game and rewriting it on a different system using their architecture and devkits. Then the question begins: Can you really play PS2 games on the Vita? Well, can you? Vita, with the nearly free and modern intuitive devkits? Respected amongst lots of devs throughout the entire video game community? Whereas the PS2 devkits were commonly shunned for being extremely hard to use (classic example – Resident Evil 4)? While the PS2 has a max CPU clock of 250mhz, and GPU of 150mhz, while the Vita has a quadcore arm-based chip with a maximum clock of 2ghz? It’s no doubt the Vita is more powerful than the PS2 and thus can handle games of similar and better quality. It just depends on how well the developers want to optimize the game. But to answer your question, no, there is no way to “convert” code to a different architectures. Only run a program to interpret the code, which requires access to run unsigned code. A PSV might be able to emulate some simplistic looking PS2 games, but that depends on if someone is willing to go through the trouble to optimize a PS2 emulator for the PSV. I mean I guess PCSX2 is open source so that might work, but enjoy only playing some sprite-based games I’m guessing.

      • marios92 says:

        Thanx for your answer. So, also not with fully compatibility, you really think that PSV can run a ps2 emulator

        • Kegdas says:

          It can run a PS2 emulator no doubt. Wherever you have access to write and launch code, you can code anything you want on it. But it would really depend on which games you are playing, as I don’t see the Vita running most 3D PS2 titles, I don’t think it has enough power. I can imagine some sprite-based games would work fine, like Mana Khemia, GrimGrimoire, Odin Sphere, and Disgaea but that’s only if it is a well-coded emulator, and beyond that, don’t expect nice 3d titles like SOTC, GoW, R&C, etc.

          Sony likely has more knowledge on how to make a PS2 emulator run decently with some edits, it’s just that of course they’re not going to spend a lot of time on it as there’s not much money to be made with it. Look at Fatal Frame, the PS2 classic version on PS3 and the PS2 version on PCSX2. The PS2 classic version runs well, whereas on PCSX2 the game has a lot of bugs that are mostly fixed by changing to software mode (which makes it very difficult to play). Our best bet for PS2 games on the PSVita is for Sony to do their magic but I doubt they’re ever going to ever put actual effort into it.

          Honestly, count for a functional N64 emulator before a PS2 emulator, N64 seems a lot more reasonable. God I can’t wait for the native hacks to come out just for the emulators. Anyone else really wanting a DS emulator? You could put the screens side to side, plus the Vita has touch controls just like the DS. I really hate Nintendo hardware so I can’t bring myself to play a lot of games that otherwise seem cool, like 999, Ghost Trick, TWEWY, etc.

          • marios92 says:

            Yeah, a full N64 emulator will be grat too. Maybe also Dreamcast. Also if my dream is a ps2/xbox/gamecube games on portable XD With Vita CFW i hope also for some amazing plugins like CWcheat and macrofire, very useful. So, according to you, a ps2 emulator on Vita can’t run also a not “heavy” game like POP The Sands of Time or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? XD

          • That is so awesome! I have been wanting something like that since I was about 7-8 months pregnant for E's room — something with softer more diffuse light! It's all too pricey though. I am definitely doing this!

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  11. Tom says:

    The main feature I’m waiting for is to never pay for any vita games and just pirate them all for free. Whoo hoo, we all can’t wait, soon enough it will be here.

  12. MisterTea says:

    @Tom : Worst comment ever …

  13. Barry says:

    Tom has the right idea, we need as soon as possible so we can start stealing.

  14. Chuck says:

    I’ll gladly pay for games. I just want to be able to Edit my save game data!!

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  15. spaceforce says:

    Coooooool, quite a good article for those having some understanding of CS and programming. Google is patching chrome and rewarding hackers for a securer browser, but Sony does not. One day Sony will pay for their laziness, watching us playing dumped games.

  16. sodrue says:

    you dont crack for the community, but for your own kind of challenge…

    and the privilege to laugh sony right at its face

  17. no1dead says:

    I’ll have a vita exploit by the middle of october, with dumping of memory and all that good stuff.

  18. twisted says:

    Well, found one that works on the Vita browser (loop please wait), not sure if its exploitable yet though.

  19. Aoroxon says:

    can somebody help me out to find a GBA_Bios file for the new 3.18 firmwire (U O gpSP) please

  20. jeremymd says:

    I have dozens of purchased vita games through PSN and I fully support this. Why? Not because of the free games. It’s called getting the most out of your hardware. Not through free games, but bypassing all the friggin restrictions Sony put on their amazing device. When it came out it had amazing power under the hood(i think it still does compared to other handhelds). And what does Sony do? For the fat Vita, they didn’t include TV out(not sure if it’s an option for the new Vita). They put in an absolutely crude and ridiculous OS. No PDF reader, and I don’t want to fuss with that browser workaround. These and a whole lot more things.

    When I buy a hammer, the makers of that hammer should have NO *** SAY on how I use it. If I want to use it as a paperweight, they have no business to tell me I can’t. And that’s what I want for my Vita. Not as a paperweight, but to do everything that the hardware included SHOULD allow me to use it for.

    • Zsuzsikám! Fantasztikus vagy! Annyira szépek! Te álmodban találod ki ezeket, vagy egész nap ezen agyalsz? Nem tudom hogyan csinálod, de hagyd abba. Bár egyszerre melengeted és fájdítod a szívem! Én is akarok ilyet……

    • Hi Sherry! Thanks for visiting and commenting (and for the compliments !) I think the pesto you have on hand would work just fine! Better to clear out that freezer! If you try it, do let me know how it turns out for you.

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  21. breno says:

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  22. Shapeshifter says:

    Not just that most of the games and accessories on the vita are a rip off- $70-80 for a single game in my country
    This is why piracy exists and will continue to do so until the creators realise consumers are not fools,we know that charging so much for a $30 (US price) is a big no go
    That’s why I do not fully support anti-piracy
    I do purchase and support devs and companies who deserve it and arent asking undeserving rates based on country
    I’m a dev myself and I know its tough to make money but its no reason to overcharge and loot consumers based on country
    iTunes is a good example – $2 for a movie while some other companies want $15 which is bs, In a case like this i will buy the iTunes one instead of buying the $15 and avoid piracy because $2 is a fair deal

    • Carli says:

      The forum is a bregthir place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

    • first of all, I love you. second, who said that you can only wear 1 outfit for your engagement pictures?!?!?! You can have several outfit changes and I strongly recommend it. so there problem solved

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  23. DarkAlex says:

    I’ll have something out at the end of Sept where you can use your own store bought memory card and native vita downloads.

  24. Elitecrew says:

    While I do not condone piracy, I agree with a comment made. If I did pick it up correct.
    Why doesn’t a Dev, try do for the vita, what Saurik does for iOS? Then we would be paying all Devs
    An sc*** over apple. Obv, I do not mean try JB, I mean little things from releasing ps1 loaders to
    a range of other things. Just my 2p worth guys. 🙂 Let’s not bombard the n00b with insults now.

  25. BobMarcho says:

    I was looking to install my old psp games on my vita this weekend. looks like it aint happening, 3.30 just got released. just wow

  26. vaibhav says:

    Hello… If i wanted to learn hacking vita from the basics where would be a good point for me to start?

  27. Maybelle says:

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