Damage Control : Emergency Kernel Exploit Release

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  1. The Z says:

    Headline = topkek

  2. Sesomaru says:

    so what now?
    I´m more in the 3DS Scene so I dont know what I can do with this code…
    Is there someone who could make this code usable for users, so we all are able to use TN-V?

  3. Kadno says:

    E o jogo é?

  4. karl.w says:

    Whats the problem, its qwikrazor87 own kernal exploit, he is allowed to release it whenever he wants ?

    Tho i guess releasing it at 3.30 would be “better” for some of you, imo i dont care about themes.

    Goodjob qwik

  5. Quetz says:

    Well… I’m very disappointed.. Mostly frustrated because i’m stucked on 3.18 without a user mode exploit, so i cannot benefit of the leak! This would’ve been far interesting if he had released on a better way and with a exploitable game name and porting. Since i’m not that much into hacking this is just a waste, for me and for many other vita users as well…. Hope sony wouldn’t patch tomorrow with a 3.19 fw or before a proper game release capable of running into keploit, since it would be the psvita-fail of the year, quikrazor87 must’ve been drunk as *** last night…

    • karl.w says:

      kexploit does not come from a game, you only need VHBL so run the exploit. just keep your vita not updated and wait for VHBL release, then u can use the kexploit

      • Quetz says:

        Not that easy, i have now a keploit and i don’t have a vhbl to run into it… If sony launches a 3.19 fw and i loose PSN access i have no way around to download a exploitable game. Stucked… I owe UNO, mhfu, AD, none of this can’t run on 3.18 fw… I just hope wololo fixes this launching a game release soon, don’t care about the themes.. There will be time for other releases and maybe it’s better “saving” the best game exploit for later, but i feel no good in wasting a keploit… Even if qwikrazor says having more to release, to me this is precious as gold

  6. z2 says:

    what happened, did qwikrazor hit his head or sumthing? or was he hacked by someone who knows alot of his work..

    Vita scene has always been like this, I’m kinda sad that the Vita will not get it’s full potential because of drawbacks like this..

  7. THe_HoPe_MaN says:

    Well…. No matter what I understand the guy. Maybe he doesn’t care about hacking the PSP within the vita.. I still own a psp with 6.60 and averything I can dream of PSP side..Well for me… It does not matter.. the last kexploit I got was the UNO exploit.. which was was one of the most compatible realease yet. I love the scene and everything in it.. dedication, leaks… VHBL.. kexploit but let’s be honest… we are hacking an emulator within the device… let’s deal with the real stuff and stop acting like noobs that gets wet when another emulator gets released… Just to let you know.. the DEV license for PSM is free… and we can dev real homebrews for the VITA.. the PSM SDK is really better than it was in the beginning faster … and everything.. porting emulators and stuff is not that hard for people that are into this…. well this said.. this is a sad news.. but… let’s face the truth… maybe we should just wait for the REAL deal…. and stop hacking a device within a device…

  8. Limoz says:

    What do you do with the file?

    • THe_HoPe_MaN says:

      You compile it using the PSP SDK and then you try each game in a library of about 200… to find which game this kexploit is calibrated to.. lol.. but honestly dude… there is nothing you can do with the source only.. you need to know the game assiciated with it.

      • Limoz says:

        ok thanks

      • fate6 says:

        Wha? That is not how this works :/

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        Someone is really confused. Kernel exploits are for any game with VHBL. So finding a game calibrated for this kernel? Makes no sense bro. That’s why the same released kernel worked on countless games throughout 3.01. Until it was patched OFC. This is another kernel meaning it could be ported to all lower firmware versions of VHBL, and even current if Sony forgets to patch it (doubt that will happen).

    • orbg says:

      put it inside your game and play isos. it only works if your console is taiwaneese and your battery is fully charged. If you have kilzone this will not work. Also you need to mute your console to trigger the hacks. Good luck, im playing isos right now. Remember to backup your emails before trying anything, this might format your memstick or get into an infinite bootloop leaving your vita unusable for three weeks.

  9. Aymeric says:

    And now we can wait 1 years for a new kernel exploit for last Vita Firmeware (3.30) or never… very nice guys… “private release” , only Dev should have access to private release and don’t share it…

  10. Quetz says:

    He’s now announcing on twitter, the game name, go see yourself guys. Also says uploading the files.
    It’s a 10,99 euro game…

  11. Rolx says:

    I hope qwik has something else up his sleeve, or else he shouldn’t have f***ked up with the “leak” of the highly valuable kexploit

  12. Ars3king says:

    Good work and looking forward to the tn-v or even better emulators on the vita, just do what you think right and stick to it, the fool write code to machine, while the brilliant just set rule for the life.

  13. Aneudi says:

    qwikrazor87 is at #YOLO mode

    • I fully agree, this is a very nice and interesting update And everybody should learn about it !At least the scornful blogger, who always and unnecessarily puts his long nose in here, has obviously seen it too as one can see from his newest pingback Cheers

    • geninne, you never cease to amaze me! could i get you to do some special work for me using verses from the Bible? i’d love it! just like your umbrella piece or the entire calendar for this year …. 😀

    • I was wondering if you ever considered changing the page layout of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or two pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

  14. Diag says:

    reminds me of the type-0 translation patch drama…
    i´m still grateful for sky´s release decision ^^

  15. gunblade says:

    So what’s with the cfw. would be easier bypass wall that sandbox by going straight for a 1.30/1.80-3.30

    • gunblade says:

      So what’s with the cfw. would be easier to bypass that sandbox by going straight for a 1.30/1.80-3.30

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