Upcoming VHBL release postponed


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52 Responses

  1. reprep says:

    wise choice. hope sony delivers their promise on october.

  2. ss4gogeta069 says:

    Didn’t we already announce this? I think so. Oh well, I think it’s a great idea regardless. I may even give up my TN-V for themes. Only time will tell.

    • anonanon says:

      I believe the announcement you’re talking about was wololo asking for our opinion, the majority of the comments were for postponing the release though, this is just to make sure everyone’s on the same page and give a final decision I guess.

    • wololo says:

      The Z did mention this in one of his articles here recently, but he is not directly part of the decision process so he was just making an educated guess 🙂

      • The Z says:

        Actually Ive talked with qwikrazor about this, and he said that we should postpone it.

        My news actually already covered this 🙂

    • JCK07115 says:

      I know everyone that has commented to the comment to which I am commenting, to an extent 🙂

      Smiley faces for everyone

  3. anonanon says:

    Good decision, now we just got to hope that sony doesn’t pull anymore surprise exploit patches.

  4. dboyz says:

    Thumbs & toes up for this!!!

  5. Dero says:

    Good call. If it’s not patched, people can enjoy vhbl and the theme features.

  6. 66rpg says:

    So,any news about the kernel exploit?will this release just like this ? After the 3.3 or even after the whole year?

  7. ErnieBall says:

    Sorry if i upset anyone, but if those themes are considered a “pretty big deal”, the Vita is in bigger trouble than i ever thought it was…

  8. alpmaster says:

    LOL ErnieBall ^ I am the same way i could careless about themes.

  9. lollypop says:

    and i would like a new game but its postponed.
    based on rtcw opensource multiplayer et (enemy territory)
    wad mod maps from quake in a upscale on psp
    massive online homebrew multiplayer
    preferably controlled by sixaxis or whats the name ps4axis ?
    but i have yet to see a decent or opensource psp multiplayer homebrew

  10. Jose says:

    Perfect I was hoping it would get postponed. I realy want the themes

  11. Arash says:

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  12. Draven says:

    This is why I am glad that I simply bought a second PS Vita. That way, I can keep my main one updated, and still get to enjoy all the TN-V/VHBL goodness.

    It’s worth it, in the long run. Better than having to constantly play cat-and-mouse with Sony, or having to frequently purchase games that you’ll never play on purpose.

  13. ExtremeRyno says:

    While I could care less about themes, I respect you guys for holding off. In the overall scheme of things I know it’s good to wait. It’ll make it that much sweeter to play my emulators and homebrew ports of favorite games on the Vita.

  14. reshiramdragon says:

    So what game will run this and please be us only

    • ErnieBall says:

      I understand that you want this to be available for us, but saying it should be us only is a *** move. That’s like all this exclusive *** with games going on atm. Being happy that someone else can’t enjoy the stuff you get to play is ***!

  15. imapsvita says:

    to be honest i dont want a vhbl exploit anymore with only ONE PS Vita becauce i want to stay Online play online and use cheap psn sales on games

    why i schould care about even eCFW on Vita if I have:

    1) PS3 CFW Rebug Cobra 4.53.1 v4 with psp iso and many many more support 😉
    2) A PSP on CFW
    3) A Sony Smart Phone (android) with emu support…

    Can me somebody explain why I should be exited?
    Would be awesome if somebody would reply to my question!

    by the way this Fall Sony has a good offer this Fall in my opinion
    so I maybe will buy my second PS Vita 🙂


    “Mega Pack with PS Vita is €199.99RRP – that’s the same price as standalone system, and 5 great games included have a total value of €79.95 on PS Store. It is truly a great value pack!

    The solo memory card bundle will set you back just €39.99 RRP”

    Good deal or not?

  16. imapsvita says:

    yes i know typos and bad english sorry about that

  17. YoungBloodEnterprises says:

    Man I really don’t give a damn. As long as ya release the exploit a week after the new update, we all good up in this shady hood. Make sure that game is below $10 tho. Stay Breezy with that hookup.

  18. Gooder says:

    I just wanted to play NES games on my vita…

  19. Stiffeno says:

    So dissapointed that its getting pushed back for some crappy themes. 99% of the themes will be childish Anime *** designed for Asian children lol. But for us Adults these themes are pointless!

    I mean what typical bloke would want their Vita looking like a Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon or Yugioh ad hahaha.

    Anyways oh well, i didnt code the exploit so i will respect the devs wishes to postpone the release.

    But just for the record, these themes arent really a “big deal”. Maybe to 12 year old Asian girls but not the typical bloke. Releasing the entire PSP or PSOne library for the Vita store is a big deal, but JRPG themes? yuck, wouldnt disrespect my OLED Vita like that haha =P

    • The Z says:

      It is a new “major” firmware and some games in the future will depend on the fact that your device has to run 3.30 or else the game refuses to start.

      Releasing for 3.18 would be stupid, since 3.30 can hit anytime soon.

      • Stiffeno says:

        Ah i see what you mean about newer games, if there are any lol. Not many games here in Aussieland for Vita =(!

  20. Stiffeno says:

    Oh but be careful coz i bet that Sony will release a 3.31 or 3.32 stability update days later, maybe even same day if there are problems. And these may patch/kill the exploit. But hopefully not =)

  21. jafery says:

    Please also let us know the game name or atleast from whcih region to download so that we can put the cash in the right region to have a quick download before it is taken off again from the store. 🙂

  22. Ernest says:

    Good choice, as it could actually open up more things that wouldn’t be possible on the lesser firmware ,at least perhaps I think? hehe.. Oh well, all is good. I’m not complaining it’s not like I’m paying for the exploit 🙂 keep up the good work guys.

  23. Frezzno says:

    I’ll gladly wait.

  24. Gizmosnack says:

    I am also happy to wait and think this is a wise move. Well done Qwikrazor and god bless Wololo too. I just hope I don’t miss out on grabbing the exploited game….

  25. Gerardo Ortiz says:

    Wise move, guys.

  26. Gerardo Ortiz says:

    I mean that seriously. I realize that the default pic may make it seem like I’m being sarcastic

  27. jlo138 says:

    I’m outraged by this! Release a Vita Kernal exploit already, I want a full Vita hack now, not vhbl!
    JK, 🙂

    ^Lol, how many people wanted to reply back to that? I was only kidding so calm down 🙂 Maybe it’s the medicine I’m taking from being sick that made me type that for a laugh.

    Yeah, postpone it if you’re asking cause that’s always better for everyone in the long run.

  28. alpmaster says:

    Hypothetically people could just get a Psvita with 3.01 firmware and transfer Megamix from PS3 and jave ECFW 😀

  29. John_Scott says:

    “Yes, I know, this will annoy some of you, and I know it’s not great to announce something then withdraw the promise. After all, I did call Smealum out for doing the same thing with the 3DS exploit recently. But I think it’s for the best. So, we expect the VHBL release to happen shortly after Vita firmware 3.30 is published.”

    I don’t see how you can compare a native exploit to a sand boxed one. The 3ds can already run homebrew on ds flash cards (and ofcourse ds games)….. The weight of Smealum’s exploit would be the equivalent of having a native vita exploit when you postpone one of those I think you can use your Smealum comment.

  30. stonemandy says:

    PlayStation now is suppose to be available for vita soon to

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  32. Celina says:

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