The day the Vita scene imploded: more than 50 game exploits leaked


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  1. Cecil_666 says:

    my Patapon US freezes after load savedata, someone tried?

  2. robert says:

    so skate park city EU will be able to run tn-v on 3.15, too?
    do i only have to wait until the files are released or what?

  3. ErnieBall says:

    I can confirm, the Space invader Extreme VHBL works on 3.18. To trigger it, you have to go to options>records. I have promised not to Qwik, not to leak this and i have kept my word! The only reason i tell you about it , is because the files are leaked anyway, it will be taken down and fixed, so at least people should be able to use it now! i hope Qwik would/will understand.

  4. RRFF says:

    Is patapon fo VBHL or ecfw? I keep reading contradicting statements.

    • zz says:

      every usermode(VHBL) exploit can be used to trigger k-mode exploit (ecfw) unless the game does not implement the function that is used to trigger k-mode exploit.
      but given that there are other k-mode exploits reaked, I can assume all of them are capable of triggering ecfw if ported.

  5. Febs says:

    I heard that some games can be used to run TN-V very quickly. I own ZHP and Gladiator Begins but those two are somewhat slow to activate TN-V and eat quite some space.

    I want to know whether one of the above games has small size and is quick to load TN-V. I am certain that there will be a good soul who makes a TN-V activator for that kind of game.

    • ErnieBall says:

      I think the trigger on Galdiator begins is fast enough. Remember Exploits like numblast are gems that you don’t come accross very often. I agree about the filesize of gladiator begins though.

      • Febs says:

        I wonder if the new Numblast and Fieldrunners exploits according this this article can run VHBL and then TN-V. Since these two games can run TN-V instantly and they are cheap, it will be a perfect loader.

        • ErnieBall says:

          According to The Z, “Fieldrunners and other Minis (without network functions) are unable to run bigger files (24MB+) at firmwares 3.1x, due to internal firmware changes. Most minis exploits are “useless” for firmwares 3.1x.”

          For Namblast, all i see is files from december 2013, so i assume that’s the patched exploit.

          • Febs says:

            I guess currently Patapon 1 and Patapon 2 are the best TN-V loader provided that the files are released.

            For psx loader, it seems XS Moto is working right now. Hope that this helps people deciding which games to buy.

  6. amezcua says:

    patapo vhbl is working perfect for me us version

  7. largeroliker says:

    I am able to confirm that Puzzle Scape is already patched 🙁

    What a shame, it was a pretty cheap game.

  8. Leires says:

    Woah woah woah woah. What’s going on? I mean, yes it’s their choice to release games, but what lead up to people throwing them all out in the open to be shot at? Wha? This is a huge waste, all for what, some silly ego contest? Reeaaaalllly? o___o

  9. mlc says:

    @AcidSnakeDev: ePSP is finally dead (thanks @qwikrazor87), hopefully we can now do some native work. First thing I’ll work on is the open vita SDK.

    Apparently he seriously believes that he can lie and pretend that this is all qwikrazor87’s fault, when all the evidence points to Acid_Snake overreacting and releasing all the exploits to punish qwikrazor87 for the kernel exploit leak. ePSP is finally dead, thanks Acid_Snake! Hilariously, with ~50 exploits they could have already switched their efforts to a native hack and still had ePSP hacks to release for a long time. Oops.

  10. TheBatman says:

    Acid Snake seems like he is *** that a kernel exploit got leaked, which is why he tweeted “here’s all of @qwikrazor87’s exploits”

    He’s only killing the scene. Get rid of him.

    • mlc says:

      It is somewhat hard to understand why qwikrazor87 gets banned (but then reinstated without mod powers) for leaking his own kernel exploit, but Acid_Snake remains a mod after leaking every single remaining VHBL/TN-V exploit (by qwikrazor87) out of spite.

      • lol says:

        Qwikrazor would have leaked them anyway, Acid_Snake just made it faster.
        Plus, afaik, that wasn’t qwikrazor’s work alone.

  11. Razorbacktrack says:

    101in1 Megamix already patched,GO! SUDOKU is working

  12. Cosmic Taco Cat says:

    Although this huge leak doesn’t seem good, sony might not want to take down all these games at once. That gives us a little more of a chance to find an exploit game we can still use. dood

  13. psp_revival says:

    Thats an interesting point if a list of 200 games were said to be exploitable would they all be removed.

    Indeed are all the games in this “leak” exploitable or is Sony response being tested.


  14. Cosmic Taco Cat says:

    Ok so I am in need of some help. I’ve never done a vita exploit before. How do i go about doing this? I’m getting patapon 2 on the psn store and cant find the save file exploit.

  15. vzvgaczva says:

    Will these work on my 3DS? I would like to play bugless PS1 games on my 3DS.

  16. Asmith906 says:

    Dang why couldn’t they wait till october so I could put one of these on my vita tv.

  17. oxi says:

    Is there a new Instant Loader for 3.18? (similar to Fieldrunners, Numblast/Qruton and Sweet Fuste)

  18. chemdog says:

    My head just exploded… *** happened?

  19. wimbrum says:

    how do i install the patapon one? .-.

  20. Gie says:

    Cubixx, Arcade Darts (again?), International Athletics exploits are not working on 3.18… Or maybe there were some specific way to trigger it..

  21. stonemandy says:

    Ok I was able to put the gladiator demo on my vita . So dose anyone know if it can be exploited ? Could try anyway lol

  22. Alexander says:

    I’m trying to use this exploit with N.O.V.A., european version, but it doesn’t work… it always says “Load Failed. The data is corrupted”.
    What do i have to do?

    • darkmatrixsoul says:

      also im trying to get to work on pataon us but after all steps to load it freezes and thats all nothing else can anyone helpme out?

  23. Mr Fwibbles says:

    MyStylist v3 doesn’t seem to work. I can get it to crash, but that’s about it.

  24. oxi says:

    What’s the name of “Gladiator Begins”, “Tekken 2” and “Sports Superbike 2” in JP PSN store?

  25. Witty Tigrex says:

    I’ve managed to boot Armored Core 3 Portable’s exploit just fine.

  26. Xie says:

    Where is ZHP?

  27. Cosmic Taco Cat says:

    Is the exploit for Patapon 2 EU only? Because I just downloaded the US version for this.

    • Cosmic Taco Cat says:

      I feel like I checked everywhere and I understand everything is a bit hectic right now, but I seriously can’t find any info on an exploit release for patapon 2 for the US.

  28. TheBatman says:

    Wololo and his staff are a bunch of hypocrites.

    Sure, Qwikrazor87 leaked a kernal exploit. Big deal. That doesn’t make it Okay for you to leak over 50 exploits worked on by multiple users because youre all ***.

    Tweeted by Acid_Snake

    ePSP is finally dead (thanks @qwikrazor87), hopefully we can now do some native work. First thing I’ll work on is the open vita SDK.

    We should really be thanking Wololo and Acid_Snake for all the unprofessional coverage on the situation over the past week.

    I bet Sony is laughing their *** off.

    Did you ever consider that one of these VHBL exploits would lead to an actual Vita Exploit? Didn’t think so.

    • wololo says:

      How am I a hypocrite? This whole stuff happened without me knowing anything about it, and is the result of internal conflicts between qwikrazor and Acid_Snake. I dare you to find a single quote from me where I said that this leak of 50 exploits was ok. I am pretty angry about it and you might have noticed that as a result, Acid_Snake is currently not an admin of my site anymore (although what happens next is under discussion).

      • shapeshifter says:

        dont drag wololo into this idi0t,if theres anyone who cares about the scene its him
        acid_snake and his stupid friend should just leave the scene for good and come back when theres a permanent future proof exploit
        wololo i have been following your work since the time the psp 3k released and am a big fan
        dont listen to these stupid people who want to blame you

        • xPreatorianx says:

          I mean I appreciate the download packages. But this could have been done in a much better way if it was to get people as many exploits as possible to play with. Or you know – keep it to yourselves TILL WE NEED THEM! As we already had 2 exploits announced which combined made sure we had VHBL and eCFW. So there was absolutely no need to do this that I can see. Unless of course it was to start work on native vita hacking and hoping Sony would screw up and create holes on the native vita side by rushing firmwares out to fix all these exploits!

  29. jared says:

    black screen after lose in survival mode in tekken 2

  30. Trevor says:

    excuse me,i am hongkong player,this store doesn’t have patapon 1,2 and gladiator begins,I follow the list,find Cubixx,Robin Hood The Return Of Richard,Puzzle Scape,Karakuri,which game should I choose to run 3.18 tn-v system

  31. Ravi2012 says:

    haha, you guys are actually complaining that they leaked hacks and they are bad XD i think its good! sony will be able to patch every single one of them! you hacks/pirates suck. unless its for old school emulators tho 😛 but they still sell psp and ps one games on the store.

    • 4gionz says:

      No developers make money when those games are sold buddy, only the used game store u buy it from…

      Also this is the most rediculous leak I have ever seen and this even trumps when geohot and p0sixninja almost burned 2 boot rom exploits over a silly argument, luckily it didn’t go as far as these two buffoons wow, anyways hopefully now the cfw scene is dead because I think maybe its time to focus on opening up the actual psvita,

      This backwards compatible stuff is trash everyone can buy a psp for much cheaper anyways it makes no sense to buy a vita for psp games at all

      • xPreatorianx says:

        Actually it does. The PSP is *** for most of the games on it. Why? Because of only one Analog nub. So the PSP side of the PS Vita makes PSP games WAY better gameplay wise because of the ability to use the second analog stick/whatever it’s called for games that really needed it. Peace Walker, God Eater Burst, etc. There’s many games that are far more enjoyable on PS Vita because of that extra stick.

  32. neoceaser says:

    ok which one of these exploits boots to TNV the fastest currently I am running numblast on 3.01, is it even worth updating to 3.18 or am I missing something

    • taliesintaliesin says:

      No. Unless u want to play newer vita games and access to PSN (I buy physical). I have 1.6x vita fat which load fieldrunner fast, 3.01 vita slim jp and a 3.18 vita slim gladiator exploit.

  33. tom beard says:

    i tried loading the file with talkman travel tokyo and it loads up and shows loads up and the screen goes black does anyone have tips to help me out?

  34. honamee says:

    karakuri doesn’t work save files broken

  35. Charles Fasano says:

    I got Patapon for free when Sony was having a sale.

  36. :) says:

    International Athletics works . just go to load profile and start multiplayer then single psp then make an event then start it then the vhbl starts 🙂

  37. DarkenLX says:

    sony maybe laughing now wait till no one buys any more vitas then whos laughing

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