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Vita Scene Chaos: Short FAQ and Help Guide.

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  1. Sephka says:

    Any disadvantage if i stay with 3.15 and Skate Park City instead of using the new Gladiator Begins exploit?

    • Freakler says:

      Skate park was reexploited for 3.18, too. You can update and go get the new files from the oilix archive.

      • gerardnr says:

        Do you mean VBHL or kxploit, and does the EU source work for AUS. Sorry for being so technically ignorant. I was wondering whether you could update your Skate Park City blog post.

      • Miku says:

        Does this means that I can also use the Skate Park City at 3.18 to start TN-V? If so, what should I download to archive it?Thanks a lot!

  2. Noa says:

    Hello all guys .., one question. PKG installer work on firmware 2.12? I’m 1.81 (xploit Urbanix) and I have the opportunity of Update to 2.12 ( xploit Urbanix its work on this firmware ), but I am not sure if it was working.

  3. L2SSnake says:

    I am glad that things will slowly go back to normal. Keep up

  4. perfig says:

    So I was away when this “chaos” happened. Im stil with 3.01 and persona2 exploit. There are too much to read, so tl;dr, should I update to 3.18 and use a new a exploit?

    • fatman01923 says:

      If you have kernel access KEEP your exploit. I’m on 3.01 US Megamix exploit TN-V8 (Best version!) but I have no plans to update. I’m trying to see if I have Tekken 2 backed up on my computer so I can use the PS1 exploit! Crash Bandicoot played perfectly is my dream! 😀

    • compil3r says:


    • Nope says:

      How about instead of tl;dr’ing information that answered your question you read it for yourself and find out.

    • Goody says:

      I suggest, you don’t update , I have the same exploit with persona 2 and I’m not sure if updating would be of benefit, try to see the changelog, if you want to know what are the new features of higher firmwares, besides that you shouldn’t.

  5. Littlemana says:

    I don’t understand .
    If i made the 3.18 firmware on my vita . Silent hill work for the exploit ?

  6. meysam25 says:

    i buy payton2 and i download the saves from zload.net and i can install orginal vertion of psp os
    my region is ae (united arab emprior)
    its great.

  7. meysam25 says:

    can any body tell me how can i move my game on psp 660.pbp i installed

  8. stonemandy says:

    Wow great post . I think the devs responsible should explain but I’m thinking that there’s something or a good reason for this other then a personal disputes

  9. Acynder says:

    Is there TN-V files for Z.H.P?

  10. NNNRT says:

    Minimur, *** happened this week?!

  11. sugarshock says:

    i’m stuck on 3.15 with Space Invaders Extreme VHBL. Shall I update to 3.18 or will the Space Invaders-Exploit be fixed there? I don’t really wanna buy a new exploit game, but get TN-V running on my Space Invaders

  12. anon_wonderin says:

    I have the 3.01 exploit (Numblast) on my Vita with TN-V. I don’t use homebrew, and the only games I play are for the Vita/GBA/PSP. I wonder if there’s any point in me upgrading.

    I don’t understand the situation right now, but hopefully everything will be resolved(?).

  13. James Galizio says:

    From what I understand, the package installer on the PS3 is what really led to a native hack; is it possible that we may see a similar situation here? Granted, I know that the PS3 situation also became possible in part due to people learning how to sign programs – but how likely do you think the PKG Installer is going to be, going forward? Completely relevant, or mostly irrelevant?

  14. akatsukidark says:

    a question, you can use an exploit in Patapon 2 demo, since it does not work because it savedata demo, this has the option of loading savedata (cof, translator)

  15. kyle says:

    How long are we looking at for a patapon 1 TN v port? Any answers greatly appreciated cheers

  16. lollypop says:

    Q: Vita shortage chaos after killzone intersect secondscreen addon
    A: goodluck gluck

    Q: WHats the new term from psx exploits ?
    A: thats right psx-exploits

    Q: Will i play psx ps2 and ps3 in this killzone online exploit ?
    A: No. lack of space in the upper space

  17. Wiki what says:

    i have the gladiator game and through trial and error i have gotten to the psp purple firmware. i have tried to put an emulator on it but i can not get it to show up in the place where i can install them.is there a tutorial on how to but emulators on? i watch the youtube video that was linked in an earlier post but still cant get it to work.

  18. David says:

    Sorry, I am new to the vita scene, so forgive my ignorance. I am in college, and I don’t have my vita with me. Is there a way I can download the game and save it on my computer for when I go back home?
    Thanks a lot

  19. Blue says:

    Ok, I dunno if this has been brought up before, but after I upgraded to OFW 3.18, OpenCMA no longer worked for me, telling me I had to upgrade.

    It wasn’t a big deal since 3.18 is the latest firmware, but once 3.30 comes out, it’s going to become an issue again. Is there a later version of OpenCMA to get, or something else I can do?

  20. Mr. MaGoo says:

    Thanks for the info, long read but very informative. You suggested that if I were on a lower firmware to update to this but I was wondering what the compatibility was like from uno to gladiator? It’s about a 300mb difference and on a 4G card, that’s a good amount. 8 have 2 vita’s and haven’t gotten around to getting a larger than an 8 for my ecfw vita. Thank you

  21. XtremeDerp says:


    u guys are a f* joke.
    buy the games u want, support the devs, and let the cheapas** starve to death.
    No money, no buy. Stop piracy and this “homebrew” shiz (another word for piracy, lol).

    I hope sony patches up everything real soon and that you never hack the vita.
    Get workin’ leeeeeeeeeeeches!!!

    • Sebastian says:

      Yeah… but there are many games that aren’t in the store and won’t be in the F store xD (copyrights or because they have never been released out of japan)

      I bought many PS Vita/ PSP/ PSX games but I do want to play Valkyria Chronicles II And III and I would support the devs if they put them in the store

    • Jaywoo says:

      I hope your being sarcastic XtremeDerp. piracy and homebrew isnt even close to being the same thing. When i bought my vita, i expected something useful instead of something locked down. Thanks to the eCFW, i can now actaul use the vita for something and play my massive collection of psp/psx games on it.

      • XtremeDerp says:

        you can play your massive collection and pirated ISOS…for others the collection IS the pirated ISOS… lol

        Like I said…leeches. 🙂

    • Stiffeno says:

      First of all, “U mad bro”?

      And 2nd, if you had half a braincell you would know that Homebrew is not another word for piracy! Homebrew games and apps are little games/programs coded by an individual or team, and are then released for free! Games kinda like Flappy bird. For instances eBook readers and stuff made by community members and given out to all for free!

      I know many ppl pirate/download games but its got nothing to do with homebrew! VHBL for instance allows the use of community made free games, but does NOT allow you to play PSP/Vita games.

      Please think with your mind and not your keyboard next time.

  22. roswell108 says:

    Good to see people actually step up and address the end user having access to all the stuff with more than “rtfm” and the usual “this is a picture of the cake, but you get this IOU for a candle” attitude that only causes more confusion. Even better is the fact that someone had the sense to say it was an internal issue, it’s being addressed, here is what the user needs to know about it instead of half an article talking about their feelings on the matter. This really helped to clear it up and restore some sanity. Nice job.

  23. Jaywoo says:

    Is there any point/incentives in upgrading to 3.18 and getting a new exploitable game if your currently on 3.01 with the megamix 101 exploit(did it get updated for that firmware)? I ostly just use the vita for the ecfw.

    • Stiffeno says:

      Some games may come out that require firmware 3.18 or higher to play. I say upgrade to 3.18 and get the Gladiator Begins PSP game (or Patapon if its not for sale in your region…like Australia store for instance!).

      I personally updated to 3.18 myself!

  24. ...... says:

    is the apache overkill can rexploite to 3.18 kernel mode?

  25. eirurainon says:

    all i want is trapgunner, blast chamber, raystorm, and DBZ tag team and all of the other psp games that i bought and couldn’t play on my vita. Z to you and the devs thank you.

  26. Leires says:

    Really, it’s a shame that this happened, but it’s not as damaging in the long term as it is in the short term..People will always find more exploits, there’ll always be ways (though it may take a loooong time) to enable homebrew on devices..

    Remember this event as a sad day, but don’t let it depress you. At worst this just delayed the endgame, but the endgame will come nonetheless. We’ll see a day when our vitas can play homebrew and backups, we’ll see a day when developers can take full control of what the vita can do and we’ll see it in our lifetimes.

    It’s a sad event, it really is. It’s a shame that humans are what we are, but it’s an event that only effects the short term.

  27. Cipher1331 says:

    After copying the iso, it doesn’t shows up in the vhs or in the memory stick so I can’t install it/
    I followed the instructions like
    using uppercase letter
    checking its file extension
    pasted it in the exploited save data
    Copying it with opencma

  28. Roflmao says:

    I am on 3.01 and using numblast and megamix exploit, will I get better compatibility by using a 3.18 exploit ?

  29. Bigfishbad says:

    “Q: But wait I heard Katsu found a native way to enable piracy via an exploit using the PKG Installer. Is it legit?

    At this time its not believed to be real. He claims to have found a way to convert trial games to full games via patching a PKG. The video evidence he provided doesn’t show anything at all in that nature. We’ll follow up with that story but take that news with a grain of salt.”

    This is very possible all that is needed was a way to install pkg to the device then piracy is enabled ( very limited piracy but it can still be done)

    Trust me it’s possible look at the ps3 scene for evidence if you don’t believe me you will be able to “unlock” them demos to full games

    (Ps I’m the first person that realised that EDAT and other forms of licences can be modded and a retail ps3 accecpt it as real? Back in 2012 and it still ain’t patched I wonder why???)

  30. Great Crippler says:

    Confused… Why does it say there is no sound support on PSX games on TN-V? I am running the Gladiator Begins exploit to get me to 3.18 TN-V 10… Sound on my PSX games so far is just fine.

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