ARK 2 for up to firmware 3.18


I like beer.

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  1. ogogo says:


    and the last days made me rly sad T.T

  2. Kryptek says:

    Wait so should I stick with TN-V10 or switch to ARK?

    • tysonrss says:

      No, Granni.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      Whatever fits your needs and likes more.

    • MadZiontist says:

      This isn’t really a case of “should” or “shouldn’t”. It’s a matter of preference. As Acid_Snake said, “Those of you who would like to use the XMB instead of crappy menus, TN should have a port working soon.” Also, TN-V offers the LEDA,prx plugin which allows for older homebrew-emulator compatibility, as well as its other features that ARK doesn’t offer. However I’m sure that ARK (I haven’t used it in a long time) offers advantages over TN-V as well. So the best thing to do, if you’re still undecided, is to try both…and see which one you like better.

  3. mlc says:

    On the plus side, if you’re done with the PSP scene you won’t be able to leak 50 exploits again.

    • MadZiontist says:

      Tru dat. Even not knowing all of the details of the situation, I’m finding it difficult to believe that what was done was warranted. Unless there’s some good cause behind this, that I’m finding difficulty in fathoming, all this did was screw over a lot of people. Many may have deserved it. Many did not. SMH

    • not that anon says:

      Yeah, because of the 12 kxploits; of course, some of them were also found by other people unrelated to your “team”. Anyway good luck obtaining trust at the nonexistent Vita scene!

      • Acid_Snake says:

        First of all, only one of those kxploits was unrelated to the team and it wasn’t supposed to be there (thank qwikrazor87 for adding a kxploit that wasn’t ours to our database).
        Second of all, I don’t give a *** about trust from some random dude that hasn’t done anything, the people that should trust me will continue to trust me (there’s a reason why I’m still a moderator here).
        Third of all, the Vita scene was nonexistent because it was all about the same old PSP hacks. There was never a Vita scene, only an extended PSP scene, which I am proud of killing so we can finally move on into real Vita hacks.

        • Justin says:

          Now this is where it’s at.If you need a tester or something let me know. I haven’t hacked my vita yet, but I am looking for a good reason to and this is it.

        • roswell108 says:

          Might wanna convince the other mods before attempting to convince the general public. Some still think 2012 just came late. It is funny to see people saying how the scene is dead and it will take years, two goats, and a pixie’s left wing before anything new will be possible. Whatever the cause, I completely agree that how things were was a joke. It’s not like one hack every couple months to load games that run just as well on a phone is really worth $8 and a mad rush. You can play PSP games on an iPod and yes, it has themes (OMG!) I had a good laugh. Thanks.

        • adail007 says:

          God bless you Acid Snake.Keep the good work.

    • mlc says:

      How would it be hypocritical for someone to not allow your mistake to harm them?

    • MadZiontist says:

      Stay classy “Snake”.

  4. deaos says:

    i think TN-V is better than ARK 2 because the system is more friendly for the user.
    but thanks for posting,

  5. The Budds says:

    Wish you the best Acid_Snake, in whatever you tackle next.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      Native hacking, that’s what I will tackle next.

      • Yup:) says:

        We should move to ps vita hacks screw *** psp hacks

      • Chris says:

        Good to hear that 🙂

      • Limen123 says:

        Good luck with it. Hope to hear some updates on how its going too. I know I shouldn’t expect any release for a while, but I would still love to hear progress is being made. (:
        Also, would the first place to look at be the hidden PKG Installer? If there were some way to get through that it would allow installing full games wouldn’t it? Sorry I may be sounding like an idiot, I don’t know what I’m talking about at all xD

      • marktastic says:

        yes yes yes im ready for a native vita hack if i had the knowledge and experience thats where i would spend my time

      • alpmaster says:

        You got my full support friend you have always generously donated your time for the scene Thank You. 😀

  6. Telgardrakore says:

    Wish you the best Acid_Snake, I never had a reason to hate you before and this isnt going to change it. GL in whatever you do from here on out.

  7. Yodler says:

    Guys please help! Where can I find Gladiator Begins DEMO pkg? Is it exist?

  8. Leires says:

    Sadly I’m too used to the XMB, but thank you for all the help and work you’ve done with the PSP scene, Snake.

  9. Dero says:

    Well Snake, do what you gotta do. I appreciate the great things you brought to this scene. Good luck with whatever your tackling next. 🙂

  10. Dmaskell92 says:

    I didn’t have much interest in updating anyway, I wish Acid the best. I hope that your quest for knowledge produces beautiful fruit.

  11. Acid_Snake says:

    I appreciate those wishing me the best of luck. But I’m not going anywhere guys, I’m only leaving the PSP scene in favor of real Vita hacks.

    • reprep says:

      Good luck on this. Please inform us on your quest, i hope the vita scene will be a sharing one, not a private scene between elitists.

  12. The Z says:

    I like to have an alternative to the TN eCFW 🙂

    Great job with the Menu, it is awesome!

    Going to add your work to my page too 🙂

  13. azh_97 says:

    All I want to say is that, there must be a reason for the leak.. We are really good at blaming, insulting others, but what for?? It will only worsens the situation.. So, stop making bad comments.. Not that I defend him, but it really makes me sick to see ugly, dirty comments.. Its only because of rationality as human.. By gone by gone… As for Acid Snake, your brilliant works was really appreciated.. Its really sad that one of the great dev will be leaving the scene T_T Wish you all the best in your life… Also, be patient will ya! 🙂

    • Chris.Beanz says:

      Read earlier comments, he isn’t leaving the scene entirely, just stopping the PSP Emu hacks and actually looking for a native hack for the Vita. I think this is a great idea and that all the PSP hacking going on was not really helping the actual Vita side of things.

  14. Fox says:

    Okay… While I respect your dedication to native Vita hacking, how do you intend to go about that now that you’ve killed off the PSP scene (right before a cool system update too, thanks a lot for that lol.)

    Do you have a plan? Do you know enough about native Vita to potentially exploit something? I’m not asking you to leak some secret strategy here, I mean you’ve already done enough leaking obviously, I just really want to know for certain that what you did isn’t going to be a huge waste for the whole community.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      There’s someone who’s doing hardware analysis, some people doing webkit stuff, and I will be personally working on the open SDK.
      My strategy here is to get my team to split up and work on the areas they work with best, so we have different people working on different attack vectors.

      • Rocky says:

        You are awesome man! Thank you so much for everything,; at least, thanks to you, my Vita gets a lot of use, or my PSP2 lol. According to the leak, it was your choice and that’s respectable. Hope your future endeavors allow you to tackle the Vita scene, and you get to be the first in doing so. Cheers man!

      • Chris.Beanz says:

        Good luck with the Vita man, I’ve always wanted to see it’s full potential and am very curious what it will be able to do/achieve once it is wide open and fully hacked. I know you guys can do it, just looking at the amount of exploits released the other day shows how much work you guys have, and are willing to, put into the scene. Thank you and your team so much for all your time and effort.

  15. lollypop says:

    does it come close to arc the lad ?
    im intrested i got patapon2 and space
    i dont got the psx titles tho
    no psx macros for me

  16. Demonspeeding152 says:

    Good Luck Acid_Snake since you were one of the more helpful(I remember even the PSP scene also) in the scene i’m sure you’ll do good

  17. riddle43 says:

    Am I the only one that sees this mega release as a good thing? It seems to me that a mega release such as what we just had will do all sorts of good things and $ony will deff drop the ball the way they did years ago cause one firmware patch wont fix everything and will probably open the door to a native vita hack soon now and it will be $noy that opens it for us all I remember one month after the psp was released we had hacks that worked and now its time to use our vitas in that way so sit tight people its coming and im willing to bet by the time the vita tv hit the us this Christmas we will have a full vita hack so thank you acid_snake its about time someone shook up the scene its been to long of $ony taking advantage of us and now we can focus on the awesomeness to come.

  18. FreeMyVita says:

    PSVITA related question/ not a scene related question to any wise person. FW version 3.18 W/ Tn-V is it okay to transfer content via CMA (Regular)? It asked me to update application so I canceled. I want to transfer a PS VITA DEMO. Can I use PKG INST? plz Rspd .Thk You EVO.

  19. Kepohe says:

    Hello, i have somme little question. I have a psvita with 2.61 firmware. I have the urbanix exploit ans i can play with PSP ans psx ISO. It’s a kernel exploit?
    Do you think i must upgrade my vita to 3.18 ans download an other game with exploit?
    I have the mail for PKG installation. It’s seems to be working…
    I think we will see a psvita hack soon like the ps3.

    • Chris.Beanz says:

      Yes, what you have currently is a kexploit. If you decide to update MAKE SURE you back up your Vita’s memory card entirely onto your PC. After that feel free to update to 3.18, but you must purchase an exploit game soon before $ony patches it! The code files for each game will be released soon(some are already out).

  20. Ninjakakashi says:

    Though I am a tad upset that you didn’t wait for the next big vita update to save the vita scene and kill the psp one, I love the prospect of using the vita’s full hombrew and emulator capabilities 😀

  21. Swuell says:

    Could someone tell me the difference between Ark and TN-V? I can’t seem to find information regarding this and I’m new to the Vita hacking scene so yeah. :/

  22. Joel16 says:

    Hey, nice work with the menu. Sorry I couldn’t help much, I really wish I could have. Good luck with the Vita scene.

  23. random123 says:

    wow there’s a lot of hate toward acid_snake in these comments. Ultimately its his decision to do what he feels he needs to do. He has contributed more to the scene than 99% of the people in the comments so what entitles you to hate on him?

    Good luck on whatever you decide to do now !

  24. Fabio says:

    Hi! I have a problem with puzzle scape. I have copied the save in the PSVita. but when I run the game the exploit don’t run. Can help me?
    I have a PSVita with 3.18, model 1000… Thanks guys

  25. Justbeniisan says:

    When copying the save data from my directory, i get greeted with “corrupt file” and cant copy the ark archives. I would appreciate any sort of respond. Perhaps im doing something wrong?

  26. Ruben_Wolfe says:

    Perhaps he’s the hero Wololo deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent gurdian, a watchful protector, a dark knight in the form of an acid snake…or a douchbag (lol)
    Guess only time will tell.
    Good luck snake, I really hope something good will come out from this.
    Im certain that this act might help the scene, I just feel bad for the hackers whose work got leaked.
    thats an horrible feeling to have your work leaked.

  27. nebu_187 says:

    Thank you guys so much for everything! Acid Snake You rule !!!

  28. error says:

    tnv is “like” a real PSP in a PS Vita

  29. Hudson Terrace says:

    Wow… this is cool…
    But I cant have it. Seriously…
    I tried around 2 hours with my TN-V on GB(US).
    I only can see black screen…
    Sad night tonight.

    • Stiffeno says:

      Did you make sure to hold the R trigger while pressing X on the “Item Box”? That was what I was doing wrong!

    • alpmaster says:

      Hi friend you might not have the right files i have it working check out hackinformer website. 😀

  30. HungLikeAHorseCunt says:

    “I am done with the PSP scene”

    Alright. I’ll see you back in the PSP scene again soon enough, just like with every other attention *** that makes their departure into a big thing.

    Good riddance (for now).

    • ChrisHighwind says:

      This isn’t an attention *** thing, this is a push to move on to the stuff in the Vita *outside* of the PSP emulator.

  31. Shikhar says:

    Well, yeah sure its a bit disappointing not to have new tnv on 3.30 & all. But comeon guys , acid_snake and other developers have been releasing cool *** for years now. Feel grateful for this. Besides he’s not rage quitting the scene , he’s just going through Snake Way so that he can learn Kaio Ken and launch a powerful Kamehameha x 4 to REAL NATIVE VITA HACK ! So well done man , haters will be haters . Just focus on the positive side and perfect the Kaio Ken. Well be waiting for your return to save the vita scene. Just don’t spend too much time with Princess Snake , hehe 😉

  32. Stiffeno says:

    Hey Acid if you need a hand testing stuff in the native area let me know via the Wololo forums (or add my Aussius account on PSN friends list!)! I’ve been lurking around the PSP/Vita scene since 08/09 so I’m not totally new to these kinda things! I’ve got an Aussie Vita (PCH-1002) and I’m not afraid to use it lol. I’ve got a US account and Aus that I can use to test things and report bugs for ya.

    Currently running GB (US) and Tekken 2 exploits on my US account, and have Patapon and Tekken 2 on my Aussie account…though I’ve not installed TN-V/ARK or VHBL on it yet.

    So yeah, feel free to hit me up sometime… I won’t just take exploits from ya, I’ll pull my weight and bug hunt!

    Oh BTW I’m an ex-C programmer but that was a long time ago and I’ve forgot most stuff !ol. Been looking for a reason to get back into coding again actually.

    Cheers, Stephen!

  33. Stiffeno says:

    Hey Acid mate, do you have a PSN account I can add to my friends list? or do you prefer to not give it out? Dont worry im not one of those ppl who will harass you constantly begging for exploits haha!