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PS Vita firmware 3.15 exploit games have returned to the PSN store!

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  1. jafery says:

    Just curious to know why the demo game can not be exploited?

  2. justanothergamer says:

    I have some questions please answer if you can

    first can i still use skate park city on 3.15 Ps Vita for VHBL and is it better than Space Invaders?

    and if a kernel exploit is released in future do it make any difference which exploit game is used or not?

    should prefer to wait for 3.30 exploit or grab space invanders or skate park city

    and my last question has ninja release started now or not?

    so if anybody has answers please reply because I am now a bit confused what would be the right choice?

  3. Jazzkobis says:

    I realised the region mainly comprises of EU, US, and JP. (and occasionally AU). so if im using an asian account (R3, malaysia specifically) which would i fit in in those regions?

  4. Shikhar says:

    Yeah , I have the same problem. I bought Killzone Mercenary from Malaysia then had to change PSN to download botzone. Now I am stuck on this Asian account. Hope the exploitable game would be available on Asian accounts as well , else I would have to lose botzone to play VHBL.

    • azh_97 says:

      Wow, I finally realised that there are malaysian in this site.. 😛
      Malaysia boleh!! And I agree with wololo’s answer ( just change from eu to us 😉

  5. ohman says:

    why my comment was deleted?

  6. Danilo says:

    Up today with this wave of “Exploit” … This Vita is dead.

  7. anon says:

    > Then Sony usually releases a firmware update, which will block the exploit from working at said new firmware, and if the successful blockage is indeed working, they will re-add the exploit games to the Playstation stores selection.

    Can somebody explain how that’s actually done? Is it known what kind of checks are they performing on save files?

    • Cyber_Tato says:

      The game is still vulnerable to hacks, the firmware is what was patched and since the same exploits won’t work on the newer firmware they can safely put the game back up. Maybe the ps3 can help someone still on 3.15 to exploit? Idk. Anyways that should sum it all up.

  8. gui says:

    which is better?
    ecfw or vhbl?

  9. Patrick says:

    Hi, there’s a way to download the space invaders extreme on a ps vita 3.15? i try the pc method but i think they fixed it. thx! 😀

  10. Marcelo says:

    I’m registered in the forum, but EXACLTY where the notification will appear?
    In the main index page layout or inside some topic/post?


    I have a question. I’m 2.02 using the uno exploit. If I update to 3.0 using the Charles proxy, will I be able to use ps4 remote play without updating to 3.18?

    Also just to clarify. Exploits up to 3.15 would work on 3.0 right? ( I’m thinking yes but I would just like some clarification, thanks)

    • Chris.Beanz says:

      Nope, you must be on the newest FW on both the Vita and PS4 for the remote play to connect. As for your second question, yes, some games have a minimum FW needed to run but as long as yours is later than that it should run. Depends on the exploit game though.

  12. meysam25 says:

    how can i download ps vita game with pc

  13. cihad says:

    what is exploit game