Upcoming PS Vita HBL for Firmware 3.30 canceled!

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  1. error says:

    @vitanoob yes its on EU psn at the moment
    dont now about US JPN and ASIA though

  2. error says:


  3. Giovanni says:

    Hi, i’m from Italy, i haven’t followed the Ps Vita hacking scene and today i see all this cataclysm.

    Someone can resume in a few words what’s happened?

    What can i do at know?

    Thanks for patience.

  4. jess says:

    some have the patapon 2 demo pkg link

  5. xXToYeDXx says:

    Why do I get the feeling that the recent leak may have all but killed the Vita hacking scene? Can someone please tell me I’m wrong? I’ve been waiting for the wizards to make progress into a native CFW for the Vita. Will this mass leak kill any possibility of that happening or merely delay it?

    • chory says:

      you are right( um probably) I have the same feeling in this case

    • eoawell108 says:

      News should never include personal feelings and biased predictions. This isn’t a news site. Its a blog. Innovation only dies when everyone gives up on it so don’t let someone that did tell you it is.

  6. Vitanoob says:

    can i use patapon 2 psp demo? i have patapon 2 psp demo in my computer.

  7. hulkamania says:

    Is it possible to run vhbl with patapon (2) 3.18 exploit? I’m dying to play SNES. Need HELP!

  8. Elson says:

    Sim funciona perfeitamente