Prepare yourself: TN-V is coming to Firmware 3.18 via Gladiator Begins & Z.H.P.!

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  1. Flashback says:

    So let me get this straight. For this new kernel exploit, do I absolutely need one of the games listed for 3.18 or below in the chart? I have Uno and am currently on 2.02. If I updated to 3.18 and provided TN-V is ported to Uno, is that all I need?

  2. oxi says:

    Is there any limitation or benefit for TN-V/ARK on 3.18 VS TN-V/ARK on 3.0x/3.12/3.15 or even on 1.x or 2.x? … Like i.e. file size, networking, memory, stability, PEOPS support, speed, etc.
    (apart from high memory support which is only available in 2.1x or the DualShock 4 support which is only available 3.1+ Vita TV).

    Does ARK 2 support everything that ARK 1 supports?

  3. maskofsin says:

    is the gladiator demo working ?

  4. err says:

    I’m a little confused by what is possible with these exploits.. these are just exploits for inside the PSP emulator, right? Can they run PS Vita native homebrew or PS Vita backups?

  5. puss2puss says:

    TheZ: thanks a ton for all you do here! Tottally appreciated, Keep up the great work mate!

    I went for gladiator begins and everything run perfectly. it just me or there have been an explosion of exploitable games all of a sudden? This weekend I rushed to get Gladiator Begins to be sure to have time to get it..but today its still there and wow..there’s a lot of other games that have been added to the list! Now I want to get a game lighter than Gladiator begins juste to save some space on the memory card lol..

    Anyway, I have some questions:
    -where can I get the exploited save file for patapon?
    -is it possible to integrate touchscreen capability to the xmb emulator?
    -is it normal if I get a blu screen when trying camera on the xmb? Just want to make sur I didn’t install tn-v wrong..
    -using the vita sdk, would it be possible to install an alternative vita-dash thru the same way of installing the psp emulator with an exploit? I ‘m guessing not, since the exploit is used with a psp game.


  6. Ekans1 says:

    Is there anyway to trick the vita into believing that you’re installing a demo by making the full game or causing what ever reads the digital rights to believe it’s a demo. I have no idea what I’m talking about just trying to luck out and maybe some genius out there goes “hmm yeah maybe I can do that by installing my flux capacitor”.

  7. Dr Duster says:

    How do I set up PSP folders in the save folder?

  8. Rodrigo says:

    Today you tell me if this game still Explorit. Or whether there is another.

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