SKFU releases ★ Package Installer Unlock on the retail PS Vita!

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  1. taliesintaliesin says:

    Can I use any DRM-free pkg apps to gameactivate any restored lower-firmware Vitas?

  2. test says:

    not working now. it’s patched by sony

  3. John Hancock says:

    for me it works, on fw 3.18

  4. lol says:

    Could I use this to install a modded netflix pkg to watch netflix free or at least mod a demo pkg to unlock the full game?

  5. lol says:

    Also could I install lamecraft since that doesnt have a lisence or need cfw to run?

  6. Craig says:

    New update to Vita stops this from working FYI

  7. netwako says:

    Can i still buy game exploits in PSN. I just upgraded to OFW 3.18. Can anyone advise?

  8. TransGG says:

    clicks on pic & it’s not working. ofw 3.30

  9. BbyCanard says:

    OMG, good, thx

  10. noneguess says:

    is the pkg installer still working !! I have psvita 3.15 ofw

  11. eve says:

    Its not working any more , it said that its unavailable temporarily

  12. sherif says:

    Anyone can post source of this exploit?

  13. StefanP says:

    doesn’t it work on fwrs up tp 3.50??

  14. neuro says:

    why its not working with me frimware 3.52

  15. neuro says:

    Why when click start a t mail application it says This operation is temporarily unavailable please help me

  16. ilham says:

    i want it so badly I NEED IT!!

  1. October 27, 2014

    […] the process is different, basically you can get the .pkg file from this method and use the hidden package installer to install another region demo (this might not work above firmware […]